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बीएसई: 500387  |  NSE: SHREECEM  |  ISIN: INE070A01015  |  Cement - Major

कंपनी इतिहास - श्री सीमेंट्स
YEAR                       EVENTS
 1979 - The Company was incorporated on 25th October, at Jaipur. The 
 Company was promoted by members of the Bangur family and others.
 Shree Digvijay Cement Co. Ltd., Graphite India, Ltd. and Fort Gloster
 Industries, Ltd. took active part in the promotion of theCompany.  The
 Company manufacture's cement & cement products.
 - To reduce fuel and power consumption, the Company adopted the
 latest dry process, four stage preheater precalcination technology of
 clinkerisation and air swept roller mill grinding system for raw
 material and coal grinding.
 - The Company entered into agreement with F.L. Smidth & Co. A/s.
 Copenhagen, a designer and manufacture of cement plants,
 itsassociates F.L. Smidth & Cia.  Espanola S.A., Madrid and
 withLarsen & Toubro Ltd., Mumbai for the supply of plant equipment
 and services for the proposed project.
 1984 - 70 No. of equity shares subscribed for by the signatories to
 the Memorandum of Association.  In Oct./Nov. 1,53,99,930 No. of
 equity shares issued of which 1,06,99,930 shares reserved for firm
 allotment as follows:
 - (i) 48,00,000 shares to Shree Digvijay Cement Co. Ltd.;
 - (ii) 11,00,000 shares each to Graphite India, Ltd. and Fort Gloster
 Industries, Ltd. and
 - (iii) 36,99,930 shares to Directors, their friends etc. including
 upto 25,00,000 shares to NRIs with repatriation rights.  The balance
 47,00,000 shares offered to the public of which 18,80,000
 shares offered for allotment on preferential basis to Non-Residents.
 1985 - Commercial production commenced from 1st May.
 1986 - A diesel generating set of 13.6 MW was installed for captive
 power generation.
 1987 - 46,00,000 shares issued to financial institutions in
 conversion of loans.
 1991 - Production of clinker and cement declined due to a major shut
 down of the plant for implementation of
 modernisation/renovation/modification work.
 - The Company undertook to set up a new cement plant of 0.6 million
 TPA capacity in Rajasthan.
 - 7,96,000 No. of Equity shares issued to financial institution
 inconversion of loan.
 1992 - 36,00,000 shares allotted to FLT Ltd. a wholly owned
 subsidiary of P.L. Smith & Co. Denmark under financial collaboration
 1993 - The Company undertook a scheme of implementing second stage of
 its licensed capacity to increase its capacity to 3300 tonnes per
 - The Company issued 21975 - 16% each with equity warrants and these
 will be converted as per institutional guidelines.
 - 2,40,021 shares issued in pursuance of scheme of Amalgamation.
 1994 - The Company issued 10,00,000-16% Secured Redeemable NCD of Rs
 100 each on private placement basis.
 - A scheme of amalgamation of an existing leasing and finance Company
 with the Company was prepared for undertaking leasing activities and
 other financial services on large scale.
 - M/s. Mannakrishna Investment, Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Company.
 1995 - The Company undertook the implementation of new unit of 124 MT
 capacity per annum named Raj Cement.
 - 43,95,000 No. of Equity shares on surrender of detachable optional
 share warrants attached with 16% unsubscribed non-Convertible
 Debentures of 100 each.
 1996 - The Company commissioned its second cement plant - Raj Cement
 with a capacity of 12.4 lakh tonnes per annum in Beawar.
 - 58,06,204 rights shares issued (prem. Rs 10 per share) in the prop.
 1998 - Shree Cement, the Calcutta-based PD-BG Bangur group company,
 has decided to issue preference shares aggregating Rs 15 crore to
 mobilise long-term funds.
 - Shree Cement's expansion in capacity by 12.4 lakh tonnes at the new
 unit in Reawar, has made it a leading cement manufacturer in North
 - ICRA has downgraded the rating of the NCD programme of Shree Cement
 Ltd (SCL) from LAA to LA.
 - The Rs 372-crore 1.25 million tonne cement plant near Ajmer was
 commissioned during the year after considerable delay due to an
 explosion in the electro-static precipitator.
 - Shree Cements has an installed capacity to produce up to two
 million tonnes of cement per annum in Rajasthan and has an equity
 capital of about Rs. 34 crores.
 1999 - The company has been awarded the first prize for energy
 conservation in 1998 in the cement sector.
 - SCL, belonging to the house of Bangurs, is one of the largest
 cement manufacturers in North India, having the installed capacity of
 2 million tonnes.  Its plants are located in Rajasthan.  The new plant
 was set up at Beawar with the capacity of 1.24 million tpa in
 -Unit I and Unit II of the company receives National Award for 'Best
 Electrical Energy Performance' and 'Best Thermal Energy Performance'
 in the Cement Industry for the year 2000-01
 -Decides to change the Accounting year to April - March each year and
 accordingly the current year is only for nine months.
 -Appoints Mr M K Singhi as the Executive Director of Shree Cements.
