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पंजाब नैशनल बैंक

बीएसई: 532461  |  NSE: PNB  |  ISIN: INE160A01022  |  Banks - Public Sector

कंपनी इतिहास - पंजाब नैशनल बैंक
 1996 - A package was developed for corporate customers for fast
              of funds from different up-country branches to the
 controlling office.
            - The concept of 'Chief Host' introduced by the bank for
 resolving customers' 
               complaints in the minimum possible time, has resulted
 in substantial improvement
               in customer service.
             - The company also entered into new activity of arranging
 Mergers, Acquisitions and 
               Takeovers which has been quite rewarding in terms of
 2000 - The Credit Rating Information Services of India has suspended
              rating for the fixed deposit programmes of Amruntanjan
            - The Bank has introduced a scheme for providing finance
               mortgage of immovable property.
            - Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda will tie up to
 form a subsidiary
              for a foray into life insurance business, banking
            - PNB has launched a gold import scheme.  The gold will be
 imported through
              an arrangement with Commerzbank.
            - ICRA has assigned an `LAAA' rating to Punjab National
 Bank's (PNB) Rs 240 
              crore long-term subordinated bond issue (Series V).
            - The Bank is the first amongst the public sector banks to
 come out with Voluntary
               Retirement Scheme.
            - Punjab National Bank has become the latest big player to
 enter the credit card
              market.  The card will have two variants -- Gold and
            - An International Co-branded Credit Card of Punjab
 National Bank and Hongkong
              & Shanghai Banking Corporation has been launched in New
            - Primary market dealers PNB Gilts Ltd is launching a
 retail scheme in the first week of
              January to rope in individuals as investors for govt.
 securities.  It has recently tied up with 
              Punjab National Bank and will be using the huge network
 of 2000 branches of the bank
              all over the country for distribution and receipt of
 forms for investment in govt. securities.
           - Mr. T S Narayansami has taken over as executive director
 of Punjab National Bank.
 - Punjab National Bank incorporated its branch in M.G. Road,
 Bangalore named as Mid-Corporate Branch (MCD) to provide its
 corporate clients with a credit limit of Rs 3.5 crore and above.
 - Punjab National Bank is in a joint venture with Infosys for the
 implementation of a Centralised Banking Solution for it. The bank
 plans to implement Centralised Banking Solutions establishing
 connectivity between its branches to cover 1,500 to 2,000 branches
 and all ATMs by 2004.
 - -Punjab National Bank has informed that the first AGM of the
 shareholders of the Bank was held on August 05, 2002. The Chairman
 declared the following candidates elected as Directors:
 Dr Pritam Singh , Sh Mohanjit Singh.
 - Punjab National Bank has informed that Ms. Malathi Mohan, Asstt.
 General Manager has been nominated as Company Secretary in place of
 Mr. Ramesh Kumar Kochar. 
 - Punjab National Bank has launched a special loan scheme called
 'Fin-Basket', a composite package of retail loans, for a minimum size
 of Rs 5 lakhs.
 - Punjab National Bank (PNB) has been presented with the `Best Bank
 Award' for excellence in banking technology.
 - Punjab National Bank (PNB) tied up with Cisco Systems for
 networking 3,870 branches as part of its Rs 150 crore plan.
 - Punjab National Bank (PNB) has taken over Kozhikode-based Nedungadi
 Bank Ltd (NBL) on Feb 1. All the 174 branches of the previous private
 bank are now working as PNB branches
 - Punjab National Bank (PNB) has entered into an alliance with New
 India Assurance for selling its general insurance products.
 - Punjab National Bank has informed that Shri V K Sibal, a director
 on the Board of the Bank has resigned from the Board. Ministry of
 Finance, Govt. of India, vide its letter dated May 09, 2003 has
 conveyed the acceptance of resignation w.e.f. May 07, 2003.
 - Punjab National Bank has informed the Exchange that the Bank has
 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on June 24, 2003 with
 Principal Financial Services Inc. (USA) and Vijaya Bank for joint
 venture partnership in Life Insurance, Pensions and Asset Managements
 (MF) business.
 - Punjab National Bank (PNB) has formed a strategic alliance with
 Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd (IL&FS) to set up a
 private equity fund for investing in domestic companies.
 - Punjab National Bank has informed that it is setting up its
 Representative Office at London. The office was scheduled to be
 inaugurated on August 21, 2003. Further, the Bank has been granted
 license to open Offshore Banking Unit at Seepz, Mumbai.
