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बीएसई: 532939  |  NSE: RPOWER  |  ISIN: INE614G01033  |  Power - Generation & Distribution

कंपनी इतिहास - रिलायंस पावर
Change in Name
 Dates                     Events relating to change of name
 January 17, 1995   Incorporated as Bawana Power Private Limited
 February 1, 1995    Name changed to Reliance Delhi Power Private
 Limited by 
                                 a special resolution of the members
 passed at the EGM
 February 3, 1995    Fresh certificate of incorporation consequent to
 the change 
                                 of name was granted
 January 23, 2004   Name changed to Reliance EGen Private Limited by a
                                  special resolution of the members
 passed at the EGM
 February 17, 2004   Fresh certificate of incorporation consequent to
 the change 
                                  of name was granted
 March 5, 2004         Name changed to Reliance Energy Generation
 Private Limited 
                                   by a special resolution of the
 members passed at the EGM
 March 10, 2004       Fresh certificate of incorporation consequent to
 the change of 
                                   name was granted
 March 19, 2004      Name changed to Reliance Energy Generation
 Limited following 
                                   the change of status from a private
 to a public company by a 
                                   special resolution of the members
 passed at the EGM
 March 31, 2004     Fresh certificate of incorporation consequent to
 the change of name
 July 4, 2007           Name changed to Reliance Power Limited by a
 special resolution of  
                                 the members passed at an EGM
 July 7, 2007           Fresh certificate of incorporation consequent
 to the change of name
 The aforesaid changes were made in the name to reflect the changing
 nature of the business 
 or the constitution of the company and/or to clearly reflect the
 nature of the business.
 Key Milestones
 Sr.      No. Date     Details
 1.    January 1995    The Company was originally incorporated as
 Bawana Power 
                                   Private Limited.
 2.    March 2004       The Company was converted to a public
 3     April, 2005         The Company entered into a MoU with the
 Government of 
                                    Maharashtra for setting up of
 thermal power plant of 1,200 MW 
                                    and a gas based power plant of
 2,800 MW at a suitable location. 
                                    The plant is now being set up at
 Shahapur in Raigad district
                                     of Maharashtra.
 4.    May 2005          Letter of Award for Urthing Sobla hydro power
 project awarded to 
 5.   September 2005   Letter of Award for Siyom project awarded to
 6.   September 2005   Letter of Award for Tato II project awarded to
 7.   April 2006             REL entered into a MoU for setting up a
 power plant of 300 MW at 
                                   Butibori in Nagpur district of
 8.   November 2006   The Company acquired RPSCL from Aditya Birla
 Power Supply 
                                    Company Limited which company is
 setting up 1,200 MW Coal 
                                    Based Power Plant at Rosa,
 Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
 9.   August 2007         The Company acquired SPL from Power Finance
                                      Limited, which is setting up
 3,960 MW pithead power plant at Sasan, 
                                      Madhya Pradesh.
 10. September 29,
         2007                   Amalgamation of RPUPL with the Company
 becomes effective.
 11. November 30,
        2007                    Letter of Award for Krishnapatnam UMPP
 awarded to Reliance Power
 -Reliance Power will offer 260 million shares through the IPO or 10.1
 per cent of the company's capital. The company aims to raise between
 Rs 105 billion and 115 billion (.6 billion to .9 billion) through
 the offering, which will be open for subscription from January 15 to
 January 18, investment bankers said. The shares will be offered in
 the Rs 405 to Rs 450 price band.
 - Reliance Power Ltd has informed that the Company has appointed
 Shri. J P Chalasani, former Whole-time Director (Business
 Development) of Reliance Energy Ltd as CEO of the Company.
 -The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 3:5.
 - Export-Import Bank of the US (Ex-Im) gave its preliminary approval
 to finance Reliance Power's 4,000-MW project in Sasan, Madhya
 - ADAG firm Reliance Power on May 28 acquired 433 MW of power
 generation assets from Group company Reliance Infrastructure for Rs
 1,095 crore in order to bring the entire power generation portfolio
 under one roof.
 - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Company, Reliance Power will target to
 put on track the 4,000-MW Chitrangi power project in Madhya Pradesh
 by October 2010. 
 - Reliance Power - Award of 30,000 MW BTG contract for coal based
 power plants
 - Reliance Power- Award of Letter of Intent (LOI) by NTPC Vidhyut
 Vyapar Nigam Limited 
 - Reliance Power - RNRL merger with RPower to take effect
 - Reliance Coal Resources Ltd, has entered into Share Purchase
 Agreements to acquire the entire share capital of two coal companies
 in Indonesia.
 - Reliance Power - Reliance Powered 4,000 MW Krishnapatnam UMPP
 achieves financial closure.
 - Reliance Power, Anil Ambani Group firm, has awarded a Rs 10,000
 crore equipment order to 
 GE Energy India. 
 - Madhya Pradesh Government asked Reliance Power to signed PPA latest
 by July end.
 - Reliance Power - Reliance Powerered 3,960 MW Krishnapatnam Ultra
 Mega Power Project 
 -  Reliance Power - Reliance Powerered 4,000 MW Sasan Power Project
 in Madhya Pradesh, gets approval for carbon credits
 - Anil Ambani's Reliance Power Ltd (RPower) announced its first ever
 operating revenue from power generating assets for the year 2010-11
 which has pushed up company's profit by 11 percent to Rs. 760.4
 - Reliance Power project achieved 105% generation capacity
 - In order to fulfill the power requirement for the upcoming 100 mw
 solar power project of Reliance Power in Jaisalmer Rajasthan, the
 company is belived to sign the power purchase agreement with the
 state-owned NTPC.
 - A power purchase agreement has been signed by Reliance Power with
 NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam for a 100-Mw solar thermal power project in
 the Bikaner region in Rajasthan.
 - Europe's largest oil company, Royal Dutch Shell has joined hands
 with India's Reliance Power (RPower) to jointly develop a liquefied
 natural gas (LNG) import terminal off the coast of Kakinada in Andhra
 Pradesh by 2014.
 - Reliance Power signed MoU with Ming Yang Holdings Singapore, a
 subsidiary of China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited to boost power
 operations in India, overseas.
 - Reliance Power - Reliance Power entered into a Strategic
 Partnership with China Datang
 - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani-led Reliance Power Ltd said that rating
 agency ICRA Ltd has provided the company with a revised rating to
 (ICRA) A1 for its Rs 1000 crore commercial paper program.
 - Reliance Power - Reliance Power started Power Generation from the
 second unit of its 600MW Butibori Thermal Power Plant in
 -Reliance Power signs exclusive Memorandum of Understanding to
 acquire 100% of entire Hydro Power Portfolio of Jaiprakash Power
 -Reliance has informed board that Boiler Lightup achieved for Third
 660 MW unit of 3,960 MW Sasan Ultra Mega Power Plant.
 -Reliance Power Ltd - The company's 3,960 MW Sasan thermal power
 plant has been fully commissioned
 -Reliance Power Signs MOU with Government of Bangladesh to Develop
 3,000 MW of Power Capacity
 - Govt of Bangladesh Approves First Phase of Reliance Powers
 - Sasan UMPP achieves 100% Plant Load Factor in April
 - Coal Min Grants Permission To Sasan UMPP To Produce Additional
 - CERC Approves Change in Law Petition of Sasan UMPP
 - MoU with Petro Bangla
 - APTEL allows fuel cost pass-through for Butibori Plant
 - LNG Based Combined Cycle Power plant and LNG Terminal Project in
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