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बीएसई: 524816  |  NSE: NATCOPHARM  |  ISIN: INE987B01026  |  Pharmaceuticals

कंपनी इतिहास - नैट्को फार्मा
NATCO PHARMA LTD. was incorporated on 19th September, 1981
 in Andhra Pradesh as a Pvt. Ltd. Company as NATCO FINE
 PHARMACEUTICALS P. LTD. and became a deemed Public Company
 with effect from 1st July, 1992 under Section 43A of the
 Act.  Subsequently, it changed its name to NATCO PHARMA
 LTD. on 18th February, 1993 and received change of name
 The Company began operations in 1984 with an objective to
 manufacture conventional and Timed Release Dosage forms of
 life savings drugs.  The company's factory is located 35km.
 away from Hyderabad on Bangalore Highway No. 7.  to manufacture a
 wide range of
 tablets, capsules, liquids and dry powders using automated
 Indigenisation of Microdialysis Cell technology for various
 dosage forms was taken up as a challenge and Company had
 introduced Antihistaminic, Antianxiety, Antiasthmatic,
 Cardiac Drugs into Indian Market for the first time in
 sustained action dosage forms.  The major products
 manufactured by the company are as follows:
 The Company holds the necessary licences issued by the Drug
 Control Authorities for the manufacture of these drugs at
 its existing plant at Kothur, Mahaboobnagar.  The turnover
 of the unit increased progressively; the turnover which was
 at Rs. 730 lacs for the year 1989-90 has grown to 
 Rs. 3689.24 Lacs for the year 1993-94.
 The Company has pioneered Timed Release Technology in India
 by introducing Multi-unit, Multi-layered System for the
 first time in India in the year 1985.  The company's
 formulation Rubinat is ranked second in the Anticancer Drug
 Segment and first in the Anthracyclines Segment on the
 basis of turnover of 1993-94.  The Company has been awarded
 Import Substitution Award (1986) for Timed Release
 Technology.  It has well equipped Research and Development
 facilities manned by qualified Scientists.  Its
 formulations are exported to the CIS States, Vietnam,
 Hongkong, China, Netherlands, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya.
 The Annual average exports sales for the last three years
 is 21% of turnover.  The Export turnover details for last 
 3 years are as follows:
                                        (Rs. in lakhs)
 Year	         Total	          Export      % to Total
             Turnover                         Turnover
 1991-92      1169.36            47.39              4%
 1992-93      2840.00           739.86             26%
 1993-94      3542.74          1168.64             33%
 Sept. '94    3402.59          1740.15             51%
 (6 months)
 The Company is a recipient of WHO Certificate for
 maintaining good manutacturing practices.  The Company is
 one of the contract manufacturers in the pharmaceuticals
 industry in India and manufactures products for companies
 including Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., Eskayef Ltd., Parke
 Davis (I) Ltd., Fulford India Limited, Cadila Ltd., John
 Wyeth India Ltd., ICI Ltd. and SOL Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
 -Natco Pharma (NPL) was promoted by V C Nannapaneni  an NRI based in
 the US for 13 years.
 -Launches the anti-migraine Sumatriptan Succinate under the brand
 name Suminat.
 -Awarded an export house status by the Directorate General of Foreign
 trade  Ministry of Commerce
 -Natco Pharma Limited have entered into an agreement giving the
 former business rights for Natco's products in Russia and other CIS
 -Natco Pharma (NPL) has achieved the status of the complete pharma
 company on the merger of its four group companies - Natco Pharma 
 Natco Laboratories  Natco Parenterals and Dr.Karanth Pharma Chemical
 Labs - effective 1 Apr.'95.
 -Natco Pharma (NPL) was promoted in 1983 by V C Nannapaneni  an NRI
 who had worked in the US for 13 years.
 -Natco Pharma Ltd has tied up with the US pharmaceutical giant 
 Mallin Krodt  for exporting in high volume production of naproxen.
