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रघुनाथ इंटरनैशनल

बीएसई: 526813  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE753B01014  |  Cigarettes

कंपनी इतिहास - रघुनाथ इंटरनैशनल
Raghunath International Limited is a new company, incorporated as a
 public limited company under the companies act, 1956, on October 3,
 1994. The certificate of commencement of business was obtained on
 October 11, 1994.  The company has been promoted by Mr. Om Prakash
 Agarwal, Mr. Jai Prakash Agarwal, Mr. Sri Prakash Agarwal and Mr.
 Gopal Chand Gupta.  The promoters except Mr. Gopal Chand Gupta are
 related to each other and are in business since long.
 On October 11, 1994, the company entered into an agreement with Mr.
 Gopal Chand Gupta, the proprietor of Messrs. International Impex for
 taking over his concern at a consideration of Rs.1.54 lakh in terms
 of one of the main objects of the company.  The same was adjusted
 through the allotment of equity shares equivalent to the
 consideration amount to Mr. Gopal Chand Gupta. The said allotment was
 done on October 12, 1994.
 Messrs. International Impex was engaged in manufacturing pan masala
 with an installed capacity of 345.60 lakh pouches of 3 grams each per
 annum under the brand name 'SIR'.  Accordingly, after the take over
 Messrs. Raghunath International Limited, company became operational
 on October 12, 1994 with the aforesaid installed capacity of pan
 masala from the premises under the tenancy of Messrs. Raghunath
 Prasad Agrawal, a
 partnership firm belonging to the directors.  The company now intends
 not only to continue the existing manufacturing of pan masala but also
 to increase the capacity of the same besides diversifying into other
 products like gutka and mouth freshener. Towards this end the company
 is setting up altogether a new project at Kanpur Dehat.
 The project is scheduled to be implemented by March 31, 1995 and the
 commercial production is expected from April 1, 1995.  As per the
 schedule of implementation, the existing operations will be shifted
 to new premises at Kanpur Dehat.  Meanwhile the company has installed
 three new machines (forming part of this project) in the same premises
 where the existing operations of manufacturing pan masala under the
 brand name SIR are being carried on from.
 The total cost of the project has been estimated at Rs.500 lakh which
 is proposed to be financed fully through equity.  The promoters shall
 contribute Rs.255 lakh and the balance Rs.245 lakh shall be raised
 through the public issue.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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