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बीएसई: 512634  |  NSE: SAVERA  |  ISIN: INE104E01014  |  Hotels

कंपनी इतिहास - सवेरा होटल्स
Savera Enterprises Limited (SEL) was incorporated as a Private Limited
 Company under the Companies Act, 1956 on November 17, 1969 under the
 name of 'Savera Hotels Private Limited'.  The name of the Company was
 changed to the present one on September 21, 1976 and a fresh
 of incorporation was obtained from the Registrar of Companies, Tamil
 Nadu.  Subsequently, the Company became a Deemed Public Company under
 the provisions of section 43A of the Companies Act, 1956, with effect
 from April 1, 1982 following which the word Private was deleted in
 Certificate of Incorporation.
 Pursuant to its objects, the Company is engaged in the running &
 management of Savera Hotel, a four star hotel, located in Madras.
 The Company was originally set up as a partnership firm in 1965 when
 the promoters, Mr. A. Venkatakrishna Reddy, Mr. M. Ramaraghava Reddy
 and Mr. A. Shyamasundara Reddy joined hands to set up and run a
 hotel.  The promoters with considerable experience in the real estate
 and hotel
 business acquired land admeasuring approximately 5000 square metres
 in Mylapore, a prime locality in Madras, to put up Hotel Savera, a
 hotel with 20 rooms and a restaurant.  The hotel with its prime
 location served as a major centre of attraction for the travelers
 resulting in a
 continuous rise in the number of tourists visiting the hotel.
 In 1969, the promoters also set up a Company under the name 'Savera
 Hotels Private Limited' to meet the needs of their growing business,
 also keeping in view the long term perspective of the hotel industry.
  In 1971, the partnership concern sold 1 757 square metres of its land
 Savera Hotels Private Limited which subsequently also acquired 4684
 square metres of land around the original hotel.
 In 1972, 125 rooms were added to the hotel and the original 20 rooms
 were converted to build the hotel office and conference rooms.  In
 fact, when the company started operations in 1972, accessories like
 the swimming pool were already constructed, an idea which was not
 common with the hotel industry in Madras city then.
 Since then, Savera Hotel has not looked back and has given
 considerable thought and attention to renovation and additions to
 amenities like Minar Restaurant, an exclusive restaurant serving
 Moghlai food which was added in 1975;
 Pallavi Theatre, a fully equipped auditorium with complete audio
 visual facilities and a 35mm projector commissioned in 1978; closed
 circuit television sets provided in all the 125 rooms of the hotel in
 1982; a completely renovated permit room called Bamboo Bar, which was
 shifted from the basement to the ground floor in 1985; keeping in
 mind the
 shift of the customers from the use of auditoriums to compact
 conference halls, the Pallavi Theater, completely renovated and
 converted into a conference hall in 1991; and Sweet Touch, a pastry
 shop was also started in 1992.
 The partnership concern and the Company existed concurrently till
 1985, whence the partnership was dissolved and Savera Enterprises
 Limited took over all the assets of the partnership concern.  The
 same was done with
 the objective of enjoying the benefits of the economies of scale
 arising out of the consolidated business.
 On the financial front, the Company has consolidated its business
 with every passing year which is reflected in the growth of its
 turnover from Rs. 275.57 lacs in 1990 to Rs. 688.56 lacs in 1994. 
 Profits have also moved up in tandem with the turnover from Rs. 45.82
 lacs in 1990 to Rs. 154.09 lacs in 1994.  The Equity Capital as at
 March 31, 1994
 stood at Rs. 93.00 lacs.  Subsequent to which, the Company issued
 35,34,0000 Bonus shares to the Promoters by capitalising Free
 Reserves to the extent of Rs. 100.00 lacs and Revaluation Reserves to
 the extent of Rs. 253.40 lacs, as result of which the share capital
 increased to Rs. 446.40 lacs.
 -Mr. A Ravikumar Reddy appointed as Managing Director of the company
 with effect from 01/02/2004 for 5 years
 -Savera Industries Ltd has appointed Ms. A Nivruthi, as an Additional
 Director of the Company with effect from January 31, 2007 who hold
 office till the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Company.
 -Company name has been changed from Savera Hotels Ltd to Savera
 Industries Ltd.
 -Savera Industries has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 - Mr. N.S.Mohan has been appointed as Company Secretary cum Chief
 Financial Officer.
 - Savera Industries Ltd has recommended a dividend of Rs. 1.20/- per
 Equity Share of the face value of Rs.10/- each
 - Savera Industries Ltd has recommended a dividend of Rs. 1.20 per
 equity share
 - Savera Industries Ltd has  recommended a dividend of Rs. 1.20 per
 equity share of the Company.
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