 - New Delhi: Punjab National Bank has entered an agreement with
 Oriental Bank of Commerce, Indian Bank, UTI Bank and Global Trust
 Bank for sharing ATMs spread across the country.
 -Inks pact with Principal Financial Group of USA to foray into
 insurance business and pension fund
 -Principal Financial Group (Mauritius) Limited enters into a joint
 venture agreement with Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Vijaya Bank to
 sell long-term mutual funds and related financial services in India.
 The new company to be called Principal PNB Asset Management Company
 (in association with Vijaya Bank)
 -Receives approval from RBI for opening an Offshore Banking Unit
 (OBU) at SEZ, Noida (U.P)
 -Punjab National Bank (PNB) has decided to amalgamate its merchant
 banking arm 'PNB Caps' with itself.
 -PNB unveils a scheme to help SSIs to get ISO 9000.
 - Board of Directors approved investment of Rs 250 million in the
 units of 'Leverage India Fund' managed by IL&FS Investments Managers
 Ltd, and has entered into MoU with IL&FS and IL&FS Investment
 Managers to sponsor the Fund.
 -Shri K D Khera, Director representing Non Workmen Employees of the
 bank, ceases to be Director on the Board of the Bank wef October 31,
 2003 on attaining age of superannuation.
 -The Ministry of Finance, Government of India, vide their
 notification dated November 25, 2003, Shri Anand Swarup Agarwal has
 been nominated as part-time non official Director of the bank for a
 period of 3 years from the date of notification.
 -Ministry of Finance, Government of India vide their notification
 dated January 9, 2004 has informed that Dr. K.V. Rajan, Chief General
 Manager, RBI, Kanpur has been nominated as RBI nominee director of the
 Bank in place of Sh. V.K. Sharma with immediate effect.
 -PNB acquires  Hindustan Transmission Product Limited (HTPL) assets
 under Sarfaesi
 -IFCI merger with PNB's would help each other
 -Delhi based Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Bangalore-based Vijaya
 Bank enter into a four-way partnership with Principal Financial of
 the US and  Berger Paints to set up an insurance broking company
 --Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd (ECGC) and Punjab
 National Bank (PNB)  sign a corporate agency agreement for marketing
 ECGC's export credit insurance products through the network of PNB
 -Punjab National Bank has informed that the bank has signed agreement
 with M/s NCR Corporation India Pvt Ltd for providing clearance of
 Intercity cheques within 48 hours after the cheque is presented, at
 selected centers using cheque truncation, where there is Image based
 Cheque Clearing System.
 -Punjab National Bank (PNB) has enlisted the services of computer
 industry giant Intel to evaulate its current and future technolgical
 requirements. An MoU was signed for the deployment of various
 IT-related solutions today between the bank and Intel.
 -ICICI Bank and Punjab National Bank have signed a memorandum of
 understanding (MoU) for ATM network sharing, giving customers an
 access to over 2,200 ATMs in India
 - PNB accomplishes RTGS installation
 - PNB implements Loans and Advances Data Desk for Evaluations and
 Reports, (LADDER) system  for rationalisation of returns, asset
 classification and provisioning, credit monitoring and NPA
 - LP Agrwal, Ranjan Dhawan, I D Singh, P K Mitra, K S Bajwa, V P
 Chowdhary and B P Chopra appointed as General Managers on June 9,
 - PNB mandates TCS to deploy HR Solutions
 -Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has joined hands with PeopleSoft to
 handle a Rs 5-10 crore worth project mandated by Punjab National Bank
 (PNB) to implement human capital management and payroll solution.
 -Punjab National Bank has informed that the Bank has entered into
 money transfer arrangement with Western Union Through their agent M/s
 Weizmann Forex Ltd
 -Punjab National Bank has informed that the Bank branch at Kabul,
 Afghanistan has commenced soft opening on July 26, 2004
 -PNB in ally with NMCE launches new loan scheme
 -PNB JV with Principal Financial Group of USA
 -Tractor manufacturer Escorts tied up with Punjab National Bank for
 sponsorship of a farmer training centre in Haryana
 -Launches corporate internet banking facility on November 18, 2004.
  -Government of India, Ministry of Finance (Banking Division), New
 Delhi vide its Notification dated April 30, 2005, appoints Shri S C
 Gupta as Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) of the Bank.