 -In pursuance to the IDBI, company approve for early redemption of
 privately placed under noted cummulative redeemable preference
 -Change in Management Structure:
 Mr B G Bangur re-appointed as executive chairman and Shri H M Bangur
 re-appointed as the Managing Director for a period of five years.
 -Members approve for the delisting of its shares from 4 stock
 exchanges of Jaipur, Kolkota, Delhi and Chennai exchanges.
 -Confers the Runner up National Safety Award by the Ministry of
 Labour,GOI, in recognition of outstanding performance in Industrial
 Safety achieving longest accident free period.
 -Receives permission for delisting of shares from Delhi Stock
 -The company has been conferred National Award for Excellence in
 Energy Management 2003 instituted by the Confederation of Indian
 Industry (CII) and Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre.
 -Delisting of equity shares from Madras Stock Exchange Association
 -Company conferred 'BEST PRODUCITY AWARD-2003' by the Rajasthan State
 Productivity Council in recognition of productivity measures and
 productivity improvements achieved
 - Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Jaipur presents 'RCCI
 Excellence Award' to Shree Cement Ltd in recognition of Overall Best
 Corporate Governance Practices and Disclosures in Annual Report among
 all companies having registered office in Rajasthan.
 -Delist from The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd (CSE).
 -Shree Cement commissions 6 MW captive Thermal Power Plant at
 -Shree Cement bags TERI corporate award
 -CII Energy Excellence Management Award 2005
 -Launch of Bangur Cement in Feb 2005
 -Shree Cement - Best Corporate Governance Award by RCC
 -- Shree Cement Ltd has appointed Shri. Amitabha Ghosh as Director of
 the Company w.e.f. May 14, 2007.
 -Shree Cement bags National Awards for excellence in water Management
 -Shree Cement - RCCI Excellence Award
 -Launch of Tuff Cemento 3556 in March 2007.
 -National awards for Excellence in Water Management as Water
 efficient Unit by CII, 2007.
 -The Company has commissioned an additional clinker capacity of 1 mn
 -World Economic Forum (WEF), Switzerland has identified the Company
 as New Sustainability Champion.
 -The Company has recommended final Dividend @ Rs. 8 per share.
 -The Company  has recommended final Dividend @ Rs. 8 per share.
 - Shree Cement is one of the largest cement manufacturer in Northern
 India with annual capacity of 135 lac tons.
 - Shree Cement - Mother Teresa Award for Corporate Citizen 2012 n
 recognition of various Samaj Seva Work one for nearby community.
 - The Company has been conferred the Nirmata Rajya Mitra Award by
 Commercial Taxes Department, Government of Rajasthan for highest tax
 - The Company has won the Social and Corporate Governance Award for
 Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices. 
 - The company has received the Golden Peacock Business Excellence
 Award for its quality of leadership and governance, innovation and
 - The Company has lighted up its Clinker Manufacturing Unit having
 capacity of 6000 Ton per day (TPD) at Bangur City, Ras in Pali Distt
 of Rajasthan.
 - The company as part of its Samaj Sewa (CSR) initiative, has created
 a history by organizing a massive Blood Donation Camp.
 - Shree Cement inaugurates new unit  of 2.0 Million Tons Per Annum
 (MTRA) capacity at Bangur City, Ras, District Pali, Rajasthan.
 - Shree Cement - Commissioning of Grinding Unit of 2.0 Million Tons
 Per Annum (MTPA) capacity at Aurangabad in Bihar.
 -  Company has started the commercial production of its Grinding
 - Shree Cement - Execution of Business Transfer Agreement with
 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. situated at Panipat, Haryana and
 Competition Commission of India (CCI) has passed Approval for
 proposed Combination.
 -Shree Cement Ltd has commissioned Cement Mill Section of 2.60
 Million Tons Per Annum (MTPA) Capacity at Baloda Bazar near Raipur in
 -Shree Cement Ltd has completed the phase-2 of Ras New Cement Unit at
 Rajasthan and enhanced its Cement Production Capacity by 2.00 MTPA .
 -Shree Cement has completed the acquisition of MTPA cement grinding
 unit of Jaiprakash Associates for an aggregate consideration of Rs.
 358.22 Crores
 -Shree Cement Ltd has commissioned Clinker manufacturing unit of 1.50
 Million Tons Per Annum (MTPA) Capacity at Baloda Bazar near Raipur in
 -Shree Cement - Commissioning of Grinding Unit at Bulandshahr in
 Uttar Pradesh
 -Shree Cement secures first non-coal mining lease in Chhattisgarh
 -Shree Cement gets 5-star ranking for its cement plants
 -Shree Cement bags coal linkage for its Chhattisgarh cement plant
 - Shree Cement to invest Rs 1,000 cr in eastern India. Company as
 undertaken construction of two greenfield projects one in  West
 Bengal ans Swcond one near Cuttack in Odisha.
 -  Company has participated in the auction for coal linkage of Coal
 India Limited (SECL) for Captive Power Plant sub-sector and won the 
 coal linkages in the State of Chhattisgarh. 
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