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मोल्ड टेक टेक्नोलॉजी

बीएसई: 526263  |  NSE: MOLDTECH  |  ISIN: INE835B01035  |  Packaging

कंपनी इतिहास - मोल्ड टेक टेक्नोलॉजी
YEAR                       EVENTS
 1985 - The Company was incorporated as private limited company.  It 
        started it's commercial production in 1987.  In 1992 the
        was converted into a Public Limited Company and tapped the
        capital market for the first time on November 19th, 1993. 
      - Mold Tek Plastics is a listed Company on the Bombay,
        and the Calcutta exchanges.
      - The company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of
        injection moulded plastic containers and components.  It also
        undertakes Precision machining jobs.
      - Mold Tek's main products can be classified into 2 types, the
        small size items like Vicks containers, Inhaler tubes,
        accessories, small size jars for ointments and a variety of
        large containers ranging from 0.5 litre to 22 litres for
        packing various items like paints, adhesives, lubricants,
        chemicals etc.
      - Mold Tek has recently introduced the concept of Air tight and
        Pilfer Proof containers used extensively in the developed
        countries for packing various items like paints, lube oils,
        adhesives, chemicals, food products, and spices.
 1995 - The Company has introduced new products like containers with
        flex spout for packing liquids for which the Company has
        already received trial orders from IOCL, HPCL, Veedol & Tafe.
      - Moldtek has entered into a MOU with M/s Jay Care of John
        Waddington group, U.K. a major health care plastic container
        manufacturer supplying to all leading European Pharma
      - Moldtek has already introduced the new concept of Flex spout
        Caps suitable for packing liquids.
 1997 - The Company has entered into a technical and marketing tie-up
        with the Thailand-based Poranunt Co. Ltd, which has patents
        making triple lock system containers.
 1998 - The Company has entered into a technical agreement with
        M/s. Poranunt Co., Bangkok, Thailand for manufacturing Triple
        Lock Pails in India.
      - The Company has also introduced containers suitable for
        edible oil pack. 
 1999 - Mold-Tek entered into an exclusive agreement with M/s.
        India Ltd. for the supply of 10 and 20 litre pail packs. 
      - The Company has also introduced 7.5 litre pack which is also
        expected to step up turnover in near future. 
      - Mold-Tek has recently introduced 'Double Step Cap System' for
        pails (Suraksha Chakra) offering safety of content. 
 -Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd., in association with Quark Infotech Pvt.
 Ltd. has launched its education portal, PadAyi.com.
 -Mold-Tek Plastics Ltd (MPL), one of the leading plastic pail packing
 companies in the country, has signed exclusive contracts with Castrol,
 Tata BP and Asian Paints for the supply of superior quality plastic
 -Mold-Tek Plastics, ties up with Quark Infotech (QIPL), an internet
 start-up to diversify into e-commerce and internet solutions
 -A MOU was signed for taking over of a Chicago (USA) based software
 company engaged in development, onsite consulting & training as a
 wholly-owned subsidiary.
 -The Company has acquired the US-based American Consulting
 Corporation in a cash and equity deal amounting to {FILE_CONTENT}.5 million.
 -The Company has entered into agreement with NSDL and CDSL.
 -Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd (MTL) is in the process of signing a
 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Detroit-based company on a
 long-term relation basis.
 -The members have approved to delist the  equity shares from
 Hyderabad & Calcutta Stock Exchanges.
 - The Company through its BPO division enters into an agreement with
 M/s. HBK Health Solutions located at Oklahoma, USA for rapidly
 growing its healthcare BPO operations.
 -Mold-Tek Technologies sets up Legal Data support services
 -Mold Tek Technologies has recommended a final dividend of 10%
 -Mold Tek has signed an irrevocable MOU with the Promoters of M/s.
 RMM Global LLC., Akron, OHIO- USA and it associate Company M/s.
 Technet Engineering Services Pvt., Ltd., Thane, Maharashtra, India
 for 100% acquisition of both these Engineering KPO Companies.
 -Mold Tek Technologies has recommended a final dividend of 20%
 -Moldtek Tech Signed Long Term Contract with Norvey based Clients
 -Mold Tek Technologies Ltd signs MOU with M/s. Vijay Nirman Company
 Pvt. Ltd., to takeup EPC Projects
 -The Company have achieved a major breakthrough in Automobile
 Engineering KPO Services from reputed European company.
 -The company has Recommended final dividend of Re. 1/- per Equity
 Share (i.e., 10%)
 -The company recommended final dividend of Rs.1.20 ps. per Equity
 Share (12%).
 -The Company received its 1st trial order contract from an Ireland
 based Company. 
 -The Company has signed Preferred Vendor Agreement with CCL- Ireland
 to execute projects in Salesforce.com.
 -The company has has recommended Final Dividend of Re. 0.80 ps. Per
 Equity Share (8%).
 -Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd, an Engineering Wing of Mold-Tek Group has
 entered into a long-term business relationship with a European client
 to work on a product development project based on Salesforce.com
 cloud computing technology.
 -Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd has set up an Off-shore Development Center
 (ODC) for a German based platinum partner of Salesforce.com.
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