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सिल्कल मेटालर्जिक

बीएसई: 524426  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE545D01010  |  Metals - Non Ferrous

कंपनी इतिहास - सिल्कल मेटालर्जिक
The Silical Metallurgic Ltd (TSML), was incorporated in 1978 as a
 Private Limited company.  The factory at Hosur, for manufacturing
 Calcium Carbide with an installed capacity of 4 tpd went into
 commercial production in the year 1981.
 In the year 1990, three companies viz Silical Ferro Alloys Pvt Ltd.
 incorporated in 1984 to manufacture specially Ferro Alloys, Silical
 Industrial Equipments Pvt Ltd incorporated in 1986 to execute turnkey
 assignments for Ferro Alloy projects, Silical Electro Thermics Private
 Ltd, incorporated in 1986 to manufacture Ferro Silicon were merged
 into one company namely The Silical Metallurgic Private Limited
 (TSML).  The Company was converted into a Public Limited Company with
 effect from August 16, 1993.
 Subsequently the unit at the Hosur ceased its operation mainly due to
 difficulties in getting adequate power from the State Electricity
 The consideration upon merger was paid by allotting equity shares in
 TSML as per the scheme of amalgamation approved by the Honourable
 High Court of Madras.  Shareholders were allotted equity shares in
 TSML in the following ratio:
 Three Equity shares of TSML for every two shares held in SILICAL
 Electro Thermics (P) Ltd.
 One equity share in TSML for every share held in SILCAL Ferro Alloys
 (P) Ltd. one equity share in TSML for every two shares held in SILCAL
 Industrial Equipments (P) Limited.
 No consideration was paid for other than in cash except for the issue
 of equity shares in the amalgamated company.  The amalgamating
 companies have not revalued their assets since incorporation.  During
 merger, the company's assets were revalued.  The surplus arising
 during revaluation was credited to Revaluation Reserve Account on
 31st March, 1991 and as per the Balance Sheet as on 31st August, 1993
 the balance in Revaluation Reserve was Rs.27.50 Lakhs.
 The Company has two manufacturing units at Avanashi and Pondicherry
 for the manufacture of Law Carbon Silico Manganese.  The Avanashi
 Unit (installed capacity 1,500 TPA) commenced commercial production
 in 1986 and the unit at Pondichery (installed capacity 3,000 TPA)
 commenced commercial production 1989.
 The promoters have also promoted Silcal India Limited a company
 incorporated in 1989.  The company has not undertaken any activity
 since incorporation.
 There are no pending litigations against the company.  The company
 has no outstanding statutory dues, institutional dues and interest
 thereon.  The company does not have any overdue deposit or unclaimed
 deposits.  The company has not issued any debentures so far.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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