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शॉपर्स स्टॉप

बीएसई: 532638  |  NSE: SHOPERSTOP  |  ISIN: INE498B01024  |  Retail

कंपनी इतिहास - शॉपर्स स्टॉप
Incorporated as a private limited company on June 16, 1997, we beacme
 deemed public limited company on December 8, 1997. Pursuant to an
 amendment to the Companies Act in the year 2000, our Company was
 converted from a deemed public company to a full fledged public
 with effect from October 6, 2003.
 Prior to incorporation two of our existing stores at Mumbai and
 Bangalore were run by a division of Ivory Properties & Hotels
 (IPHL) under the brand named Shoppers' Stop. Soon after our
 incorporation, IPHL executed a conducting agreement with us dated
 November 3, 1997 giving us a right to participate in running the
 departmental stores which included the right to use (i) the Mumbai
 Shopper's Stop property (ii) the Bangalore Shoppers' Stop property
 (iii) the agreements and arrangements with various parties relating
 purchases, sales, franchises and co-sponsorship (iv) the brands
 developed (v) the diverse modes of rendering services to the
 (vi) the data bank of Shopper's Stop, the membership of the First
 citizen's Club etc; (vii) the software, various systems and training
 programmes (viii)books and cassettes providing knowledge for retail
 trade, (ix) the business sport systems and (x) the names of the
 and logos of the stores.
 This agreement was terminated and a fresh Conducting Agreement was
 executed with IPHL dated March 31, 2000.
 IPHL signed a Deed of Assignment dated March 31, 2000 with us for
 transferring the ownership of certain trademarks, trade names,
 and brand names in our favour known as SHOPPER' STOP (label), STUDIO
 KRT (label), STOP (label with color schemes)STOP(device),
 label) BLUES BIZAAR (word & complete label) i(in-house brand),
 i(in-house brand), B (in-house brand).
 Out of the various trademarks under which we presently market our
 in-house products only six are registered in our name.  Three of the
 trademarks we presently market some of our in-house products are
 registered in the name of our Promoter, Ivory Properties and Hotels
 Pvt. Ltd. and applications are yet to be made to register them in
 name of our Company.  For the rest, applications for the
 of these trademarks in the name of our Company have been submitted
 the relevant trademark authorities and are still pending with them.
 We initially acquired 790 equity shares of Rs 100 each in UTL from
 of the existing shareholders and increased our stake in the company
 1265 Equity Shares (25.3% of the equity capital) on March 23, 1999 at
 purchase price of Rs.100 per share. UTL was a trading company, and
 one of our suppliers for garments and accessories. We enhanced our
 stake in UTL to 100% in February 2000.
 UTL has discontinued its trading operations from January 2003. UTL
 handles our distribution and logistic function since February 2000
 now operates through four distribution centers located in Mumbai,
 Bangalore, New Delhi and Kolkata.
 Shoppers' Stop Services (India) Ltd was incorporated as our wholly
 owned subsidiary in March 2000 to provide shared services and
 consultation, in accounting and logistics operations. Currently,
 subsidiary has limited operations.
 Shoppers' Stop.Com (India) Ltd was incorporated in February 2000 as
 wholly owned subsidiary to provide on-line shopping facilities to
 customers. As this venture did not yield desired results, its
 operations were discontinued in February 2001.
 Profound Readers' Choice Trading (India) Ltd was incorporated in
 November 1999 as our subsidiary and acquired `Crossword', a chain of
 books and music stores, from India Book House Ltd (IBHL) under
 trademark and style of Crossword, as a going concern by way of slump
 sale on March 31, 2000. The Crossword Division from IBHL was
 at a purchase consideration of Rs.137.5 mn for the whole of the
 acquired business undertaking. The Deeds of Assignment between IBHL
 Profound Readers' Choice Trading (India) Ltd were signed on March
 2000 & July 5, 2000 for assignment of trademarks of Crossword.
