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कंपनी इतिहास - पीवीपी वेंचर्स
 - The Company was originally incorporated as Software Solution
 Integrated Private Limited on 1st January and subsequently
 changed its name as Software Solution Integrated Limited on 10th
 May 1994.  The Company was promoted by Mr. K.S. Suresh.
 - The company is mainly engaged in the specialised area of RDBMS
 training, development and consulting in India.  The major
 operations of the company are software development, training and
 consulting.  In software development, SSI has made a mark for
 itself in the local market with such prestigious clients as
 Citibank N.A.
 - The company enjoys a reputation as one of the best RDBMS
 specialists in India.
 - SSI is the first Company to announce quality training in
 emerging RDBMS and GUI technology in lndia.  The company
 conducts training programs in Oracle, Sybase, Ingres,
 MS-Windows, C++, Visual Basic, Power Builder, MS-Access and
 Watcom SOL.
 - Some of the important corporate customers of the Training
 Division are LIC, Sundaram Clayton Ltd., Tractors and Farm
 Equipment Ltd., GEC Alsthom Ltd., TI Miller Ltd. and Blue Dart
 - The installed capacity of the company for the year was only
 about 120 students per month and the capacity utilisation was
 only to the extent of about 70%.
 - The Company hiked its installed capacity to 300 students per
 month and due to overshelming response from the student
 fraternity the utilisation also went up to 100%.
 - The CFAC Centre at Chennai currently houses a set of seven
 class rooms and eight labs, including the additions made as a
 part of the expansion plan envisaged.
 - Relevant RDBMS software and GUI - based application packages
 have been upgraded to the latest versions as a part of a routine
 software upgrade.
 - The new Pasit Centre at Vadapalani was commissioned.
 - To create a niche position in the market, the PASIT Centre has
 announced a Branded training module called IMPACT.
 - The company has launched a concerted advertisement campaign to
 establish Impact as a branded and valued training product.
 - The knowledge division is engaged in the development of
 quality educational aids such as highly structured course
 material, slides and transparencies, videos, CD-ROMS and
 multimedia-based CBT (Computer Based Training) packages.
 - The company will launch new short-term programmes from the
 CFAC (T. Nagar) Centre, concentrating on upcoming technologies
 in the area of client-server computing.
 - The company will be opening CFAC Centres in Bangalore and
 Hyderabad shortly, that will offer similar short term
 - A new Software product, for automating share transfer
 management of a public limited company, will be developed at the
 Pasit Centre for launch during the year.
 - The Company will expand its offshore development division
 substantially to ensure that projects can be executed by
 professionals in India using 64-kbit lines.
 - The CFAC division, which focused on short term programmes, and
 long term programmes such as IMPACT and PASIT have been merged
 into the Training Division for operational efficiency and
 - Under the umbrella brand of `IMPACT', a new product
 `IMPACT-EP' was launched to cater to the requirements of the
 modern day software professional and has been well-received.
 - The company was involved in providing services on various
 aspects of software development optimally catering to exacting
 corporate requirements.
 - The Chennai-based Software Solution Integrated Ltd (SSIL) has
 received Reserve Bank of India (RBI) clearance for turning its
 US operations into a wholly-owned subsidiary with a direct
 investment of ,00,000.
 - The company's training division, is set to expand operation in
 India by establishing its own centres in Delhi, Mumbai and
 Ahmedabad with a view to turn into a major player in the IT
 training field on the likes of NIIT and Aptech.
 - The company also plans to turn into an Internet service
 provider (ISP) to utilise its knowledge base on Internet and
 - The knowledge division of the company plans to focus on
 promoting its software through CDROMs and web-based products.
 - The Knowledge Division of Chennai-based software training
 company, Software Solution Integrated Ltd (SSIL), has received
 ISO 9001 accreditation.
 - Software Solutions Integrated (SSIL) is a leader in the
 RDBMS-related sector and offering training in various RDBMS
 platform, Software Solutions is set to emerge a leading training
 centre in the country.
 - The Chennai-based Software Solution Integrated Ltd proposes to
 place almost 10 per cent of its equity with FIIs/NRIs/corporate
 bodies on a preferential allotment basis.
