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बीएसई: 532945  |  NSE: SHRIRAMEPC  |  ISIN: INE964H01014  |  Engineering - Heavy

कंपनी इतिहास - श्रीराम ईपीसी
Our Company was incorporated on June 12, 2000
 for the purpose of carrying on the business of 
 engineering, procurement and construction. 
 Pursuant to the provisions of Section 391 to 394 of
 the Companies Act and pursuant to an order of the 
 High Court of Madras dated July 22, 2005, Shriram 
 Engineering Construction Company Limited was merged 
 with our Company with effect from April 1, 2004,
 since both companies were in the same line of business
 namely, construction engineering. Shriram Engineering 
 Construction Company Private Limited was originally 
 incorporated as Shriram Construction Company Private 
 Limited on June 3, 1982.The name of the company was 
 subsequently changed to Shriram Engineering Construction 
 Company Private Limited on April 24, 1991.
 On February 1, 1993, an agreement was entered into 
 between Shriram Engineering Construction Company Limited 
 and Hytech Cooling Towers Private Limited, whereby 
 Hytech Cooling Towers Private Limited granted an exclusive 
 license of the technical know-how relating to the manufacture 
 of complete range of cooling towers with a right 
 to use its trade name to Shriram Engineering Construction 
 Company Limited.In September 1995,Shriram Engineering 
 Construction Company Limited transferred the said Hytech 
 Cooling Tower division to Shriram Cooling Towers Limited. 
 Shriram Cooling Tower Limiteds name was subsequently 
 changed to Shriram Tower Tech Limited on November 22, 1995. 
 Our Company, on January 12, 2004 (as amended on March 8, 2004), 
 entered into a Business Transfer Agreement with Shriram 
 Tower Tech Limited for the purchase of its entire cooling 
 towers business along with the technical know-how, the technical
 people and the infrastructure facilities of Shriram Tower Tech 
 In December 2004, our Company entered into a joint operation
 agreement with Hamon Thermopack Engineers Private Limited, a 
 subsidiary of Hamon Thermal Europe SA and Hamon (Nederland) 
 B.V. (collectively referred to as the Hamon Group), 
 in order to carry out projects regarding cooling tower solutions.
 On February 5,2007, a Joint Venture,Share Transfer and 
 Shareholders Agreement (along with a Supplementary agreement of
 the same date) was entered into between Hamon Thermal Europe SA, 
 Hamon Thermopack Engineers Private Limited and our Company.
 Under the said Joint Venture, Share Transferand Shareholders
 Agreement, Hamon Thermopack Engineers Private Limited 
 issued shares to our Company representing 50.01% of the 
 share capital of Hamon Thermopack Engineers Private Limited. 
 Further, a license agreement was entered into between
 Hamon Shriram Cottrell Private Limited and Hamon
 Research-Cottrell, Inc.
 on March 26, 2007, for grant of an exclusive license 
 to design, manufacture and sell certain air pollution control
 products and systems Hamon Research-Cottrell, Inc.The renewable 
 energy business of our Company comprises wind energy projects,
 biomass based power projects,cogeneration power projects and 
 bio-ethanol plant projects. For further details see Our Business 
 Renewable Energy Business on page 70.Our Company began its 
 operations in the biomass power plants business inDecember  
 2000 with the execution of the first biomass power plant
 project in Andhra Pradesh. Our biomass power plants business 
 is engaged in the design, engineering and construction of 
 thermal biomass-based power plants. Further, our Company 
 entered into a memorandum of understanding on August 28, 2007 
 with Bessemer Venture Partners Trust (BVP) forpower 
 generation through renewable sources.
 Our Company commenced the business, erection, testing 
 and commissioning of wind electric generators in 2004. 
 In August 2006, our Company received certification
 for designing and manufacturing 250 KW wind turbines from 
 the Deutsches Wind Energie-Institut GmbH, for the design 
 of our 250KW-class wind turbine generators, after which 
 we started manufacturing and selling our own 250KW WTGs.
 On January 16, 2007 we entered into a Joint Venture Agreement 
 with Leitner B.V., Netherlands to set up Leitner Shriram 
 Manufacturing Limited, an Associate company formed for 
 the purposes of manufacturing of megawatt class wind 
 turbines and components. On February 3, 2007, our Company 
 entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Leitner B.V.