 -PNB unveils ATM at Edappal
 -Punjab National Bank today tied up with MasterCard International to
 launch a signature-based debit card.
 -PNB opens branch in Uttaranchal
 -Punjab National Bank (PNB) has tied up with Indian Airlines for
 online booking of air tickets.
 -Punjab National Bank has informed that Shri Rakesh Singh, Joint
 Secretary (IF), Ministry of Finance has been appointed Government
 nominee Director on the Board of the Bank w.e.f. October 20, 2006
 under Clause 9(3)(b) of the Banking Companies (Acquisition and
 Transfer of Undertakings) Act, 1970.
 -PNB ties up with IDBI Capital
 -Punjab National Bank has informed that Sh. A S Agarwal, Government
 nominee Director on the Board of the Bank w.e.f. November 25, 2003,
 has demitted the office on November 24, 2006 on completion of his
 tenure of 3 years.
 -Punjab National Bank has appointed Shri Ramesh Kumar Kochar as
 Company Secretary of the Bank.
 - Punjab National Bank has informed that the Government of India,
 Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs (Banking
 Division), New Delhi vide Notification dated June 06, 2007 has
 appointed Shri. Jag Mohan Garg as a Whole-time-Director (designated
 as Executive Director) on the Board of Punjab National Bank from the
 date of his taking over charge of his post or until further orders or
 till the date of his superannuation i.e. upto July 31, 2010 whichever
 is earlier.
 -Punjab National Bank is entering into an MoU with India
 Infrastructure Finance Co. (IIFC) on October 17, 2007 with an aim to
 extend its cooperation and support to IIFC in areas of creating a
 deal flow of infrastructure projects.
 - Punjab National Bank entered into a memorandum of understanding
 (MoU) with IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd in order to
 provide impetus to financing of industrial infrastructure projects.
 -Punjab National Bank (PNB), has tied up with Networth Stock Broking
 Ltd (NSBL) for an Internet trading alliance.
 - Punjab National Bank cut its prime lending rate by 50 bps.
 - Punjab National Bank has opened its 69th branch at Khammam.
 - Punjab National Bank has announced the opening of its 133rd branch
 in Kerala at Sana Towers, Medical College Junction, Kozhikode. All
 133 branches in the State are networked under the core banking
 solution including this branch.
 - Punjab National Bank has informed that Government of India has
 nominated Shri Vinod Kumar Mishra as part-time non-official Director
 on the Board of the Bank for a period of three years from the date of
 Notification of his appointment or until further orders, whichever is
 - The Punjab National Bank has opened a new branch at Leicester in
 Britain. Leicester has a large section of people of Indian origin.
 The branch has been opened this week in the Belgrave Commercial
 Centre, in the heart of what is called the Golden Mile - the heart of
 Asians business and culture. It is also popularly known as 'Little
 - Punjab National Bank has informed that Government of India,
 Ministry of Finance, Deptt. of Financial Services vide notification
 No. F. No. 9/22/2008-BO.I dated March 26, 2009 has appionted Shri
 Nagesh Pydah and Shri M. V. Tanksale as Executive Directors (Whole
 time Directors) on the Board of the Bank. The said Executive
 Directors will hold office from the date of taking charge up to the
 date of superannuation or until further orders, whichever is earlier.
 1) Name : Shri Nagesh Pydah, Date of taking charge : March 26, 2009,
 Date of superannuation : February 29, 2012. 
 2) Name : Shri M.V. Tanksale, Date of taking charge : March 26, 2009,
 Date of superannuation : July 31, 2013.
 - Punjab National Bank (PNB) has set up its second branch in Hong
 Kong, which will focus on retail banking operations.
 - Punjab National Bank (PNB) has entered into a pact with Ashok
 Leyland to extend finance to the latter's commercial vehicle
 - Sh. K R Kamath, has been appointed as Chairman and Managing
 Director (MD) of the Bank by Government of India, Ministry of
 Finance, Deptt. Of Economic Affairs (Banking Division) vide
 notification dated October 27, 2009 for a period of 5 years from the
 date of taking charge and / or until further orders, whichever is
 earlier. Accordingly, Shri. K R Kamath has taken charge of Chairman
 and Managing Director on October 28, 2009.
 - Punjab National Bank has  appointed Shri Mohinder Paul Singh as
 Workmen Employees Director on the Board of the Bank w.e.f. January
 28, 2010.