 - Software Solution is engaged in training software
 professionals and providing consultancy and knowledge-based
 services.  The company, also has plans to spin off its software
 development, sales and support divisions into separate entities,
 Software Solution will retain its identity as a training firm.
 - The Company has been ranked as the third largest software
 education company in India by Computer World, a leading IT
 magazine, establishing SSI as an important national player in
 the IT training industry. 
 - The Company's Knowledge Division has obtained the prestigious
 ISO 9001 certification from KPMG for the quality systems adopted
 in research and development of course content, thereby adding
 immense equity to SSI.
 - Chennai-based SSI Ltd (formerly Software Solutions Integrated)
 will be issuing 7,50,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each, at a
 price of Rs. 750 per equity share on a preferential basis.
 - The Chennai-based Software Solutions Integrated Ltd (SSIL) has
 rewarded shareholders with a 1:1 bonus issue.
 - SSI Ltd (formerly Software Solutions Integrated) will be
 issuing 7,50,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each, at a price of Rs.
 750 per equity share on a preferential basis.
 - Chennai-based software education major, Software Solutions
 Integrated (SSI), has decided to diversify into software
 development by setting up a new division within the company.
 - SSI currently has a subsidiary in the US, ClientSoft, which is
 primarily engaged in body shopping. ClientSoft's clientele
 includes Southern Bell, Delta Airlines, Oracle and Pacific Bell.
 - SSI Ltd, one of India's leading software education companies,
 will be launching its software development division.
 - City-based SSI Ltd, formerly Software Solution Integrated, as
 part of its plan to set up a software development division, is
 in talks with Microsoft Corporation.
 - The new 100,000 sq.ft software development centre to be
 established in Chennai will be one of the largest of its kind in
 the country and will be exclusively focussing on developing
 value-added components to software programmes being used by a
 wide range of customers.
 - SSI (formerly called Software Solutions) is engaged in the
 software training and education segment (which is dominated by
 NIIT and Aptech who control 70 per cent of the market).
 - During the year, the company proposes to expand its centres
 throughout the country and set up and overseas network to
 provide high-end education services.  It also proposes to move
 up the value chain by delivering around 100 computer-based
 training (CBT) titles by December.
 - SSI, which entered into software development by taking over
 Indigo Technologies for a price of Rs. 12 crore in August `99,
 has been on the look out for acquiring companies for quiet some
 time now.
 - The company offers software training to students and corporate
 bodies in specialised areas and develops solutions for
 - Indian computer education and software firm SSI has tied up
 with US giant Microsoft to offer e-commerce programmes.
 - SSI had recently acquired Indigo Technologies, a software
 company specialising in online transaction processing solutions.
 - The Chennai-based software training major SSI Limited has
 agreed to be the co-sponsor of the ATP tour international series
 tennis tournament `Gold Flake Open', being held in Chennai from
 3rd January.
 - SSI also proposed to set up a dedicated development centre in
 Chennai in future.
 - SSI is the first company to announce an international offering
 after the government recently permitted companies to float
 ADR/GDR without prior approval.
 - Recently SSI's software division - SSI Technologies - entered
 into a joint venture with US-based Nasdaq's parent NASD for
 developing products for the security industry.  The tie-up with
 Nasdaq is the result of the acquisition of technology developed
 by IndigoMarkets - a company that was acquired by SSI in August
 - SSI Ltd, Chennai-based IT training and software development
 company, is eyeing China as the next major market for its
 software education centres.  It plans to set up training centres
 in Hong Kong and mainland China soon.
 - SSI is the third major domestic IT training company to set up
 operations in China, after NIIT and Aptech, which have
 established centres in Shanghai and Beijing respectively through
 local partners.
 - The company has entered into a joint venture agreement with
 Hong Kong-based IT group, technology Venture Holdings Ltd, for
 IT education in Hong Kong and China.
 - SSI will take a 9 per cent equity in the joint venture -
 `Toptrain' through its wholly owned subsidiary Clientsoft Inc,
 - The education content developed by SSI's ISO 9001-certified
 content development group will be converted to Chinese scrip for
 delivery in Cantonese and Mandarin.
 - The Company has entered into a joint venture agreement with
 Technology Venture Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong-based IT group.
