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कंपनी इतिहास - केजे इंटरनैशनल
K.J. INTERNATIONAL LTD (hereinafter referred to as KJIL) was
 incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 12th April, 1991 under
 the name and style of K.J.  OVERSEAS PVT.  LTD.  K.J.  Overseas Pvt. 
 Ltd, was formed for the purpose of processing and export of
 agricultural produce.  The company was engaged in export of Ginger,
 basically to Pakistan during the financial years 1992-93 and 1993-94.
  During the period, the main business activity of the promoters was to
 process and export rice, which was being undertaken in K.J. 
 International Export Division, a partnership firm.  Subsequently the
 name of the company, K.J. Overseas Pvt.  Ltd. was changed to K.J. 
 lnternational Pvt.  Ltd.  and a fresh certificate of incorporation
 was obtained dated 10th November, 1993.  The Company was,
 subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company on 30th
 December, 1993, vide orders dated 21.01.94.
 With effect from the 1st April, 1994, the Company took over M/s K.J. 
 INTERNATIONAL EXPORT DIVISION (hereinafter referred to as KJIED), an
 existing profit making partnership firm vide the take over agreement
 dated 1st April, 1994.
 KJIED, a partnership concern was established in 1987 to carry on the
 business of processing and export of Basmati Rice.  It was promoted
 by the Arora Brothers who are into Rice business since 1979.  From a
 small turnover of Rs.274 Lakhs in 1988-89, the firm made an
 impressive growth with its turnover touching Rs.3435.66 lakhs for the
 year 1993-94. In a short span of 5 years, KJIED has become one of the
 leading exporters of Basmati Rice and for its excellent performance
 in exports was awarded the APEDA award for three consecutive years -
 1991-92, 1992-93 & 1993-94.  
 Initially KJIED was getting the rice processed at the facilities of K
 J.  International, Karnal and also with other rice millers at Bundi,
 Raiasthan.  In 1992, KJIED started implementing a rice mill with a
 capacity of 2 TPH al Bundi to meet the growing export demand for
 Bundi Basmati Rice.  The unit went into commercial production in
 March, 1993.By November, 93 the capacity was increased to 4 TPH.  The
 capacity of the Bundi unit was further expanded to 10 TPH with
 financial assistance of Rs.  237 lakhs from Union Bank of India and
 the rest from internal accruals.  The additional capacity has come
 into commercial production from July 1994.  The other unit at Karnal
 with installed capacity of 5 TPH was taken on lease from the
 associate concern, K J International.  The Bundi unit is
 manutacturing exclusively parboiled Rice, whereas the Karnal unit is
 being used for manufacturing both Raw Basmati Rice & Sella Basmati
 Rice.  KJIL has taken over all the assets and liabilities at book
 value as per audited Balance Sheet as on 31st March, 1994 including
 all the quotas, rights, licenses, trademarks, registrations,
 allotments and/or recommendation by the State Govt.  or Central Govt.
  or Reserve Bank of India, and other rights and privileges.  As such
 the ownership of all the plant and machinery, land and buildings and
 other assets rests with the Company.
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