 Netherlands to set up Shriram Leitwind Limited, a Subsidiary 
 company, formed for the purposes of marketing of wind turbines, 
 wind farm development, and erection and commissioning of wind 
 turbines. In April 2007 we received ISO9001: 2000 certification 
 from DAS Certification Ltd. for the manufacture, supply, 
 installation,commissioning, maintenance of wind turbines
 and development of wind turbines.
 Our Company began operations in the process and metallurgy 
 business in 2004 The process and metallurgy business is focused 
 on providing turnkey solutions for iron and steel, cement, 
 aluminum, copper and thermal power plants.
 SHRENCO began undertaking municipal services in 1990. Our 
 Company commenced its municipal services business of water and 
 wastewater management and water distribution 
 systems and pipe rehabilitation in 2004.The municipal services 
 business principally focuses on the design and implementation 
 of turnkey design-build environmental projects for water and 
 wastewater distribution, water and sewage treatment and pipe 
 rehabilitation.We work on a project to project basis with
 Chevalier Pipe Technologies Limited, whereby we have been 
 granted license to use its rib loc technology in India. 
 For more information see Our Business Municipal Services on 
 December 2000 Execution of first biomass power plant project 
 in Mancherial Village, Adialabad District, Andhra Pradesh.
 July, 2003 Commencement of process and metallurgy 
 January 2004 Acquisition of the cooling towers business 
              of Shriram Tower Tech Limited
 May, 2004 Commencement of the business of erection, 
           testing and commissioning of wind electric generators 
 December 2004 Execution of joint operation agreement 
               with the Hammon Group 
 January 2004 Commencement of rehabilitation business
 March 2005 Investment by UNO Investments
 March 2006 Investment by Bessemer Venture Partners Trust
 August 2006 Certification by DEWI OCC for designing 
             and manufacturing 250 KW wind turbine
 November 2006 Execution of MoU with Leitner Technologies 
               for manufacture and marketing of megawatt 
               class wind turbines
 December 2006 Purchase of Equity Shares by UTI 
                Investment Advisory Services Limited
 February 2007 Joint Venture Agreement entered into between 
               our Company and Hamon Thermopack Engineers 
               Private Limited.
 March 2007 Exclusive license with Hamon Shriram Cottrell 
            Inc for use of technology and products in the Air 
            Pollution Control business.
 April 2007 Certification ISO 9001:2000 for manufacture, supply,
            installation, commissioning,maintenance of wind
            turbines and development of wind farms
 September 2007 Installation of 1,350 KW capacity Wind 
                Electric Generator
 November 2007 Awarded the first contract for setting up coal 
               gasification and gas purificati
 - In order to form a consortium for the execution of thermal power
 projects, Shriram EPC announced the signing of a memorandum of
 understanding with China based North West Electric Power Design
 - Shriram EPC (SEPC) and its subsidiaries, have received orders
 amount to Rs. 156 crore.
 - Shriram EPC has bagged two orders worth Rs. 83 crore from the Urban
 Improvement Trust, Kota. The orders are for laying and commissioning
 of sewerage, manholes and road works across different locations in
 the city of Kota and also commissioning and maintenance of two
 pumping stations.
 - Shriram Epc Limited has appointed Mr. R Dharmarajan as the Chief
 Financial Officer (CFO) of the Company with effect from 28th July
 2010 at the Audit Committee meeting of the Company held on that
 -Registered Office of the Company has been shifted From No. 5, T V
 Street, Chetput, Chennai - 600 031 To Sigappi Achi Building, 4th
 Floor, 18/3 Rukmini Lakshmipathi Road, Egmore, Chennai-600008.
 -Shriram EPC Limited wins Rs.165 crore order from Kerala Water
 -Shriram EPC have recommended a dividend of Rs. 1.20 per share on
 face value of Rs. 10 per share.
 -Shriram EPC wins multiple repeat orders.
 -SEPCs Water Management Division wins Rs. 126 crore order.
 - Shriram EPC bags contract from Karnataka Board
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