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बीएसई: 526055  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN:  |  Leather Products

कंपनी इतिहास - केआरएम इंटरनैशनल
KRM International Ltd., incorporated on Feb 2, 1988 is engaged in the
 manufacture and export of leather shoe uppers, leather garments and
 Hosiery garments. Within a short span of 4 years the company has
 posted a significant performance and registered a turnover of Rs.
 19.70 crore for the year ended 1991-92.
 The company has earned valuable foreign exchange to the tune of Rs.30
 crore in the past four years. The company has been promoted by the
 three Modi brothers. The chairman, Shashi Kumar Modi alongwith
 wholetime Directors Sunil Kumar Modi and Sanjay Kumar Modi. The
 leather products of the company have been well received in the
 international market. Its stress in manufacturing quality leather
 shoe uppers, leather garments have earned it a reputation which is
 reflected in its performance. Besides manufacturing and exporting
 leather products, it also exports hosiery garments. To overcome the
 shortages due to unavailability of quality finished leather the
 company is now putting up a tannery unit for captive consumption and
 higher value addition.The total cost of the project is estimated to
 be Rs.7.22 crore.
 The main thrust of the company is to export the entire production.To
 part finance the cost of the project, the company is entering the
 capital market with a public issue of 12,00,000 equity shares of Rs.
 10 each for cash at premium of Rs. 30 per share aggregating Rs. 4.80
 crore. The company proposes to list its shares at Bombay, Bangalore,
 Calcutta and Magadh stock exchanges.The issue opens on 22nd March
 KRM International Ltd, in the process of setting up a tannery project
 in Bangalore, is likely to takeover the assets of Bipin Textiles
 Processing Industries Pvt Ltd for a total consideration of Rs. 43
 lakh. Later the assets of Bipin Textiles will be amalgamated with
 that of KRM international.
 The company Chairman, Mr. Shashi Kumar Modi, told the newsmen that
 they were interested in Bipin Textiles since it was running under
 loss for the last few years and had very good real estate value and a
 small loss.
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