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किरलोस्कर इलेक्ट्रिक कं.

बीएसई: 533193  |  NSE: KECL  |  ISIN: INE134B01017  |  Electric Equipment

कंपनी इतिहास - किरलोस्कर इलेक्ट्रिक कं.
Promoted by Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., Pune, the Company was
 incorporated in Bangalore on 26th July, 1946 under the Mysore
 Companies Act XVIII of 1938, with technical and financial
 participation of well known British Company i.e. Brush Electrical
 Engineering Company Ltd., Loughborough, England, which is now a
 member of Hawker Siddeley Group.
 Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. is a Public Limited Company, incorporated
 under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913, on 15th January, 1920. 
 This Company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of power driven
 pumps, metal cutting including grinding machines, valves, hermetic
 sealed compressor units, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment etc.
 Kirloskar Electric Company Limited is a well established and
 professionally managed company of 45 years standing, of the Kirloskar
 Group.  It has an unbroken dividend record of 37 years, six Bonus
 Issues and four Right issues.  The main business activity of the
 Company is the manufacture and sale of a diverse range of electrical
 and electronic equipments such as AC Induction Motors, Transformers,
 AC Generators, DC Machines, Control Equipment and Systems, Power
 Electronics products.  Instrumentation.  Automation and Systems
 Division of the Company has specialised in executing System Packages
 for large industries like steel, fertilisers, cement, sugar and other
 core sectors.
 The Company has four manufacturing plants - the first unit at
 Bangalore produces higher range AC machines, Transformers, and
 Control Equipments; the second unit at Hubli turns out small and
 medium range AC Machines, the third unit at Peenya, Bangalore,
 produces DC Machines and the fourth unit at Mysore specialises in
 Electronic products.
 The accounting year was changed from 30th June to 31st March, in
 The Board of Industrial & Financial Reconstrction (BIFR), New Delhi,
 vide their sanction dated 21-12-1992 has approved the scheme of
 amalgamation of Wardhaman Automotive Electrical Ltd (WAEL), with the
 Company with effect from 1-4-1992 being the transfer date.
 -Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd has appointed Mr. V P Mahendra and
 Mr. Kamlesh Gandhi as Additional Directors of the Company.
 - Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd has informed that the Company has
 formed a Subsidiary Company in the Netherlands under the name Kirsons
 - Appointed Mr. Anuj Pattanaik as an Additional Director of the
 Company. He has also been appointed as the Dy.Managing Director of
 the Company.
 - The equity shares of Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd (Scrip Code:
 533193) are listed and admitted to dealings on the Exchange in the
 list of 'B' Group Securities.
 - Kirloskar Electric has successfully developed & supplied first of
 its kind 500 kVA, 750 Volts undercarriage mounted powerpack to Indian
 -Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd has the Corporate Identity
 Number(CIN) of the company has changed to  L31100KA1946PLC000415. 
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने कैश में `3044.94 Cr की बिकवाली की
  • MARKET CUES : DIIs ने कैश में `3576.23 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने F&O में `3083.41 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स फ्यूचर्स में `1506.20 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स ऑप्शंस में `310.99 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक फ्यूचर्स में `1256.31 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक ऑप्शंस में `9.91 Cr की खरीदारी
  • LPG CYLINDER PRICES CUT : गैर-सब्सिडी LPG `61.50/सिलेंडर सस्ता
  • CHINA CAIXIN DATA : मार्च मैन्युफैक्चरिंग PMI 50.1(45.5 अनुमान)
  • CHINA CAIXIN DATA (MoM) : मार्च मैन्युफैक्चरिंग PMI 40.3 से बढ़कर 50.1

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