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कंपनी इतिहास - मास्टेक
 - The Company was incorporated on 14th May, under the name and
 style of Management and Software Technology, Pvt. Ltd.  It was
 originally promoted by Ashok Desai, Ketan Mehta and R. Sundar.
 The name of the Company was changed to Mastek, with effect from
 16th August, 1992.  The main objects & Activities of the Company
 is manufacturing and setting of and dealing in computer
 - 4,000 Pref. shares allotted without payment in cash.  700 No.
 of equity shares taken up by promoters, directors, etc.
 - The Company's new software package, `STRAC' for stock brokers
 met with good response.
 - Pref. shares redeemed.  Authorised capital reclassified and
 increased.  9,000 No. of equity shares taken up by promoters,
 directors, etc.
 - The Company in association with Ingress Corporation U.S.A.
 (Ingress), installed in India over 100 Relational Data Base
 Management Systems manufactured by Ingress.
 - The Company launched a new software package `TOPVIEW'.
 Development of another software package, `MAMIS' was in progress
 and launched during the year.
 - The Company embarked upon establishment of centres in Mumbai
 and Chennai which would be engaged exclusively in development of
 software for application in foreign countries.  The Company
 proposed to enhance the facilities at the existing unit at Seepz
 at an estimated cost of Rs 25 lakhs.
 - The Company made a public issue of 4,00,000 shares of Rs 10
 each at a premium of Rs 180 per share.  The issue was
 oversubscribed.  All the shares were taken up.
 - 23,000 Bonus shares allotted in prop. 1:1 on 19.2.1992.
 Equity share subdivision on 13.3.1992.  3,90,000 No. of equity
 shares then allotted at par to TDICI in conversion of loan.
 - The Company received necessary permissions from Government and
 Reserve Bank of India for making investment of US $ 200,000 in
 the shares of Mastek Software Incorporated of USA and ,20,000
 in shares of Mastek Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd. of Singapore.
 - With the investments the Company would make Mastek Software
 Incorporated U.S.A., its wholly owned subsidiary and would
 acquire 70% stake in Mastek Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd. Singapore.
 - A MOU was signed with a local partner in U.K. to form an
 exclusive front end company to represent Mastek in U.K.
 - The Company proposed to introduce an employee Stock Option
 Scheme (ESOS) for the benefit of the employees subject to the
 approval of the shareholders of the Company.
 - The company proposed to issue upto 20,000 - 12% fully
 convertible debentures of Rs 100 each to the employees of the
 Company who were on the payroll as on 31st March, 1993.
 - These debentures would be converted into 10 No. of equity
 shares of Rs 10 each at par or 5 equity shares of Rs 10 each at
 a premium of Rs 10 per share after 18 months from the date of
 allotment of the debentures.  Only 12,339 debentures were
 allotted.  Accordingly, 56,640 No. of equity shares allotted
 during 1994-95.
 - The main objects of the public issue of equity shares during
 December, were to Finance (i) establishment of software
 development centres in Mumbai and Chennai; (ii) enhancement of
 facilities of the existing unit at Seepz; (iii) investment in
 three proposed joint ventures abroad and (iv) augmentation of
 long term resources for working capital.
 - The Company introduced software package `PICADUR' for stock
 brokers which received good response.
 - The Company launched XCALIBUR, a windows based share trading
 and accounting software.
 - The Company formed a strategic alliance with BSES Telecom to
 provide total IT solutions to the power and utility sectors in
 - 14.25.% cumulative redeemable pref. shares issued.
 - 3,00,000-14.25% and 2,70,000-15% pref. shares issued.  These
 shares to be redeemed by 99-2000 & 2000-2001 respectively.
 - BSES Telecom Ltd., a 100 per cent subsidiary of BSES Ltd., and
 Mastek have joined hands to provide Information Technology
 driven management oriented solutions for power utilities sector
 through Utility Software Development Group which the two
 companies have decided a constitute.
 - Mastek has been among the few companies to focus on software
 products.  It has since realigned its business and is offering
 customer specific solutions.  It is the first company to be
 certified with ISO 9000 for its domestic operations and offices.
 - The company has recently entered into an alliance with BSES
 Telecom to provide IT solutions to the power industry based on
 its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software called mamis.
 It has introduced newer products, namely PICA-DOR, LAPS,
 - The Mumbai-based Mastek Ltd and the US-based Computer
 Associates (CA), have chalked out a three-phased strategy to
 out-market Sybase and Informix in the country with CA's Ingres
 Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
 - The company set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Germany i.e.