 Profound Readers' Choice Trading (India) Ltd changed its name to
 Crossword Bookstores Ltd (Crossword) and has ICICI Trusteeship
 Ltd a/c ICICI Emerging Sectors Fund as it's equity investor holding
 of its equity, and is governed by a separate shareholders'
 Milestones of Our Business
 Year   Events
 1991   IPHL opened its first Shoppers' Stop store selling men's wear
        at Andheri (Mumbai)                       
 1992   Ladies section added
 1993   Children and non apparel accessories sections added
        Disney carnival organized, with official  Disney characters 
        (Mickey, Minnie,  Donald and Goofy) participating, In
        house Retail Management Trainee Programme started
 1994   First Citizen Club loyalty card launched
 1995   Second store opened (Bangalore)
 1996   Festival of Britain celebrated in association with the 
        Commercial Department of the British Consulate         
 1997   Shopper's Stop Limited was incorporated on June 16
 1997   Festival of Indian tradition and culture,`Parikrama',
        Co-branded credit card launched for FCC members in 
        partnership with HSBC                            
 1998   Third store opened (Hyderabad), the then largest with 
        72,287 sq. ft of retail area SSL co-opted as India's only 
        member to the Intercontinental Group ot Department Stores
 1999   Implemented JDA Retail ERP (a global leader in retail 
        ERP packages)                              
        Fourth and Fifth stores launched (Jaipur & Delhi)
 2000   Sixth & Seventh stores opened (Chennai & Chembur, Mumbai)
        Placed equity with external investors to raise Rs 600 mn
        Acquired Crossword, one of India's leading book retailing
        from India Book House in partnership with ICICI Trusteeship 
        Services Limited (A/c ICICI Emerging Sectors Fund)
 2001   Implemented Warehousing Module of JDA, Auto Replenishment and
        Auto Purchase Order system and business to business
        Eight and Ninth store launched (Pune & Bandra, Mumbai)
        Profit Linked Reward System (PLRS) introduced (or all
 2002   Tenth store opened (Kandivali, Mumbai)
 2003   Received various industry awards from CMAI (including Best 
        Retailer of the Year) and from Nasscom (Best IT
        Practice in Retail Category)
        Signed Austin Reed licence for men's outerwear for India 
        Three stores launched taking the total number of stores to 
        13 (Mulund,  Mumbai, Gurgaon and Kolkata)     
 2004   Fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth stores launched in 
        February 2004 (Malad, Mumbai), June 2004 (Salt Lake City,
        Kolkatta) and October 2004 (Bangeratta Bangalore) respectively
        taking total retail area to 752,848 sq ft    
        Received Superbrand status for 2003 and 2004
        Received Images Retail award for the Most favoured retail 
        destination of the year - September, 2004      
        Received the Organization With Innovative HR Practices 
        award at the HR Excellence Awards organized by Mid-Day, Big 
        Break & Daks - November 2004
        Reveived Top retailer 2004 India Bronze award given by Retail
        Asia-Pacific Top 500 awards
 Auditor Qualifications': Statutory Auditor Deloitte Haskins & Sells
 vide its report dated February 23, 2005 has mentioned the following
 qualification in respect of operations of Upasna Trading Limited
 is being reproduced from their report as follows:
 (i) The operations of Upasna, a 100% subsidiary of SSL are entirely
 dependent on SSL and SSL is committed to provide the necessary level
 financial support to Upasna to enable it to operate and pay its
 if required. We are informed that management plans to enhance
 role in the distribution and logistics operations of group companies
 and it will therefore be able to repay SSL's dues in the near
 Of the Rs.39.30 million and Rs.39.84 million outstanding as at 30
 November 2004 and 31 March 2004 respectively, Rs.26.42 million and
 Rs.25.30 milion respectively, had been advanced to meet certain
 disputed liabilities which have been paid by Upasna under protest
 SSL has correspondingly included such amounts under contingent
 liabilities, [see note 2 in Annexure III (a)]. In respect of the
 balance of Rs. 12.88 million and Rs. 14.54 million respectively,
 the impact of non-recovery, if any, cannot be quantified the Summary
 Statements [Annexures I (a) and II (a)] have not been adjusted.
 For further details, please refer to section Consolidated Financial
 Information in this Red Herring Prospectus.
