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सिम्पलेक्स इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर्स

बीएसई: 523838  |  NSE: SIMPLEXINF  |  ISIN: INE059B01024  |  Construction & Contracting - Civil

कंपनी इतिहास - सिम्पलेक्स इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर्स
Simplex Concrete Piles (India) Ltd. is a leading civil 
 engineering construction Company operating in India.  This 
 Company originally incorporated as a British Company in 
 India in 1924, introduced Simplex system of piling in 
 India and South-East Asia.  Simplex came under Indian 
 management in 1947 when Mr. Madho Das Mundhra and his family 
 took over the Company.
 The Company started its operations in the area of cast- 
 in-situ driven pile foundations.  Converting local engineers 
 and architects from the centuries old foundation-laying 
 practices, to the latest construction techniques, training 
 unskilled workmen and inducting local personnel at all 
 levels; working on virgin sites under primitive conditions, 
 with minimal infrastructural facilities; Simplex undertook 
 the role of a true pioneer.  Over a period of time, the 
 Company has diversified into various areas of civil 
 engineering and construction work spreading its geographical 
 area of operations to cover Myanmar, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. 
 The Company has participated in large projects of national 
 importance like construction of Steel Plants, Fertilizer 
 Plants, Paper Plants, Cement Plants, Thermal Power Plants, 
 Cooling Towers, bridges and flyovers, Ports and harbours, 
 Water and Waste Water treatment plants and infrastructural 
 and industrial projects.  The modern and innovative 
 construction techniques followed and the attitude towards 
 achieving total quality is part of Simplex's reputation.
 The present turnover of the Company as per the latest 
 balance sheet as on 31st March, 1995 is Rs 189.42 crores.
 Its gross profit is Rs 13.92 crores and net profit is 
 Rs 6.06 crores and its earning per share is Rs 14.90.  The 
 targeted turnover for the next year is Rs 250 crores.
 The Company went public in February 1993.  The maiden public 
 issue was over-subscribed.  Since then, the Company has 
 successfully achieved the targets for the years 1992-93, 
 1993-94 and 1994-95 as projected in the prospectus at that 
 The key factors responsible for Simplex's standing in the 
 industry can be described below :
 i) All operations are controlled from the four zonal centres 
 and corporate headquarters.  For every assignment, the first 
 step is a conceptual plan for manpower resources and 
 programme of work prepared by the respective zonal office. 
 The broad plan is next transmitted to the project manager 
 concerned for a detailed site level assessment and 
 ii) As befits an engineering organisation, technical 
 personnel comprise almost two-thirds of the total staff 
 strength of more than 2100.  Of these, about 300 are high  
 caliber professionals in engineering, finance and business 
 administration-taking managerial responsibilities at the 
 four regional headquarters in Calcutta, Bombay, New Delhi 
 and Madras.
 iii) To smoothly function while taking on new challenges.  
 Simplex owns a whole range of construction equipment, 
 including cranes, hydraulic excavators, dumpers, generators, 
 compressors, well point dewatering sets, slipform equipment, 
 Piling Rigs, Power Hammers, Augures, Boring Equipments, 
 Batching Plants, heavy duty cranes, truck mixers, concrete 
 pumps, Jetty Piling equipments (Simplex design) Hydraulic 
 Piling Hammer, Pneumatic Piling Hammer, Tower Crane, 
 Automatic 'Tunnel Form' equipments etc.
 iv) SCPL has a well-staffed Plant Division run by senior 
 mechanical engineers, which works closely with construction 
 engineers to plan out various alternative techniques and 
 provide necessary plant systems.  Preventive maintenance for 
 all plant and machinery are mandatory at every site.  For 
 the same reason, substitute spares for imported plant are 
 manufactured locally.  As per any specific project 
 requirement plant and machinery are designed or modified to 
 meet exigencies at the project site.
 The Company has constructed various foundations, turbine and 
 other equipment foundations, chimneys, cooling water ducts, 
 concrete and structural superstructures, coal handling 
 plants, treatment plants, ash handling plants, cooling 
 towers and handled mechanical erection for a large number of 
 power stations in India ranging from 10 MW to 250 MW which 
 have been constructed by NTPC, State Electricity Boards. 
 Awareness of International technical quality
 requirements has helped to secure orders for civil and 
 structural work for almost all gas based combined cycle 
 power projects in India, constructed by multinationals.
 The Company has recently diversified into housing area; for 
 constructing mass housing complex on a turnkey basis.  The 
 Company has entered into' a MOU with M/s Aarding of Holland 
 to manufacture specialised construction equipment in India. 
 Aardings Equipment is mechanised construction equipment 
 designed to achieve quality, construction at high speed. 
 These equipments can be used for the construction of low 
 cost houses as well as posh residential apartments, shopping 
 complexes and hotels.
 In addition the Company has been associated with a number of 
 multinational consultants and contractors in carrying out 
 contracts and/or bidding for tenders in India and abroad.
 A list of contract (Rs. 10 crores and above in value) being 
 executed by the Company is given below.  The Company has 
 work outstanding aggregating to Rs. 314.49 crores.
                                             (Rs.in lacs)
                          Work done      of work 
                 Contract      upto         till 
 Name of client   value     31.8.95      31.8.95   
 Rolls Royce 
 Power            4248          140        4108 
 (India) Ltd.                                 
 Orissa Power                                         
 Generation       2854         2839          15 
 Corpn. Ltd.                                      