 Mastek GmbH.  It also set up a branch in Japan.
 - 5,00,000 Pref. Shares issued during the year.  2,72,750 Pref.
 Shares redeemed.
 - Mastek is unique because it was the only software company to
 rely on the `product development' strategy to capture a
 significant chunk of the domestic market.
 - Mastek has wholly-owned subsidiaries in five countries:
 Majesco Software Inc, USA, Mastek UK Ltd, Mastek Germany GmbH,
 Mastek Software Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia and Mastek Asia Pacific Pte
 Ltd in Singapore.
 - The Company has entered into a partnership with US-based
 Vignette, a leading supplier of e-business applications, for
 building on-line businesses.
 - Indian software firm Mastek Ltd. is preparing for its American
 Depository Receipts issue.
 - The Board of directors of Mastek Ltd, has proposed a stock
 split in the ratio of two shares for every one share held,
 thereby reducing the par value of the share from Rs 10 to Rs 5.
 - Mastek Ltd has entered into an alliance with BroadVision Inc.
 of the US to build e-business applications.
 -Mastek Ltd has informs  that Mr. S D Kulkarni is appointed as an
 Additional Director of the company.
 -alloted 34,789 equity shares  under ESOP to the employees of the
 company and its subsidiaries,
 -Company has been awarded a 10 year contract by BT's System
 Integration arm, Syntegra for an initial 27 million as part of the
 National Programme for IT within the UK's National Health Service
 -Mastek Ltd has informed that Mastek (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of the
 Company, has been awarded an order for approximately GBP 4 million by
 one of the leading Health Care Insurance Companies in the UK.
 -Mastek Ltd has informed that they have received intimation from
 Citigroup Global Markets (M) Pvt. Ltd. of having acquired 20,000
 shares amounting to 5.06% of the total paid up capital of Mastek
 -Mastek Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of the Company
 at its meeting held on October 12, 2006, after the conclusion of the
 Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Mr. Diwan
 Arun Nanda as an Independent Director of the Company.
 -Mastek has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 - Mastek Ltd has announced that the Company has been ranked 11th
 amongst the leaders of Global Outsourcing 100 Companies by the
 International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.
 - Mastek Ltd has bought Systems Task Group (STG) International a
 provider of enterprise solutions for the property and casualty (P&C)
 insurance industry in an all-cash consideration of  million (Rs
 116 crore).
 - Mastek Ltd has informed BSE regarding a Press Release dated April
 15, 2009 titled Mastek's US subsidiary joins hands with Flexi
 Software to expand its best-of-breed
insurance technology offerings. - Mastek, a high-end IT solutions player, announced that its STG Billing Solution for property and casualty (P&C) insurers has been ranked as a market leader by an analyst firm Celent. - Mastek launches ElixirAsia for India and Asia Pacific Market. - Mastek launches STG Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment . - Mastek launches Elixir Distribution Management in India and US. 2010 - Mastek Acquires Kognitio Data Migration Offering. - Mastek - Mastek acquires the assets of SEG Software, LLC. - Mastek Ltd has informed BSE regarding a Press Release dated October 27, 2010 titled Social Justice Department, Maharashtra introduces 'e-Scholarship' solution to transform scholarship programme in the State. - Mastek - First customer win in USA for ElixirTM Distribution 2011 - Mastek - Mastek UK Ltd, signs a Multi-Year Framework Agreement. - Mastek - MajescoMastek Announces Elixir North America Policy. - Mastek wins contract worth Rs. 59 crore. - Mastek - Wawanesa Life signs with Mastek in North America for its Policy Administration System. 2012 - Mastek’s US subsidiary signs mn licensing contract. - Mastek - COUNTRY Financial Selects MajescoMastek's STG Billing to Replace Legacy System and Streamline Billing Processes. - Mastek - Mastek enhances Morrisons' date management strategy. 2013 -Mastek is ranked 67th in the Leader category in the The 2013 Global Outsourcing 100 service providers. -Masteks Elixir Distribution Management(EDM) solution received the Celents XCelent Service Award. 2014 -Mastek is ranked 71st in The 2014 Global Outsourcing 100 and The Worlds Best Outsourcing Advisors. -MajescoMasteks STG Policy Named XCelent Award Winner. 2015 -Majesco Positioned as a Leader in Gartner's First Magic Quadrant for P&C Insurance Policy Management Modules. -Majesco signs four insurance carriers in North America -Mastek UK Completes the Acquisition of IndigoBlue.
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