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कंपनी इतिहास - नेहा प्रोटिंस
M/s Neha Proteins Limited (NPL) was incorporated as a Private Limited
 Company on the 3rd September 1987 under the name of Shyam Brothers
 Private Limited.  the name of the Company was subsequently changed to
 Neha Proteins Private Limited, by a Special Resolution passed at the
 Extra-ordinary General Meeting held on the 18th September, 1989 and
 the Certificate regarding the change of name was issued by the
 Registrar of Companies, Rajasthan, Jaipur, on the 29th day of
 November 1989.  The Company was subsequently, converted into a Public
 Limited Company in terms of a Special Resolution passed at the
 Extra-ordinary General Meeting held on the 27th March 1990.  The
 Certificate regarding the change of name was issued by the Registrar
 of Companies, Rajasthan, Jaipur on the  12th April 1990.  The change
 in the constitution of the Company from Private Limited to Public
 Limited was necessiated to achieve the desired growth.  In 1991, in a
 family partition, the Promoters took over the management of the
 Company.  The change in Directors was confined only to the members of
 the family for smooth operations and better administration of the
 business of the Company.  The Company did not enter into commercial
 activity duting the initial years from 1987 to 1990, since the
 Promoters were engaged in locating a suitable site, market study and
 deciding on the suppliers for the plant and machinery, required for
 the project.  Thereafter, the Solvent Extraction project was set up
 in 1991.  The Company took on lease from the Rajasthan State
 Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd. the land and
 building situated at S-272 (A), Basni Industrial Area, Jodhpur,
 Rajasthan in the month of january 1991 for setting-up a
 Unit to manufacture edible oil with capacities of 60 TPD of Oil
 Expelling and 120 TPD of Solvent Extraction.  the project cost was
 Rs.191 lacs which was financed by way of term loan of Rs.101
 lacs from RFC/RIICO, unsecured loans of Rs.32 lacs from the Promoters
 and Equity Capital of Rs.58 lacs contributed by Promoters.  There was
 a cost over-run of Rs.22 lacs which was
 financed by the Promoters.  the Company commenced commercial
 production on the 1st August 1991.  The Company undertook forward
 integration in September 1991, by setting-up an Oil Refinery, with an
 installed capacity of 20 TPD, at a cost of Rs.68 lacs, which was
 financed by Equity Capital of Rs.25 lacs, State Subsidy of Rs.5 lacs
 and term loan of Rs.38 lacs from
 RIICO. The forward integration was completed in schedule in September
 The Company has established itself in the edible oil market. It sells
 groundnut oil under the brand name of `Sona Sikka'.  The Company
 extracts edible oil from oil-cakes.  The extracted oil is either
 refined and marketed through distributors/wholesalers or the
 extracted oil is sold to whoolsesalers/other refinery or vanaspati
 manufactures.  The Company exported do-oiled cakes amounting to
 Rs.438.73 lacs during the last three years.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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