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बीएसई: 526739  |  NSE: SHAWGELTIN  |  ISIN: INE869A01010  |  Chemicals

कंपनी इतिहास - नर्मदा जीलेटिंस
Shaw Wallace Gelatines Limited (SWGL) was incorporated on 
 13th January, 1961 as Leiner-Knit Gelatin Co. Pvt. Ltd. by 
 P. Leiner & Sons (UK) at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.  The company
 operated a bone mill in Jabalpur.  Subsequently on 3rd January
 1962 the company was became a Public Limited Company under
 section 43A of the Companies (Amendment) Act 1960.  Thus the
 word Private was deleted from the name of the company.
 Shaw Wallace & Company Limited, alongwith its other business
 interests was also engaged in the manufacture and sale of glue.
 In view of the common raw material of animal origin, the company
 identified gelatine as a new business opportunity with adequate
 synergy.  Thus the company took over the management of
 Leiner-Knit Gelatin Company Limited and on 13th January 1969 the
 name of the company was changed to Shaw Leiner Limited.
 As there was not enough offtake from the domestic end-user
 industry, the prevailing market condition during this period was
 not very favourable.  Hence, the Company diversified into
 production of glue from the year 1971.  In the process of the
 manufacture of gelatine, Ossein is the most important
 intermediate.  It is used in producing photographic films.  In
 1974, the company found opportunities to export ossein to
 Eastman Kodak (USA), and to customers in other countries.  The
 Company was awarded the Capexil award for the export of ossein
 in 1975.
 In 1978 P. Leiner & Sons fully divested their shares in the
 company and there was a change in the management pattern.  As a
 result, Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd. with its group investment
 companies held 89% of the total number of shares in the Company.
 The name of the Company was subsequently changed from Shaw
 Leiner Limited to Shaw Wallace Gelatines Limited with effect
 from 26th September, 1979.
 The export of ossein to Eastman Kodak and buyers in other
 countries stopped in 1980, as the users developed more
 economical and convenient sources elsewhere.  Meanwhile with a
 perceptible change in the domestic scenario the pharmaceutical
 companies grew at a brisk pace.  Realising the market
 opportunities, the Company refocussed their activities in
 gelatine, emphasising on more value added products like Hard
 Shell and Soft Shell grade gelatine for the pharmaceutical
 industry.  And it was found necessary to expand the production
 capacity to achieve economies of scale.  With a view to upgrade
 the quality of the gelatine, the existing in-house research and
 development facilities were geared up, and the modernisation of
 the plant was undertaken.  This modernisation and expansion
 commenced in 1985 and was successfully completed in August,
 1988.  As a result of this modernisation exercise, the
 production capacity moved up from 500 tpa to 1000 tpa at a cost
 of Rs. 4 crores.  The same was funded with the assistance of
 IRBI and from internal accruals.
 The Company also proved its dedication to Research and
 Development by continuously innovating and discovering new
 processes and products.  In 1988, SWGL developed Industrial
 Gelatine Protein Colloid (IGPC) as an import substitute for the
 defence sector.  This resulted in the Company getting the
 prestigious National Award for Import Substitution from the
 Government of India in 1992.  In 1990, it improved its liming
 technology, a major step towards rationalisation and reduction
 of cost.  In 1991, it established the photographic grade
 gelatine and in 1992 it developed two new products,
 namely-Haemaccell-a plasma expander used for surgical purposes,
 and Spray-Dried Gelatine, thus gaining an edge over its
 competitors.  Also in 1991, it started exporting gelatine in a
 small way to countries like United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany
 and Bangladesh.
 These activities led to an improvement in the performance of the
 Company to a great extent.  From the year 1989-90 the company
 was back on a profit trail and in 1992 it managed to wipe out
 its accumulated losses of Rs. 70,21,000/-.  In 1993, it declared
 a dividend of 30%.
 During the period 1989-90 to 1993-94 the turnover of the company
 increased from Rs. 1171.52 to Rs. 2774.45 lacs, thus registering
 a compounded annual growth rate of 24%.  Similarly the profit
 after tax of the company increased from Rs. 17.56 lacs to 
 Rs. 235.24 lacs registering a compounded annual growth rate of
 195%.  In June 1994, the company declared a dividend of 40% for
 the year 1993-94 and issued a bonus of 1 equity share for every
 equity share held.  The earning per share after the issue of
 bonus stood at Rs. 19.70.
 At present, the company is in the process of expanding its
 capacity of production from 1000 tpa to 2000 tpa in two phases.
 In December, 1993, the company completed its first phase of
 expansion of capacity by increasing the capacity from 1000 tpa
 to 1500 tpa.  This was undertaken at a total cost of Rs. 345
 lacs of which Rs. 150 lacs was sourced from IRBI as term loans
 and the balance from internal accruals.  The second phase of
 expansion is being presently undertaken and is expected to be
 completed by December, 1994.
 -The Company has diversified into vermiculture.  It has upgraded its
 effluent treatment plant for contraining the odour of the raw
 material used in the production of gelatines.
 -The name of Shaw Wallace Gelatines Ltd is to be changed to Narmada
 Gelatines Ltd.
 -The Company won Capexil Award for Gelatine Export 
 -The Company won for the second time Capexil Award for Gelatine
 -Narmada Gelatines has recommended 9% dividend on 9% Cumulative
 Redeemable Preference Shares and 11% on Equity Shares
 -Narmada Gelatines has recommended dividend 9% on the outstanding 9%
 Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares and 15% on Equity Shares 
 -Narmada Gelatines's email Id of the Compliance officer of the
 company is mahesh.verma@narmadagelatines.com
 -Narmada Gelatines has recommended dividend @ 9% on the outstanding
 9% Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares and 20% on Equity Shares
 -Narmada Gelatines has recommended dividend @ 25% on Equity Shares
 -Narmada Gelatines have recommended dividend @ 30% on Equity Shares
 -Narmada Gelatines have recommended dividend @ 40% on Equity Shares
 --Narmada Gelatines have recommended dividend @ 45% on Equity Shares
 -Narmada Gelatines Ltd has recommended dividend for the year 2012-13
 @ 50% i.e. Rs. 5.00 per equity share of the Company
 -Narmada Gelatines Ltd has recommended dividend for the year 2013-14
 @ 50% i.e. Rs. 5.00 per equity share of the Company
 -Narmada Gelatines Ltd has recommended the issue of Bonus Shares in
 the ratio of 1 (one) Bonus Equity Shares for every 2 (Two) existing
 Equity Shares
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