 - The Company has set up its first technology centure -
 Cyberschool in the city for high-end software education.
 Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, Cyberschool will
 enable students to learn at their own pace.
 - SSI technologies, a division of SSI, has struck alliance with
 Microsoft to jointly set up a WinDNA Centre of Excellence in
 - SSI Worldnet Limited, a subsidiary of Chennai-based SSI Ltd,
 has launched SSI-Biznet to build and operate a large number of
 industry-sepecific B2B portals.
 - SSI Technologies, the software development division of SSI Ltd
 has launched Secura Trade, a web-based trading solution of
 Indigo Markets Inc. which will offer internet trading solution
 in the Indian stock market scene.
 - SSI Ltd has acquired the US-based Albion Orion Company in a
 cash-and-stock deal worth .65 million, the largest
 cross-border acquisition by an Indian IT company.
 - The Chennai-based SSI Ltd. has tied-up with the Institute of
 Chartered Accountants of India to train Chartered Accountants
 and ICAI students every year on Information System Auditng and
 Computer Aided Auditing Techniques.
 - Chennai-based SSI Ltd. has launched NetCommex - a complete
 product suite for online commodities trading in the spot market.
 - Leading software education and IT solutions provider  SSI, which
 has completed a decade of operations, has unveiled its new logo with
 a brand vision `Raising the bar'
 -SSI Ltd and Sun Microsystems Inc have announced an education
 partnership to offer industry leading certification programs on Sun
 Java and Solaris. 
 --SSI Education,part of the company, ties up with the Chennai chapter
 of Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) to deliver a short
 term high-end training program on e-commerce to the students and
 corporate members of the institute. 
 -Transferred assets in the form of Intellectual Property Rights worth
 m (Rs 235 crore), from Albion Orion, a company that it had acquired
 in the US last year to itself
 - SSI Education, education provider in emerging software
 technologies, has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for its
 delivery of training on IT and related products and services to
 individuals and corporates.
 -Board Announces that Company has entered into an agreement with
 University of Madras by which students enrolled in SSI`s IMPACT and
 -Signed up an agreement with the Union Bank of India to provide loans
 to eligible students for pursuing IT education
 - Issued a notice  that it does not have any tie-up with SSI for its
 newly launched programmes.
 - SSI has struck a strategic `Education Alliance' with Oracle
 Software India to offer authorised training on Oracle foundation
 modules and Java J-Developer programs across all its operational
 centres in India.
 - SSI Ltd., the Chennai-based software company, is designing a
 trading platform for Nasdaq Japan and Nasdaq Europe.
 - The Company has entered into a tie-up with Sun Microsystems
 Inc, to offer certification programmes on Sun Java and Solaris.
 - Software education and software solutions provider, SSI, on
 june 14 decided to issue ADR/GDR stock options to its employees
 under a new employee equity option plan.
 -Prepays Rs 70 cr loan
 -Assessed at SEI CMM level 5, joins select list of 27 companies to
 have achieved this quality landmark
 -Promoters increase their equity holding in the company by 4.59 per
 cent to 24 per cent through the creeping acquisition route
 -The promoters of SSI Limited K S Aghoram, K S Ganesh, K S Suresh and
 Narashinga Rao have increased their stake in the company by purchasing
 shares from the open market, stake increased to 27.8%
 -Albion International, now part of SSIT North America, Inc., has been
 awarded a contract to build the Wyoming Family Assistance Management
 Information System (FAMIS). 
 -SSI Technologies, the software consulting and development division
 of SSI Ltd, has been successfully assessed for People Capability
 Maturity Model (P-CMM) Level 3- Version 1.0 of the Software
 Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.
 -Signed an agreement with the Computer Science Department and the
 University Industry Community Interaction Centre of the Madras
 University to offer a six-month information technology training
 programme, Certificate Course in IT Skills.
 -SSI Technologies, the consulting & software services division of SSI
 Ltd, has been appraised at Level 5 of the Capability Maturity Model
 Integrated for Software Engineering, Version 1.1, Staged
 Representation (CMMI-SW, V1.1 Staged).
 -SSI North America, a subsidiary of the company, has been awarded a
 contract to build the State of Minnesota HealthMatch eligibility
 -Acquires 20.30 % stake in Aptech Ltd., stake increased to 47.45% of
 Aptech Ltd.