 Our corporate structure:
 Our existing corporate structure is as under:
                          Shopper's Stop Ltd
 Crossword       Upasna        Shopper's Stop.Com  Shopper's Stop 
 Bookstores Ltd. Trading Ltd.  (India) Ltd.        Services (India)
 51%*               100%                100%              100%
 * An agreement dated February 28, 2005 has been entered into between
 Shoppers Stop, ICICI Trusteeship Services Ltd. (in its capacity as
 trustee of ICICI Emerging Sectors Fund a scheme of ICICI Emerging
 Sectors Trust/Mutual Fund) (hereinafter ICICI) and Crossword
 Bookstores Limited. Pursuant to the provisions of the said agreement
 our Company has agreed to purchase 4685625 equity shares of
 from ICICI not later than June 30, 2005. Pursuant to clause 4 of the
 said agreement in the event that the sale and purchase of the
 abovmentioned shares is not completed by June 30, 2005 (unless
 otherwise extended by mutual consent) the said agreement shall
 terminate and cease to have effect.
 -Shoppers' Shop has fixed the price band for its maiden public offer
 of 69.46 lakh shares between Rs 210 and Rs 250 per share. The issue
 is slated to open on April 27 and close on May 3. This price band
 allows the company to raise a maximum of Rs 173 crore. Post-issue,
 the promoters' stake would touch around 67 per cent from the existing
 79.75 per cent holding. The book-running lead managers are Enam
 Financial Consultants Pvt Ltd, JM Morgan Stanley Pvt Ltd, Kotak
 Mahindra Capital Company Ltd, ICICI Securities Ltd and co-book
 running manager is IL&FS Investmart Ltd.
 -The IPO of Shopper's Stop is oversubscribed by 5.3 times on the
 first day of the offer, with bids received for 3.04 crore shares as
 against 57.6 lakh shares on offer in the price band of Rs 210 to Rs
 - The Shoppers' Stop IPO, which began on April 28 and closed on May
 4, is subscribed 8.6 times.
 - Shoppers' Stop scrip made a sparkling debut on the bourses on May
 23. The counter closed at Rs 372.60 on the Bombay Stock Exchange
 (BSE), 56.60 per cent higher than its issue price of Rs 238. The
 counter opened at Rs 335 on the BSE  a 40.9 per cent premium over the
 issue price.
 -Shoppers Stop enters into franchisee agreement with Mothercare PLC,
 -Shoppers' Stop sets up new outlet in Bangalore.
 -Shoppers Stop & Nuance Group signs an MoU for setting up JV to enter
 the Duty Free retail market at Indian Airports.
 -The Company has opened its 21st Store at Lucknow on December 22,
 -The Bangalore International Airport has awarded the Company the
 concession to operate retail at both the International and domestic
 terminals at the Greenfield Bangalore International Airport.
 -The Company and HyperCity Retail (India) Pvt Ltd have jointly signed
 a Memorandum of Understanding with Home Retail Group of United
 Kingdom, to develop the Argos format of catalogue retailing in India
 with exclusive franchise from them.
 -The Company has opened its 22nd Store at Noida today (April 27,
 -The Company has opened its 24th Store at Rajouri, New Delhi on July
 06, 2007.
 -Gateway Multichannel Retail (India) Ltd, the subsidiary of the
 company has opened its first store 'Hypercity Argos' at Thane.
 -The Company on January 31, 2008 has opened one 'Crossword' Store at
 -The Company has opened Stop & Go format store at Hyderabad
 International Airport. With the opening of this store, the Company
 has 2(two) Stop & Go stores under its operation.
 -The Company has opened its 4th HomeStop store at Inorbit Mall,
 Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
 -The Company has opened Brio at Inorbit Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai and
 Clinique at Inorbit Mall, Malad. Further the Company has informed
 that it has opened one Crossword store at Suncity, Jaipur.
 -The Company has opened one M.A.C, store at Shopper's Stop - Noida.
 -The Company has opened one Clinique store at Palladium, High Street
 Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
 -Crossword franchisee store has been opened at Bangalore, one
 Crossword store at Shopper's Stop, Hi-Tech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad
 has been opened by the Company.
 -The Company has opened one M.A.C. store at DLF Promenade Mall in
 -Crossword store at Hypercity, Thane has been opened by the Company.
 -Company has opened Shoppers Stop store at Amritsar.
 -One Crossword store at Bengaluru, One Crossword store at Hypercity -
 Amritsar; and One Crossword franchisee store at Pune has been opened
 by the Company.
 -Company has opened 'Shoppers Stop' store at Aurangabad.
