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बीएसई: 532887  |  NSE: NTL  |  ISIN: INE333I01036  |  Power - Transmission & Equipment

कंपनी इतिहास - न्यूयॉन टावर्स
Sujana Towers Limited was originally incorporated on April 6, 2006
 under the Companies Act, 1956 in the State of Andhra Pradesh under
 certificate of incorporation No.01-49743 of 2006  2007. Sujana
 Towers Limited was incorporated for the purpose of demerger of Towers
 Division of Sujana Metal Products Limited situated in Bollaram, Medak
 District, Andhra Pradesh having installed capacity of 1,28,125 TPA
 after expansion. The demerger was completed through a Scheme of
 Arrangement pursuant to the provisions of Sections 391 to 394 of the
 Companies Act, 1956 and Clause 24(f) of the Listing Agreement entered
 into with the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited. 
 We are driven by a corporate commitment is to be as responsive as
 possible to customer needs, through a process of continuous
 improvement. Not surprisingly therefore, we have - over the last 4
 years - built infrastructure that fulfils the requirements of the
 telecom and power industries with the highest grades of galvanized
 value-added products.
 Our structural steel manufacturing unit is ISO 9001:2000 certified,
 among few of its kind in the country.
 To impart strength, longevity and resistance against atmospheric
 damage and peeling, our towers are galvanized. The Galvanizing
 process involves several stages for which we have set up two
 large-scale units at IDA Bollaram Industrial Estate , Hyderabad , to
 emerge as India 's largest galvanized steel tower manufacturing
 company. Sophisticated equipments are pressed into use for:
 1. Pickling : The structural steel is dipped in hydro-chloric acid to
 remove rust and carbon 
 2 Rinsing : The product is rinsed in water to remove the acid 
 3.Fluxing : The resultant product is then dipped in the flux
 (Ammonium Chloride + Zinc   Chloride) 
 4. Pre-heating : The product to be sent through heating chamber to
 remove the moisture 
 5.Galvanizing : The demoisturised product is dipped in the zinc tank
 for galvanizing 
 6.Quenching & Dichromating : The galvanized steel is dipped in the
 water tank to allow cooling of the coated structural steel
 To fabricate the towers so clients receive ready-to-erect structures,
 we deploy specialised machinery for punching, notching, shearing and
 grinding of the structural steel. 
 - Sujana Towers Ltd has appointed Shri. Y Kamesh as Managing Director
 (MD) of the Company
 - Sujana Towers has bagged three orders for the supply of
 transmission line towers, valued at Rs.148.38 crore, by SPIC SMO and
 SEW Infrastructure. These towers would be used in transmission lines
 being constructed by them for Power Grid Corporation (PGCIL) and UP
 Vidyut Vitaran Nigam. Supplies are to be completed in the next nine
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 5 to Re 1
 -Sujana Towers has Consolidates its Face value from Rs 1/- to 10/-
 -The company appointed Shri M. V. Bhaskara Rao as Independent and
 Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.
 - Sujana Towers Ltd has shifted the Registered Office of the Company
 from H. No. 8-2-248/1/7/41, Plot No.41, Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta,
 Hyderabad - 500 082 to H. No. 8-2-248/1/7/18, Plot No.18, Nagarjuna
 Hills, Punjagutta, Hyderabad - 500 082, Telangana, 
 -Sujana Towers Ltd hasapproved the name change of the Company from
 Sujana Towers Limited to Neueon Towers Limited
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने कैश में `556.72 Cr की बिकवाली की
  • MARKET CUES : DIIs ने कैश में `908.64 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने F&O में `4263.60 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स फ्यूचर्स में `705.91 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स ऑप्शंस में `2731.71 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक फ्यूचर्स में `667.27 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक ऑप्शंस में `158.71 Cr की खरीदारी
  • ENTERS IN F&O BAN : SAIL फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में
  • STILL IN F&O BAN : Voda Idea फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में बरकरार
  • STILL IN F&O BAN : Glenmark Ph फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में बरकरार

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