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केएलजी कैपिटल सर्विसेस

बीएसई: 530771  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE929C01018  |  Finance - Investments

कंपनी इतिहास - केएलजी कैपिटल सर्विसेस
The Company was incorporated on 15th February, 1994 and obtained
 certificate of commencement ot business on 22nd March, 1994. The
 company has been mainly doing the business of Sale of securities till
 Presently the Company is engaged in the business of Investments &
 Inter Corporate Deposits. The investment activities of the Company
 has been major source of income of the company. The investment
 activities relates mainly to primary market i.e. investment in new
 issues and giving
 loans and advances. Till date the company has made investmentof Rs.
 65.00 lacs in share applications of different companies and a sum of
 Rs.38.00 lacs has been advanced as intercorporafe deposit.
 At present of the company does not have any subsidiary.
 1. Subject to the approval ot the Securities and Exchange Board of
 India and other authorities where required to carry on the business
 of stock share broking and its allied matters such as acting as
 underwriters, sub-underwriters, brokers to issue of securities,
 dealers in securities,
 buying selling, transferring, hypothecating and holding of Shares,
 Debentures and securities of all kinds and description of issue of
 Shares/Debentures and securities of all kinds. Lead Managers or
 Co-Managers, Brokers and Sub-Brokers of Stocks and new issues of
 Shares, Debentures and Securities of all kinds and description,
 Registrars to the issue of Securities, Share Transfer Agents,
 Investment Business, Portfolio Management, Corporate Counselling,
 Investment Counselling, Fixed Deposit Brokers, Inter Corporate
 Investment Canvassors, Financial Consultants, Finance and Discount
 Brokers, Foreign Exchange Brokers
 (with the permission of RBI & other authorites), Advisors and
 Consultants to the Issue of Securities of all kinds and types in all
 their aspects in India or outside and to manage/arrange mergers and
 2. To apply for and become a corporate Member of any stock
 exchange/exchanges or to take over any existing Share Broking firm at
 Delhi or other places as may be expedient in the interest of carrying
 on the above objects of the Company.
 3. To acquire and hold, buy or sell or otherwise dispose of or deal
 in securities of any kind, Shares, Debentures, Debenture Stocks,
 Bonds Units, Obligations and Securities issued or guaranteed by any
 Government, State, Union Territory, Municipal or civic Body,
 Financial Institutions, commercial Papers, negotiable Instruments and
 Instruments of all types and kinds.
 The company has passed Special Resolutiop U/s 149(2A) of the
 Companies Act 1966 on 19th November 1994 to commence the Business as
 defined in Clause No. 21, 46 & 47 of the other objects of the
 Memorandum of Association of the Company which are re produced
 To carry on the business of cultivators farming, horticulture,
 floriculture, sericulture, dairies, cultivators, of all kinds of
 foodgrains, seeds, fruits, proprietors of orchards and traders,
 exporters, dealers, and sellers of the products, of farming, dairy,
 horticulture, floriculture, sericulture and pisciculture and fishing
 and manufacturers of drinks, alcoholic or otherwise and beverages
 produced from such products or otherwise, to carry on the business of
 cultivators, growers, manufacturers, millers, grinders, rollers,
 processors, cold stores, canners and preserves an dealers of food
 grains and such other agricultural, dairy, horticultural and poultry
 products, fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinal flowers, drinks,
 fluids, and such other fresh and preservable products and to extract
 bye-products and derivatives whether edibles, pharmaceutical
 medicines or any other such kind or nature whatsoever and food
 preparations of every kind and description and generally the business
 or manufacture of and trading in preserved, dehydrated, canned or
 converted agricultural products,
 fruits and vegetables, foods, dairy and poultry products and articles
 and other derivatives of all kinds and descriptions and to set up and
 run machinery for processing and preserving the same.
 To carry on the business as financiers (not amounting to banking
 business within the meaning of Banking Regulation Act, 1949) by way
 of loaning, lending, and advancing money, to industrial individuals,
 commercials and such other enterprises of all types.
 To carry on the business of a leasing and hire purchase company and
 to acquire, to provide on lease or to be provided on hire purchase
 basis all types of industrial and offices, plants, equipments,
 machinery, vehicles building and real estate, required for
 manufacturing, processing, transportation and trading business and
 such other commercial and service business.
 -E-mail ID for Investor Complaints: investor.klgcap@equitynivesh.com
 -E-mail ID for Investors Complaints:
 - KLG Capital Services Ltd has appointed Mr. Nilesh Mehta as Director
 of the Company with effect from September 29, 2009 viz. circular
 resolution passed by the Board of Directors on October 12, 2009.
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted From C-11, 2nd
 floor, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi 110016 To SKIL House, 209,
 Bank Street Cross Lane, Fort, Mumbai- 400023, Maharashtra
 -KLG Capital Services Ltd Mr. V. Ramanan has been appointed as an
 Additional Director (Independent Director) of the company.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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