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कंपनी इतिहास - रेफनॉल रेसिन
Refnol Resins And Chemicals Limited ( Refnol ) was incorporated on 1st
 December 1980 as a Private Limited Company as Refnol Oil Refineries
 Pvt. Ltd. and converted into a Public Limited Company vide Special
 Resolution dated 30th September 1994 and Certificate dated 26th
 October 1994 was obtained from Registrar of Companies, Maharastra,
 Bombay.The company forms part of the well known Mahendra Khatau group
 of Companies and is promoted by Shri Mahendra Khatau and Shri Anil
 Refnol commenced its commercial operations in 1981-82 by setting up a
 plant for re-refining of waste lubricating oils.  However, in 1987,
 the Company undertook a major diversification by commencing
 manufacture of textile sizing chemicals in technical collaboration
 with M/s. Seydel International Inc., Atlanta, U.S.A.  The sizing
 chemicals identified and produced by Refnol consist of a range at
 highly specialised items not commonly manufactured by many.
 Thus the company has a dominant market position with regards to these
 products.  These products are mostly sold through its associated
 concern, M/s.Indokem Ltd., to textile Mills and sizing units all over
 the country.  M/s Indokem Ltd. have over 40 years of experience in
 selling dyes and chemicals to the textile industry, and have a full
 fledged technical sales team for Refnol's sizing products which
 operate through their Head Office in Bombay and 7 branch offices
 located at various places all over the country.
 Since 1989, the company has also started manufacturing saturated/
 unsaturated polyester resins, which have diversified applications in
 fibre glass composites, cultured marble, etc.  The company has
 achieved noteworthy success on this front also, through persistent R
 & D activities.  The company also makes a range of saturated
 polyesters for powder coatings and plasticizers.  It has recently
 introduced a range of polyester polyurethane adhesives used in the
 fast growing field of flexible packaging,and a limited range of
 phenolic and epoxy resins, which like unsaturated polyesters are
 thermosets and find application in laminates, construction,
 adhesives, electronics etc.
 In the year 1993-94 the company expanded its capacity by adding
 certain equipments and creating additional infrastructural
 facilities.  To tap the export market, the company also went in for a
 renewal of its collaboration agreement with the existing collaborators
 by adding a range of new products in the same product family.  At
 present, about 50% of the exports are made to the collaborators of
 the company on a buy-back basis and the balance are on direct basis. 
 The company has added a large number of additional products to its
 product range in the category of textile sizing chemicals as well as
 resins.  This has effected a substantial increase in the value
 addition and has strengthened the product-mix of the company.
 The present project involves:
 * expansion for creation of further capacities.
 * process automation and modernisation for increase in the yield and
 * improving material handling and storage facilities.
 * creation of a systematic infrastructure for giving a boost to the
 export drive.
 * effective marketing of the company's products.
 The company has set up a subsidiary company in the name of Refnol
 Overseas Ltd., in Mauritius which will be used as a base for
 eventually setting up manufacturing facilities in the UAE and which
 would also act as the marketnig outlet for increasing exports.  Till
 date the Company has not faced any labour problems and there has been
 no closure.
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