 Industries Ltd.                                      
 Surat            2479         1673         806 
 Reserve Bank                                         
 of India         2580         2560          20 
 Central Govt.                                        
 Employees        2624          414        2210 
 Welfare Orgn.                                
 ESSAR Projects                                       
 Ltd., Hazira     1933         1719         214 
 Bharat Heavy                                         
 Electricals Ltd. 1728          494        1234 
 Asea Brown                                           
 Boveri Ltd.      1711          242        1469 
 Co.Ltd.          1654          269        1385 
 National Building                                    
 Construction     1469         1463           6 
 Nippon Denro                                         
 Ispat Ltd.       1425         1411          14                       
 Indian Farmers                                       
 Fertilisers Co-  1096          347         749 
 operative Ltd.                               
 Works Dept.      1094            1085           9 
 Multi Storeyed                                            
 Bldg. Constrn.                                       
 Calcutta.         1055           1037          18 
 Industries Ltd.   1110            987         123
 Bharat Starch                                        
 Industries Ltd.   1001            396         605
 Ltd.              1020             --        1020
                   -----           -----       -----
                  31081            17076     14005
 Other Contracts                                      
 of value less                                        
 than Rs.10                                           
 (80 nos.)         33421          15977       17444
                   -----          -----        -----
                   64502          33053       31449
                   =====          =====        =====
 Name of client          Project & Location
 Rolls Royce     
 International            Gas Power Project
 Power                    Kakinada, A.P..  
 (India) Ltd.                        
 Orissa Power             Power Project,   
 Generation               IB Valley, Orissa
 Corpn. Ltd.                      
 Industries Ltd.          POY Plant,       
 Surat                    Surat, Gujrat.   
 Reserve Bank             New Note Press   
 of India                 Salboni, W.B..   
 Central Govt.            Housing Complex, 
 Employees                Calcutta. W.B.   
 Welfare Orgn.     
 ESSAR Projects           Steel Plant,       
 Ltd., Hazira             Hazira, Gujrat.    
 Bharat Heavy             HVDC Project,      
 Electricals Ltd.         Chandrapur,        
 Asea Brown               HVDC Project,      
 Boveri Ltd.              Padghe             
 Construction             Power project,     
 Co.Ltd.                  Rajamundry, A.P.   
 National Building        Modernisation of   
 Construction             Delhi Airport,     
 Corpn.Ltd.               Delhi.             
 Nippon Denro             Sponge Iron Project
 Ispat Ltd.               Raigarh, Dolvi,    
 Indian Farmers           Bagging Plant &    
 Fertilisers Co-          Product            
 operative Ltd.           Handling System,   
                          Aonla, U.P.        
 Public                   Ghatkopar, Fly Over         
 Works Dept.              Bombay, Maharashtra.         
 Multi Storeyed                                      
 Bldg. Constrn.                                      
 C.E.S.C.Ltd.             Power Project,             
 Calcutta.                Budge Budge,W.B.           
 Reliance                 POY Plant,                 
 Industries Ltd.          Hazira, Gujrat.            
 Bharat Starch            Chemical Project.          
 Industries Ltd.          Baroda, Gujrat.            
 Communications           Paper Project              
 Ltd.                     Surat, Gujrat.             
 Note: The above work done/Balance of work is based on the 
 percentage completion assessment as made by the Company on 
 31.8.95 .
 -The shareholders have approved to  delist company's shares from
 Delhi, Jaipur and Madras Stock Exchanges.
 -Simplex Concrete Piles gets listed on National Stock Exchange (NSE)
 -Simplex Concrete Piles India Ltd has bagged a Rs 9800 million
 contract from Nagarjuna Power Corporation on turnkey basis
 -Simplex Concrete bags order to construct 3rd box terminal at JN
 -Company has changed its name from Simplex Concrete Piles (India)
 Ltd. to Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.                                 
 -Simplex Infrastructures secures contract from Reliance
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 2
 - Simplex Infrastructures Ltd has bagged two overseas orders for
 Industrial and High-rise building construction aggregating Rs 1006.70
 - Simplex Infrastructures Ltd has informed that the Company has
 received a new order of Rs 287 Crore for Qatalum Thermal Power Plant
 project in Qatar. With this the Power Vertical alone accounts for Rs
 1252 crore being 14% of the total Order Book of Rs 9150 crore. The
 foreign segment accounts for 27% being Rs 2428 crore.
 - Simplex Infrastructures Ltd has informed that the Company has
 received new orders worth Rs 653 crores.
 -The Company has received an order of Rs 302 crores for construction
 of 6 flyovers on Seeb Corniche Road in Muscat in Sultanate of Oman.
 -The Company received a new order of Rs 406 Crores for Mumbai Metro.
 -The Company bags orders worth Rs630 crore in Dubai.
 -The Company has recommended a dividend of Rs.2/- per share (100%) on
 Equity shares.
 -The Company secured Rs 2,166 crore new orders.
 -The Company forays into Independent Power Transmission.
 -The Company bags Rs. 2128 cr orders.
 -The Company acquires Joy Mining Services to expand its footprint
 into underground mining.
 -The Company has recommended dividend of Rs. 2/- per Equity Share.
 -Simplex Infrastructures have recommended dividend of Re. 1/- per
 Equity Share of face value of Rs.2/- each.
 -Simplex Infrastructures have recommended dividend of Rs. 0.50 per
 Equity Share of face value of Rs. 2/- each.
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