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बीएसई: 513244  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE513D01018  |  Steel - Medium & Small

कंपनी इतिहास - कंथाल बाईमेटल्स
KANTHAL INDIA LIMITED was promoted in Calcutta in 1965. It set up a
 wire drawing plant, the first of its kind in the country, at
 Varanasi, in UP, in technical and financial collaboration with
 Kanthal AB of Sweden.  Another company called BKAB BIMETALS CONTROLS
 LIMITED (later renamed as
 KANTHAL BIMETALS INDIA LIMITED) was formed on 27 January 1984 in
 Mumbai.  If set up a plant to manufacture thermostatic bimetallic
 strips of various grades at Hosur in Tamil Nadu, again in technical
 and financial
 collaboration with Kanthal AB (KAB) of Sweden.
 KANTHAL BIMETALS INDIA LIMITED (KBIL) came out with a public issue of
 6 lakh equity shares of Rs.10/- each for cash at par aggregating to
 Rs.60 lakh on 12 December 1988. The issue was oversubscribed 43.07
 times thereby collecting Rs.2,600 lakh.
 KBIL's Bimetal Plant started commercial production on 14 February
 1989.  In November 1989, the Swedish promoters, Kanthal AB, initiated
 moves to merge Kanthal India Limited (KIL) into KBIL.  In order to
 make KIL a 100% subsidiary and to finance the purchase of KIL's
 shares, KBIL came out with a rights issue of 7,03,719 equity shares
 of Rs.10/- each for cash at par aggregating to Rs. 70.37 lakh in
 October 1990.  In January 1991 KIL became a subsidiary of KBIL
 Simultaneously KBIL altered its Objects clause in its Memorandum of
 Association empowering itself to carry on the business of
 manufacturing Electrical Resistance Wires,
 Ribbons, Strips and Heating Elements.
 In October 1991, erstwhile Kanthal India Limited was merged into
 KBIL.  Subsequent to the merger of KIL with KSIL, the range of
 products included those of erstwhile KIL as well. As the word
 BIMETALS in the name of the Company, did not truly reflect this
 extension in product range, the Company changed its name to Kanthal
 India Limited on 12 August 1994.
 As the Company intended to expand its activities further at its plant
 in Hosur (Tamil Nadu), the Company shifted its Registered Office from
 Pune (Maharashtra) to Bangalore (Karnataka) in mid 1994.  It had
 earlier shifted its Head Office from Pune to Hosur in 1993.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

  • CITI ON TVS MOTOR : SELL रेटिंग, लक्ष्य बढ़ाकर `400/Sh
  • NOMURA ON TVS MOTOR : Reduce रेटिंग, लक्ष्य बढ़ाकर `375/Sh
  • MACQUARIE ON L&T INFOTECH : Outperform रेटिंग, लक्ष्य बढ़ाकर `2130/Sh
  • EDELWEISS ON PVR : BUY रेटिंग, लक्ष्य `2100/Sh
  • EDELWEISS ON CYIENT : BUY रेटिंग, लक्ष्य बढ़ाकर `647/Sh
  • JP MORGAN ON ZEE ENT : Neutral रेटिंग, लक्ष्य घटाकर `260/Sh
  • BofAML ON ZEE ENT : Neutral रेटिंग, लक्ष्य घटाकर `360/Sh
  • CLSA ON ZEE ENT : BUY रेटिंग, लक्ष्य बढ़ाकर `320/Sh

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