 -Directors have considered and approved unanimously inter-alia to
 access the domestic and/or international Capital Markets to raise
 funds through issue of equity/convertible securities amounting to
 US million.
 -Decided to take the way of acquisition of tier-II companies for the
 software growth.
 - The existing capital of the company is increased from Rs
 25,00,00,000 divided into 2,50,00,000 Equity shares of Rs 10 each to
 Rs 50,00,00,000 divided into 5,00,00,000 Equity shares of Rs 10
 -Received letter from the Promoter Directors of the Company stating
 that they have acquired 1,54,612 Equity Shares of the Company in
 demat form from Mr. D. V. Narasingaro, who is also a Promoter
 Director of the Company. The details of the Promoter Directors are as
 1) Mr. K. S. Aghoram acquired 50,000 shares. 
 2) Mr. K. S. Ganesh acquired 54,612 shares. 
 3) Mr. Kalpathi S. Suresh acquired 50,000 shares.
 --Acquires 100% shareholding in the Bermuda based IndigoMarkets Ltd.
 Effective September 30, 2003, IndigoMarkets is a wholly owned
 subsidiary of SSI Ltd.
 -As part of its 'IT for masses programme', Computer Society of India
 (CSI), in association with IT training majors Aptech Computer
 Education and SSI Education, flagged off the 'India Akshar Mission'.
 This mass literacy mission aims to train over 2.5 lakh citizens
 across the country in basic computer skills over 2003-04.
 -Board is restructured and reduced to eight members. This follows the
 recent restructuring of SSI's business during which the company's
 education and training business was sold to Aptech Ltd, leaving SSI
 with one principle line of business, namely, consulting and software
 -Sells its Chennai development centre, Odyssey, for a consideration
 of Rs 97 crore to the Kalpathi family, promoters of the company.
 -BOD have unanimously decided to separate the Company's IT services
 -Signs agreement with Alhamrani Universal Company, part of the Saudi
 Arabia based Alhamrani Group of Companies, to be the exclusive
 business partner for marketing SSI's software services and products
 in Saudi Arabia. In turn, SSI will be the exclusive onsite and
 offshore development service provider for Alhamrani Universal.
 -Members approve sale and disposal of the Education and Training
 Business as a going concern to Aptech Ltd. with effect from April 1,
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted  From No. 34,
 Thirumalai Road, T Nagar, ChennaiTo 92-A, Dr. Allagappa Road,
 Purushawalkam, Chennai
 -PVP Ventures Ltd has informed that pursuant to the approval of the
 Board of Directors on June 30, 2008, the Company has decided to
 appoint M/s. Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd a Company having its
 registered office at 46, Avenue 4, Street No. 1, Road No. 10, Banjara
 Hills, Hyderabad - 500034 (KCPL), as the Registrar and Share Transfer
 Agent (RTA) of the Company effective from July 07, 2008.
 - Company name has been changed from SSI Ltd to PVP Ventures Ltd.
 - Mr. Deepak Nagori has been designated as the Chief Financial
 Officer of the Company.
 -Company has shifted its Corporate Office to the following
 address:PVP Ventures Ltd, Suite No, 1, Vatika Business Centre, 3rd
 Floor, NSL-Icon, Plot No. 1-4, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills,
 Hyderabad-500034, Phone: +91-40-44311111,Fax: +91-40-44311100.
 -Company has shifted its corporate office to the following
 premises:PVP Ventures Limited, 4th Floor, Punniah Plaza, Plot No.
 83&84, Road No.2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034. India, Phone:
 +91-40-67309999, Fax: +91-40-67309988.
 -G. S. V. Ranga has been appointed as the Company Secretary &
 Compliance Officer of the Company.
 -PVP Ventures has been informed board that  the Participation
 Agreement between PVP Ventures Limited and Football Sports
 Development Private Limited (an SPV formed by IMG Reliance,With the
 execution of this Agreement, now PVP Ventures Limited has become
 eligible to own a football team and participate in the football
 league being organized by Football Sports Development Private
 -Picturehouse Media Ltd. has been merged with PVP Global Ventures
 Private Ltd
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