 -The Executive Director  Dr. K.V. Ranga Rao  has resigned  but
 continues in the capacity of a director.
 -Entered into the formulations segment by recently introducing 34
 products in the state. 
 -The company allotted 42,70 ,500 No. of equity shares at Rs. 17 each
 on preferential basis.
 -Natco Pharma has been given a revamping package from IDBI
 -Dr. Mohana R Velagapudi, Dr. K V Ranga Rao and Dr. N Ramakrishna Rao
 have resigned from the Board w.e.f. March 31, 2002.
 -Board Approves the preferential offer of Rs 6.6 crore equity
 warrants to its promoters group and Rs 6 crore 12 per cent cumulative
 redeemable preference shares to FIs and banks.
 -Natco Pharma Ltd, has received the approval from Therapeutic Goods
 Administration (TGA), Australia for its manufacturing facility at
 Mekaguda in Mehabobnagar. 
 -Board inducted in to the Audit Committee Dr. K U Mada as a member.
 The Board constituted the Remuneration Committee with the following
 members: 1) Dr. K U Mada, 2) Mr. Jahar Bhowmik, 3) Mr. R Monani, 4)
 M. G S Murthy.
 -Launches the anti-cancer wonder drug under the brand name VEENAT
 (Imatinib 100mg capsules)
 -A city pharma company has filed a criminal complaint about theft
 of some of its technologies by a senior executive responsible for
 technology management of its products
 -  launched Zoldonat Zoledronic Acid for injection. With this launch,
 NATCO has become the second company to launch Zoledronic Acid in the
 world, after Novartis, the patent holders.
 -Launches Letronat 2.5 mg tablets (Latrozole tablets). Letrozole, the
 non-sterioidal aromatase inhibitor is indicated for first-line
 treatment of advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women with
 hormone receptor positive or hormone receptor unknown locally
 advanced or metastatic breast cancer. 
 -Received an order Rs 35-fr for export of citalopram hydrobromide
 (which is used for the treatment as an anti-depressant) for regulated
 markets and imatinibmesylate (used for the treatmemt of chronic
 myeloid leukaemia)
 -Following shareholders have sold shares in the company: 1) VC
 Nannapaneni - 90,000 shares, 2) Time Cap Pharma Labs Pvt. Ltd. -
 -Received a letter from Mr. V. C. Nannapaneni, one of the share
 holders informing the Company that he has sold 3,32,554 shares and
 that his post sale holding is 49,65,346 shares (28.57% of the paid up
 - An award has being presented titled as DSIR National Award for R&D
 efforts in the Industry (2003) under the Dept. of Scientific and
 Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of
 - Mr Rajeev Nannapaneni has been appointed as new Chief Operating
 Officer of the Company w.e.f December 1, 2003.
 -Promoters offload shares to raise funds
 -Unveils new drug for brain tumour therapy, Temozolomide under the
 brand name `Temonat'  indicated for treatment of certain forms of
 brain tumours.
 -Launches Geftinib 250 mg., an anti-cancer drug, under the brand name
 -Natco Pharma Limited has informed that the sad and sudden demise of
 Mr. Raj Monani, one of the Company's Board of Directors
 -Natco Pharma Ltd has informed the that the company has launched
 Ganciclovir in 250 mg. capsules and 500 ml injection forms
 -Natco Launches anti Cancer Drug, establishes Oncology division
 -Natco Pharma Ltd, the Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company known
 for its timed-release technology and affordable drugs in cancer
 therapy, has bagged the award from the Indian Red Cross Society of
 -NATCO launches drug to treat prostate cancer
 -NATCO launches drug for Ovarian Cancer
 -Launches Curcumin 500 mg capsules under the brand name Turcumin
 - Receives Certification of Suitability of Monographs of the European
 Pharmacopoeia for its active pharmaceutical ingredients - Ondansetron
 Hydrochloride Dihydrate and Sumatriptan Succinate by European
 Directorate for the Quantity of Medicines (EDQM).
