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कंपनी इतिहास - मोशिप टेक्नोलॉज&
YEAR                                    EVENTS
 - In a significant development, the Hyderabad-based MosChip
 Semiconductor Technology Ltd has identified the Silicon Valley-based
 Netmos Technology Corporation for acquisition in an all share swap
 deal.  PricewaterhouseCoopers has been appointed as consultants to
 arrive at the valuation in order to facilitate the acquisition.
 -Finalised the move to acquire the Silicon Valley-based closely-held
 NetMos Technology Corporation, has decided to increase the authorised
 share capital from Rs 11 crore to Rs 20 crore and allot 8.5 million
 shares to NetMos for its takeover.
 -Announced that its board has allotted 83.25 lakh equity shares to
 the members of the US-based NetMos Technology Inc as a consideration
 towards the acquisition of the US company.
 -Appointed Actron of Germany and Sabre Advanced Microelectronics of
 UK as strategic channel distributors for the European markets.
 -Appointed follwoing as its R & T Agents for both physical and
 electronic mode in place of M/s.Karvy Consultants Ltd., Hyderabad :
 M/s.Sathguru Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.15, Hindi
 Nagar, Punjagutta,  Hyderabad - 500 034.  Ph. : 040 - 335
 0586/6507/6975, Fax : 040 - 335 4042.         Contact person :
 Mr.K.Raghunathan, Director.
 -Board appoints ADM K.K., a Japan based company as distributor for
 marketing its products
 -Decided to raise -1.5 million for its operations
 Allotted 9,50,000 warrants convertible into equal number of equity
 shares at a price of Rs 30 per share to the following on preferential
 basis ESS Technology Inc.
 -Announces the launch of three new products designed at its Hyderabad
 development center. 
 -Allotment of 2,00,000 equity shares and 2,00,000 convertible
 warrants on preferential basis. 
 -Granted 25,000 stock options on October 31, 2002 to the employees of
 Moschip Semiconductor Technology.
 -Granted 2,85,000 stock options on January 29, 2003 to the employees
 of Moschip Semiconductor Technology Ltd. 
 -Decided to amalgamate Verasity Technologies Inc USA, a California
 based Corporation, into the Company as per the provisions of the
 Companies Act, 1956 through court procedures
 -Unveiled another product in its USB (universal serial bus)
 connectivity line of highly integrated devices
 -Dr M Rammohan Rao has joined the Board of Directors who fills in the
 gap that was created by resignation of Mr V Ramesh. Mr P s Narayan
 Director (Engineering) has also taken over as Vice-President
 (Engineering) from Vivek Kumar Gupta.
 -Granted 3,01,000 stock options on June 27, 2003 to the employees of
 the Company and also employee of MosChip Semiconductor Technology,
 USA a wholly owned subsidiary.
 -Decided to launch the latest product in its USB connectivity line of
 highly integrated devices.
 - Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh approved the amalgamating
 Verasity Technologies Inc USA with the company.
 -Board approved to Raise funds up to US $ 3 million
 -Raising an additional amount of Rs 120 million for meeting further
 capital expenditure, working capital and general corporate
 requirements through rights issue of 33,43,587 equity shares subject
 to the rounding off based on the shareholding on the record date in
 the ratio of 6:55 at a price of Rs 35 per share.
 -To allot 8,50,000 equity shares upon conversion of warrants which
 were issued and allotted during the year 2002.
 Allotment of 61,77,778 equity shares to the members of the Verasity
 Technologies Inc, under the Scheme of Amalgamation as approved by the
 Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh.
 -Approved and taken on record the draft letter of offer for the forth
 coming rights issue of the company.
 -Delists from the Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd (HSE), with effect
 from December 17, 2004.
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted to Plot No. 83 &
 84, 2nd Floor, Punnaiah Plaza, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
 -500 034.
 - Moschip Semiconductor Technology Ltd has appointed  Mr. K. V.
 Ramana as a Additional Director of the Company.
 -Moschip Semiconductor Technology Ltd has incorporated a wholly owned
 subsidiary in Singapore, with the name of MosChip Global Pte Ltd.
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