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बीएसई: 533202  |  NSE: NITESHEST  |  ISIN: INE639K01016  |  Construction & Contracting - Real Estate

कंपनी इतिहास - नेल होल्डिंग्स ल
The Company was originally incorporated as Nitesh Estates Private
 Limited on February 20, 2004 as a private limitedcompany under the
 Companies Act, in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The name of the
 Company was subsequentlychanged to Nitesh Estates Limited by a
 special resolution of the members passed at an EGM of our Company
 onOctober 9, 2009. The fresh certificate of incorporation consequent
 upon change of name was granted to the Company on November 3, 2009 by
 the Registrar of Companies, Karnataka.
 Key Events and Milestones
 Month/Year                    Key Events, Milestones and
 April, 2006                      Corporate housing project for ITC
 December, 2006          Citi Property Investors acquired 74.0% stake
 in Nitesh Residency which is                                       
                                            developing the Ritz-
 Carlton brand hotel
 January, 2007                AMIF I Limited, a Och-Ziff Captial
 Management Group entity acquired                                     
                                            28.98% stake in Company
 May, 2007                       Agreement signed to develop India's
 first the Ritz-Carlton brand hotel in                  
                                            Bengaluru by Nitesh
 November, 2007           Won the bid for a 8.26 acre property in the
 Boat Club area in the heart of            
 September, 2009         HDFC AMC pick up 10.1% stake in Nitesh
 Housing, an SPV formed to  
                                            develop projects
 October, 2009               Executed MoU with Luxury Hotels
 International Management Company 
                                            B.V. to set up a full-
 serviceluxury international hotel and luxury             
                                            condominium residences
 under the Ritz-Carlton brand name
 February 12, 2010       BETL acquired 1.48% stake in our Company
 - Nitesh Estates Ltd has appointed Mr. Ranga Iyer as an Additional
 Director of the Company
 -Nitesh Estates signs Rs 3bn project in Bangalore
 -Nitesh Estates Ltd has acquired 51% stake in a SPV - Nitesh Urban
 Developers Pvt. Ltd. (NUDPL). 
 -Nitesh Estates also acquired the 100% Paid Up Equity of Nitesh Kochi
 Projects & Developers Pvt. Ltd. (NKPDL).
 -Nitesh Estates has signed up a Joint Development agreement for
 development of a Rs. 500 Cr Commercial Mall at Indiranagar,
 -Nitesh Estates Ltd Signs Up Rs. 200 cr New Luxurious Residential
 Project Nitesh Park Avenue at High Grounds, Sankey Road, Banglore
 -Nitesh Estates Limited signs up Rs. 450 Cr. New Villament
 Residential Project - Nitesh Palo Alto on the Marath
 -Nitesh Estates has acquired the balance 4,900 Equity Shares from the
 promoters of Nitesh Urban Development Pvt. Ltd. NUDPL is now a 100%
 wholly owned subsidiary of Nitesh Estates Limited
 -Nitesh Estates launches Rs. 300 Crore Nitesh British Columbia in
 South Bangalore.
 -Nitesh Estates Limited obtains clearances for its 5-Star Luxury
 Hotel - The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore.
 -Nitesh Estates Ltd has informed regarding a titled Indias first The
 Ritz-Carlton opens in Bangalore.
 -- WORLDWIDE Achievers Real Estate Awards 2014.
 -Nitesh Estates Ltd has signed up a Joint Development Agreement for a
 new residential project which will have 262 residential Units.
 -Nitesh Estates Ltd Signing of new Joint Development Agreement of
 Rs.375 Cr. revenue potential.
 -Nitesh Estates Launch of Nitesh Hunter Valley in Hennur Road,
 Bangalore - Rs 900 Cr Project.
 -Nitesh Estates acquires shopping mall in Pune.
 -Nitesh Estates Ltd signing (MOU) with Goldman Sachs.
 -Nitesh Estates Signing of JDA for Rs 175 Crores Residential Project
 in Bangalore.
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