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बीएसई: 532739  |  NSE: PLETHICO  |  ISIN: INE491H01018  |  Pharmaceuticals

कंपनी इतिहास - प्लेथिको फार्मास्युटिकल्स
We are an emerging global healthcare company, engaged in the business
 of manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a broad spectrum of 
 pharmaceutical and allied healthcare products, with operations in
 several key
 markets of the world, backed by state of the art manufacturing
 Historical perspective
 We started our operations as a small company marketing generic drugs
 the name of Plazma Laboratories, in the year 1963. This later on
 resulted in the 
 formation of Ethico Drugs & Chemical Mfg. Co in the year 1978, a
 and marketing company selling branded generic antibiotics. We were
 the first to launch Doxycycline (Minicycline) and Cotrimoxazole
 (Timizole) in the 
 Indian market. Both the products were well accepted by the Indian
 fraternity. It was this start, that gave us the required impetus in
 the domestic 
 market and paved the way for a host of new and innovative branded
 to be launched in India in segments like the anti-malarials,
 Antitubercular drugs 
 and so on.
 In order to strengthen our marketing and distribution network,
 Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd. was established in the year 1985, with the
 objective of 
 establishing as one of the major players in the domestic Pharma
 market. Plethico 
 Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd was converted into Public Limited Company in
 The company established its presence with several major brands like
 Reziz, Koxi, Monto 3, Monto 4, Recofast, Recofast Plus, Amloz, Amloz
 Cebect, Cebect TZ in segments like the Antimalarials, Anti-
 Tubercular, Cough 
 & Cold, Cardiac and the Antimicrobials to name a few. 1996 saw the
 make its foray into the international market by initiating exports to
 Russia, CIS, 
 Africa and Eastern Europe. 2003 saw the launch of our OTC division
 under the 
 umbrella of Coachs Formula Protein Health Drink. So from a humble
 beginning we
 stand today at a sales of Rs 2221.85 Mn and a PAT of Rs 561.30 Mn for
 the year 
 ending September 30, 2005. 
 Key Events
 1963 - 1970 
 .. Plazma Laboratories the first company of the group, marketing
 generic drugs 
 came into existence.
 .. Commissioning of first formulation manufacturing facility at
 Indore Madhya Pradesh
 India consisting of semi automatic sections for Tablet, Capsule and
 Oral Liquid.
 1971 - 1980
 .. Ethico Drugs & Chemical Mfg. Co was established, to manufacture
 and sell 
 branded generic antibiotics.
 .. Creating of countrywide marketing network for marketing of wide
 range of 
 branded ethical medicines.
 1981  1990 
 .. Plethico Pharmaceuticals was formed, with the objective of
 itself as one of the major players in the domestic pharma market.
 .. Ultra Modern formulation plant established at Manglia, near Indore
 to produce 
 wide range of Allopathic Tablets, Capsules and Dry Suspension.
 .. Introduced first time in India Doxycycline based unique
 Anti-biotic under the 
 brand name Minicycline and Co-Trimoxazole based unique Anti Bacterial
 the brand name Timizol 
 .. Launching of wide range of branded allopathic ethical medicines
 under widely 
 accepted therapeutic segments including Anti-tuberculosis,
 Cardiovascular, Anti microbial and Cough & Cold Preparations.
 1991 - 2000 
 .. Installation of Ayurvedic & Herbal formulation manufacturing plant
 at Indore 
 during 1992 under the group firm Plethico Products.
 .. Plethico Pharmaceuticals was converted into Pvt Ltd Co 1991 before
 converted into a Closely Held Public Limited Company in 1992.
 .. Introduced first time in India, the novel ayurvedic and herbal
 under the brand names - Octogen, Previl, Syndrex and allopathic
 combipacks, kit 
 packs and by-layer Tablets. 
 .. Up-gradation of existing manufacturing facilities at Manglia
 comply to the world-class
 .. Successful launching of star brand Travisil, unique features of
 Travisil brand being
 exceptional combination of taste, flavour, efficacy and international
 standard, in CIS 
 and other countries. Travisil is a combination of 16 Indian Herbs,
 which calls for special 
 blending technique coupled with extensive analytical capabilities,
 which was developed 
 in house by extensive R & D efforts.
 2000 - 2005 
 .. Began setting up state-of-the-art formulation manufacturing plant
 complying to the World
 Class Specifications including WHO GMP, UKMCA, USFDA etc. and was
 appraised by
 Premiere Financial Institutions of India  BoB, EXIM Bank and IDBI
 having enviable rapport
 with all of them.
 .. Commissioning of the state of the art Kalaria Plant at Kalaria,
 .. Setting-up of a fully automatic advanced Pet Bottle Manufacturing
 Plant (Blow
 Stretch Molding Plant) imported from Aoki, Japan
 .. Awarded Exporter of the Year Award by Government of India
 .. Setting-up of fully automatic medicated Lozenges Manufacturing
 Plant imported
 from Klockner Hansel GmBH, Germany, with inbuilt New Delivery System
 offer therapeutic advantages to consumers
 .. Sell off of Ethical Brands & Distribution chain.
 .. Took Major Stake in a marketing and distribution chain in the CIS,
 with a well
 coordinated network in Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrghyzstan,
 Ukraine and
 .. Acquired status of approved 2 Star Trading House & implemented
 J.D.Edwards - (Now Oracle) - an advanced Internet based Enterprise
 Planning System (ERP).
 .. Aspen Pharmaceuticals Limited, a Joint Venture company in Cambodia
 .. Establishment of Plethico Africa Limited, a Joint Venture to
 manufacture and
 market in Kenya and Rest of East Africa.
 - Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd has appointed Dr. Gulam Nabi Qazi as
 an Additional Director of the Company.
 -Acquires 100% in Natrol Inc in an all cash deal of USD 82 million
 -The Company has appointed M/s. Singhi Adivsors Ltd, Mumbai (formerly
 Singhi & Associates) as Company's M&A Advisors on a Global level.
 -Completes acquisition of Natrol and integration of its business
 along with Indian operations
 -Further expands reach in CIS through acquisition of 20% stake
 inTricon Holding
 -Plethico Pharmaceuticals manufacturing unit situated at Kandla
 Special Economic Zone has been awarded with the Top Exporter Award
 for the year 2006-07 
 -Plethico Pharmaceuticals manufacturing unit situated at Kandla
 Special Economic Zone has been awarded with the Top Exporter Award
 for the year 2007-08
 -Plethico Pharmaceuticals launches New Product Natrol Immune Boost
 -UK MHRA and TGA-Australia approval for Kalaria plant
 -Mr. Amrish Kumar Chourasia has been appointed as the Company
 Secretary and Compliance Officer of the Company 
 -Walmart Stores to Provide Natrol on Shelf with Vitamins in U.S
 -Natrol Partners With Bikram Yoga to introduce Vedic Mantra Ayurvedic
 Nutritional Supplements.
 -The company appointed Mr. Hitesh Thakar as an Additional Director
 (Independent Non-Executive).
 -The company has decided in-principle to issue bonus shares to the
 shareholders  in the ratio of 1 (one) Share for every 5 (Five)
 -Ms. Khushboo Kothari is appointed as the Company Secretary &
 Compliance Officer of the Company.
 -The company appointment  Mr. Pranav Koshal as an Additional Director
 (Independent Non-Executive).
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