 -Natco Pharma Limited signs memorandum of understanding (MoU) for
 sharing technology related to manufacture of oncology products.
 -Natco Pharma launches anti-migraine drug
 -Natco Pharma ties up with Temple University, USA
 -Natco Pharma launches Vorizol
 -Natco announces launch of Pemnat (Pemetrexed) for treatment of
 non-small cell lung cancer
 -Natco Pharma Ltd has announced the launch of a world class oral
 contraceptive under the brand name Tarana.
 - Natco Pharma Ltd ties up with Dr. Reddy's for oncological
 -Natco Pharma - Natco launches BENDIT(Bendamustine).
 -Natco Pharma - NATCO launches Anastrazole in the USA.
 -NATCO's new chemical entity (NCE) receives 'Orphan' designation
 from, US FDA.
 -Natco files ANDA for generic Tykerb, Ties up with Lupin Limited.
 -NATCO and Levomed LLC, USA formed a Joint Venture company,
 NATCOFARMA DO BRASIL for sales and distribution in Brazil.
 -Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility - 2012.
 -NATCO Pharma receives approval for Lansoprazole capsules.
 -Natco Pharma gets marketing approval for Rizatriptan Benzoate
 tablets orally disintegrating 5 mg and 10 mg. Used for the treatment
 of migraine headaches with or without aura.
 -Natco Pharma hits 52-week high on getting US Court nod for generic
 Copaxone used for treating multiple sclerosis.
 -Natco Pharma zooms over 11% on winning cancer drug case
 -Natco's Kothur Formulation Facility found acceptable by USFDA.
 -Natco Pharma gets USFDA nod for Oseltamivir Phosphate Capsules.
 - Natco Pharma announced that it's marketing partner in the USA,
 Breckenridge Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BPI), has filed an Abbreviated
 New Drug Application (ANDA) for its Everolimus 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg and
 0.75 mg tablets.
 -Natco launches HEPCINAT LP in Nepal
 -Natco received the Best Speciality Brand-SILVER AWARD for marketing
 excellence in India
 -Natco Pharma Limited, Winner Of  Golden Peacock Innovation
 Management Award For The Year 2015
 -Natco launches HEPCINAT in Nepal- 1 st generic version of Sofosbuvir
 (Sovaldi) in the country
 -Natco Pharma has splits its face value from Rs. 10 to Rs. 2
 - Natco Launches the First Generic equivalent of Tamiflu Capsules in
 the USA Market
 -NATCO launches VELPANAT in Nepal- 1st generic version of Sofosbuvir
 400mg/Velpatasvir 100mg fixed dose combination medicine in the
 -Winner of Golden Peacock Occupational Health and Safety Award for
 the Year 2017.
 - ''NATCO's partner Mylan Wins U.S. District Court Ruling Related to
 Copaxone 40 mg/mL Patents.
 -NATCO launches POMALID, first generic version of pomalidomide
 capsules,  for treatment of a specific blood cancer, in INDIA.
 -Natco & its alliance partner Lupin receive FDA approval forgeneric
 Lanthanum Carbonate Chewable Tablets.
 -Winner of Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award for the year
 -NATCO's marketing partner Mylan launches generic Glatiramer Acetate
 in the U.S. market - both20 mg/mL and 40 mg/mL versions
 -Natco's marketing partner Alvogen first to market generic equivalent
 to oseltamivir phosphate powder for oral suspension in the USA
 -NATCO launches TAFNAT, Tenofovir Alafenamide tablets, for treatment
 of chronic hepatitis B, in INDIA.
 -Natco & its Chairman, Mr. VC Nannapaneni win Indias Greatest
 Brands and Leaders 2016-17 awards at the Second Edition of Indias
 Greatest Brands and Leaders 2017 organised by URS-AsiaOne magazine
 and UWG Media Consulting P.L.
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