 - Punjab National Bank has forged an alliance with Oriental Insurance
 Company Limited, to offer a floater Health Insurance Policy covering
 the proposer and family under one sum insured .
 - Punjab National Bank has unveiled a festival bonanza offering home
 loan at 8.5 per cent, a teaser rate to attract new customer. The
 concessional rate of 8.5 per cent has been fixed for three years for
 housing loans up to Rs. 50 lakh. As per the existing rate-card, loans
 up to Rs. 30 lakh attract a lowest rate of 9.25 per cent with a
 repayment period of 5 years while loans above Rs. 30 lakh is
 available at 10 per cent for similar maturity.
 - Oriental Insurance Company (OICL) and Punjab National Bank launched
 'PNB-oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy', exclusively for the bank
 - Punjab National Bank has completed the transaction for acquisition
 of 63.64% stake in JSC Dana Bank Kazakhstan. 
 - Punjab National Bank -  Reserve Bank of India has issued
 Certificate of Registration No. N-13.01980 in the name of INDIA
 permitting to commence & carry  on the business of Non-Banking
 Financial Institution.
 - Punjab National Bank signed a Memorandum of Agreement with
 Principal Financial Group of Mauritius and Vijaya Bank for
 restructuring of their existing joint ventures subject to statutory
 - Acquistion Of 33% Stake In Metlife By Punjab National Bank
 - PNB - Agreement with Weizmann Forex Ltd &  BFC Forex & Financial
 Services Ltd
 - PNB has launched two new deposit schemes- FCNR Premium Linked
 Deposit Scheme and NRE Rupee Flexible Deposit Scheme- which would
 provide special benefits to the NRIs. 
 - PNB & Metlife partner for life insurance venture.
 - PNB's Mega Recovery Camps receives excellent response from small
 agricultural borrowerr in recovering the loan amount.
 - PNB Bagged Golden Peacock National Training Award 2011
 - PNB bags Most Socially Responsive Bank Award 2011
 - In a move to bring cheers for the loan seekers, India's second
 largest public sector lender, Punjab National Bank (PNB) has reduced
 interest rates on housing and car loans by up to 50 basis point
 - PNB raised interest rates on domestic and NRE term deposits
 - PNB sold stake to LIC for Rs 1,590 cr
 - PNB Awarded Overall Best Corporate Social Responsibility Awards
 - PNB Awarded SKOCH Award on Financial Inclusion 2012
 India's second largest public sector lender Punjab National Bank
 (PNB) acquired 30 per cent stake in Metlife India Insurance Co. Ltd.
 -PNB launches online facility for payment of property tax.
 -Punjab National Bank has launched prepaid ATM debit cards
 ‘Suvidha and rsquo for the ease of customers.
 -PNB Wins Golden Peacock Business Excellence Awards for the year
 -Bank with Best Use of Business Intelligence (W inner).
 -PNB eclared Interim Dividend of Rs.10/- (Rupees ten) per equity
 share of Rs. 10/- each.
 -PNB  launches festival bonanza-housing loan of up to Rs 2 crore will
 attract 10.25 per cent interest rate and also announced full waiver of
 processing fee and documentation charges on housing, car and
 two-wheeler loans.
 -PNB Wins MSME Banking Excellance Award 2014.
 -PNB Wins Annual Social Banking Excellence Award 2014
 -Punjab National Bank has splits its face value from Rs 10/- to 2/-
 -Punjab National Bank has opened 121 ATMs across India, on day after
 which its ATM network has increased to 6,421
 -The Indian Army and Punjab National Bank (PNB) have signed a
 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the defence salary package
 -Punjab National Bank has launched e-PPF through Internet Banking
 -Punjab National Bank receives Golden Peacock National Training Award
 -Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance have
 signed an agreement for the distribution of insurance products
 through the branches, reported PTI.
 -CIMSME- Banking Excellence Awards 2016 for Best MSME Bank (Large
 Bank) Winner.
 -Vigilance Excellence Award 2016-17 by Institute of Public
 Enterprises (IPE) Hyderabad.
 -BFSI Tech Maestro Awards 2016 in Application category for Four node
 cluster by Bitstream Mediaworks Pvt.Ltd. 
 -National Payments Excellence Awards 2016 for Aadhaar Enabled
 Payments System (AEPS).
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