 -Company has changed its name from  Shopper's Stop Ltd. to Shoppers
 Stop Ltd.                                                         
 -Crossword store at Oberoi Westin, Mumbai has been opened by the
 wholly owned subsidiary Crossword Bookstores Ltd.
 -The Company has been awarded the Customer and Brand Loyalty Award -
 Retail Sector at the 4th Loyality Awards.
 - The Company has been awarded with Most Respected Company in the
 Retail Sector by Business World's Most Respected Companies Awards.
 -The Company has been awarded a VMRD Retail Design Awards 2011 -
 Merit Certificate.
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 5
 -The Company has opened Shoppers Stop store at Spaze Mall, Gurgaon.
 -One 'Crossword' store at Mindspace, Hyderabad has been opened by the
 Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Crossword Booksotres Ltd.
 -Shoppers Stop - Rohini store has received VMRD Retail Design
 -The Company has opened one Clinique door at 1 M. G. Road Mall,
 -The Company has opened one M.A.C door at Inorbit Malls, Cyberabad -
 -National Education & Human Resource Development Organization has
 awarded Top Class Brand Award 2012 - 2013 to the Company. Mr. Govind
 Shrikhande - Managing Director of the Company has been awarded with
 Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award.
 -The Company has opened Shoppers Stop store at OMaxe SRK Mall, Agra,
 Surat, Viviana Mall, Thane
 -Shoppers Stop - 2nd International Best Practice Competition 2013
 -The Company has opened one Clinique door at Market City Mall,
 Chennai, Whitefield, Bangalore. Hyderabad, Jaipur Chandigarh
 -The Companys store located at Inorbit Mall, Vashi has been conferred
 with BEST ANCHOR STORE award, consecutively for the 5th year in
 -Shoppers Stop - Opening Estee Lauder door
 -The Company has been conferred with Best Online Retailer of the Year
 (Department Store) 
 -The Company is recipient of following awards at POP - Instore Asia
 and Visual Merchandising & Retail Design Awards 2013.
 - Company has been chosen as Indias Most Respected Retail Company by
 Business World Magazine.
 -Shoppers Stop named as Best Supply Chain Company in Retail Vertical
 -Shopper & 39 s Stop to invest Rs 125 cr on expansion in Financial
 year 2013
 -Shoppers Stop, has won Best Employer Brand Award at the 5th Asia
 Best Employer Brand Awards ceremony held at Singapore.
 -The Company has opened Shoppers Stop store at CG Road, Ahmedabad,
 -Shoppers Stop has been selected as part of the 100 MOST VALUABLE
 BRANDS OF THE YEAR 2014 World Consulting & Research Corporation
 (WCRC) and KPMG.
 -The Company has opened M.A.C door at Phoenix Market City in Pune.
 -Shoppers Stop has been selected as a SUPERBRAND in India.
 -Crossword opens 2 franchisee stores at Bilaspur
 -Customer Choice Loyalty Programme Awards
 -Best Loyalty Programme in the Retail Sector
 -Direct Marketing Campaign of the Year
 -Best use of Social Media to Enhance Loyalty
 -'Hypercity Discovery Club' of Hypercity Retail (India) Limited, the
 Company's Subsidiary Company, has been conferred with the award for
 the Best Promotional / Shopper Marketing Campaign.
 -Shoppers Stop Ltd  awarded the 25th Rank in the Great Places To Work
 in Asia
 -Shoppers Stop Ltd  has been awarded Economic Times - Excellence In
 Supply Chain & Logistics Award
 -Shoppers Stop Ltd  Hypercity Retail (India) Limited, the Company's
 Subsidiary Company has won 5 awards selected by the Jury for National
 Award for Excellence in Training & Development and National Talent
 Management Leadership Awards.
 -Shoppers Stop wins Quality Excellence Award
 -Most Admired Retailer of the year
 -The Company has opened M.A.C door at Forum Mall, Hyderabad
 -Shoppers Stop won award from Business World Magazine
 -Shoppers Stop opens new store in Bengaluru
 - The Company has opened M.A.C door at DLF Mall of India, Noida
 -The Company has opened one M.A.C door and one Clinique door at
 Mumbai International Airport at T2-Domestic Departures
 Shoppers Stop Ltd has Bobbi Brown store at Inorbit Mall - Malad,
 -  The Company has opened Bobbi Brown store at Market City - Pune.
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