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एलआईसी हाउसिंग फायनांस

बीएसई: 500253  |  NSE: LICHSGFIN  |  ISIN: INE115A01026  |  Finance - Housing

कंपनी इतिहास - एलआईसी हाउसिंग फायनांस
 - The Company was incorporated on 19th June as a public limited
 company.  It was promoted by LIC of India.  The Company provide
 housing loans to individuals, builders, development authorities,
 employers organisation etc.
 - The Company has started various schemes: Griha Prakash a general
 scheme, Griha Tara under which it accepts only Bima Sandesh Plan as
 Life Insurance Corporation, Griha Shobha for NRIs and Griha Lakshmi
 for people to have a second house.
 - 3,00,57,900 No. of equity shares were issued at a premium of Rs 50
 per share through public issue on 15th November 1994.  The allotment
 was as follows; 10,82,000 shares to LIC on firm allotment basis and
 the balance 189,75,900 shares to public (all were taken up).
 - The Company has decided to carry out fund based and one-fund based
 activities, viz., debt securitisation, lease and hire purchase,
 renting of properties and giving guarantee to co-operate bodies.
 - Crisil has assigned a AAA rating to the issue of mortgage backed
 pass through certificate backed by mortgages orginated by the
 - The Company has launched its new scheme, Griha Vikas.
 -LIC Housing Finance Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has
 forfeited 1,25,300 equity shares due to non payment of allotment/call
 -LIC Housing Finance has approved for the take over of Individual
 Housing loan portfolio
 of GLFL Housing Finance.
 -Around 25 investors subscribed to the issue of confidentially placed
 debentures for a total
 amount of Rs.392 cr of LIC Housing Finance Ltd.
 -LIC Housing Finance Ltd has decreased its interest rates on housing
 loans by 25-50 basis
 -Financial Institutions have increased their stake from 0.01%  to
 1.96% and Mutual Fund 
 companies have increased their stake from 0.35% to 1.06% in LIC
 Housing Finance.
 -LIC Housing Finance Ltd has decreased the floating rate of interest
 under individual loan
 scheme to 9.5% from 11%.
 -LIC Housing Financee signed a deed of assignment to take over
 individual housing loan
 portfolio of Citibank N A.
 -UTI and IFCI has been removed from the list of promoters of LIC
 Housing Finance.
 -LIC Housing Finance has unveiled a new project for elderly people
 called 'LIC HFL Care
 Homes' .
 -LIC Housing Finance Ltd has sanctioned 84,126 loans worth
 Rs.3265.78cr and disbursed
 76,663 loans worth Rs.2941.24cr under its Individual Loan Scheme.
 -LICHFL has mobilised Rs.280cr for 15 years at 7% rate of interest
 through private placement.
 -Lic Housing Finance Ltd has informed that the shares of the company
 have been delisted from The Stock Exchange - Ahmedabad w.e.f December
 08, 2003.
 -Merill Lynch Capitat acquires LIC housing stake of 0.39%
 -Templeton Asset Management buys 37,52,362 equity shares,
 representing 5.01% of LIC Housing's total paid-up capital of Rs 74.9
 -LIC Housing Finance Ltd has informed that the shares of the Company
 has been voluntarily delisted from the Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE)
 w.e.f. January 23, 2004.
 -LIC Housing Finance shares delisted from Madras Stock Exchange
 -Mr D Krishnan appointed as Chief Executive Officer
 - LIC Housing Finance Ltd's (LICHFL) one-crore global depository
 receipts (GDR) issue opened on August 27.
 - Lists its maiden global offerings worth .85 million at the
 Luxembourg Stock Exchange successfully.
 -Introduces new product that starts as a fixed rate loan but contains
 an option to convert it to a floating rate loan at the end of five
 years, at the then prevailing rate.
 -Delist from The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd (CSE) with
 effect from December 09, 2004.
 -LIC Housing Finance launches loan product that eliminates the
 requirement of charge on house financed.
 -Goldman Sachs acquires share in LICHF
 -LIC Housing Finance to launch FD scheme
 -LIC Housing Finance to enter into reverse mortgage product
 LIC Housing Finance Ltd has informed that the Board has appointed the
 following persons as Directors on the Board of the Company on May 20,
 - Name of the Director : Shri. D K Mehrotra
 For the Position of : Managing Director
 Change effective from : May 20, 2008.
 - LIC Housing Finance Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of
 the Company has appointed following person as Director on the Board of
 the Company on July 01, 2008.
 - Name of the Director : Shri A S Narayanamoorthy
 - For the position of : Additional Director
 - Change effective from : July 02, 2008
 -LIC Housing Finance launches Reverse Mortgage for senior citizens
 - LIC Housing Finance cut interest rates for new loans by 0.5% where
 for customers opting for floating rate loans between Rs 30 lakh and
 Rs 75 lakh, the new rates will be 8.755 against 9.25%.
 - The Company is applying for a license with the Pension Fund
 Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) to act as Aggregator under
 the National Pension System (NPS) - Lite.
 - LIC Housing Finance Ltd has decided to unveil a private equity fund
 focussed on real estate development projects.
 - LIC Housing Finance on October 27 has approved a stock split in the
 ratio of 1:5 to boost the liquidity of its scrip.
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 2
 - Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra, Managing Director for international
 operations in LIC, was appointed interim Chairman.
 - LIC Housing Finance has said that it has begun the process of
 raising funds through Qualified Institutional Placements (QIPs).
 -LIC Housing Finance has recommended a dividend of Rs. 3.80 per
 equity share of Rs. 2/- each.
 -LIC Housing Finance has recommended a dividend of Rs. 4.50 per
 equity share of Rs. 2/- each (225% including Silver Jubilee dividend
 of 25%).
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