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स्टेट बैंक ऑफ मैसूर

बीएसई: 532200  |  NSE: MYSOREBANK  |  ISIN: INE651A01020  |  Banks - Public Sector

कंपनी इतिहास - स्टेट बैंक ऑफ मैसूर
 1913 - The Bank was established as 'Bank of Mysore Ltd.', on the 19th
 May, and commenced its
              business on the 2nd October 1913, under the patronage of
 His Highness the Maharaja of
              Mysore, with an authorised capital of Rs.20.00 lakhs. 
 1953 - During the year, the Bank was appointed as an Agent of the
 Reserve Bank of India to conduct
              Government business and treasury operations.
 1959 - With effect from the 10th September, the Bank was constituted
 as State Bank of Mysore as
              a Subsidiary of the State Bank of India, under State
 Bank of India (Subsidiary Banks) Act,
              1959 enacted through an Act of Parliament, (Act No. 38
 of 1959).
            - The bank has formulated schemes for (i) financing coffee
 planters/coffee traders against
               coffee curers certificate, (ii) financing coffee
 traders, (iii) coffee exporters and (iv) coffee
               curers who also engage in trading. 
              - State Bank of Mysore has various deposit schemes to
 cater to the requirements of its customers.
             - The Bank has also actively participated in all
 Government sponsored schemes and
                contributed its share of financial assistance or the
 economically weaker sections through
                DIR, IRDP, Prime Minister's Rojgar Yojna and SUME
             - The Bank has sponsored two Regional Rural Banks,
 Cauvery Grameena Bank and Kalpatharu
                ameena Bank which have between them 202 branches for
 the growth of agriculture and rural 
             - The Bank, as part of the State Bank Group has been
 engaged in financing 551 since 1960
               and introduced the concept of need based rather than
 security oriented finance and the
                Entrepreneur scheme under which technically qualified
 persons were financed the entire
                requirement upto Rs.2 lacs.
             - The Bank has 3 specialised SSI branches to assist the
 SSI units and proposes to establish
                3 more such 551 branches shortly.
              - The Bank has correspondent and agency arrangements all
 over the world and offers
                spot services in 18 major approved currencies.
             - The Bank's computerised dealing room is equipped with
 state-of-the-art information
                net-work for excellent services to the Bank's
             - The Bank  also proposed to open 21 NRI service centres
 to specially cater to the
                requirements of NRI customers.
             - State Bank of Mysore handles a significant part of the
 day-to-day banking business of
                both the Central and State Governments in the State of
 Karnataka and is a Banker to
                various Public Sector Undertakings in various sectors
 of the Economy.
             - The Bank has been actively participating in welfare
 banking needs of the public through
                 its community services.
             - The Bank has set up social circles, a voluntary group
 of employees to conduct the
                community service activities, at various centres.
             - The Bank is the proud recipient of the Rolling Trophy
 from the Red Cross Society of
                Karnataka for 17 years in succession, till date, for
 having mobilised the maximum number
                of blood donors each year, among Banking
             - The Bank has installed a Main Frame Computer in its
 Head Office which provides a
                useful information system to the Management and mini
 computers at the Zonal Offices.
             - The Bank is a member of the society for worldwide Inter
 Bank Financial Telecommunication
               (SWIFT) which was established to offer cost effective
 and fast transmission of financial
               messages globally, 2 branches of the Bank are presently
 covered under the scheme and
               an additional 15 branches are proposed to be covered
 under SWIFT shortly.
 1992 - The State Government has also taken up vigorously 'ASHRAYA', a
 new housing
               scheme for the weaker sections and 'VISHWA', a new
 rural and cottage industry scheme.
               A new programme called 'AKSHAYA' has also been launched
 to help the children in
               primary education.  The Konkan Railway Project and the
 New Mangalore Port
               Project are also progressing satisfactorily.
            - The Bank has also been assisting Small Scale industries
 by offering technology and financial
               consultancy services to the units in its books, so as
 to enable them to overcome the problems
               of technological obsolescence, marketing, management
             - The Bank has been given a special annual award by the
 Karnataka Unit of the Indian Red
                Cross Society for the fourteenth time for having held
 the most number of voluntary blood
                donation camps.
 1994 - Several important measures have been introduced in the busy
 season credit policy of
              November 1993 and slack season credit policy of May
 1994, announced by Reserve
              Bank of India.
            - The Bank extended rehabilitation finance to 54 such
 units during the year
               under review.
            - The Bank's STREE SAKTHI PACKAGE designed exclusively for
               continued to be implemented with full vigour.
            - The Bank also proposes to introduce Automated Teller
 Machines (ATM) and
               Electronic Funds Transfer facility during the next year
 as a measure of offering state
               of the art banking services to its customers.
 2000 - Mr. M. Sitarama Murty has been appointed as Managing Director,
 of the Bank.
            - Crisil has reaffirmed the A+ and P1+ ratings assigned to
 the bond issue and the CD
               programme of the bank.
 2001 - State Bank of Mysore has opened a foreign exchange cell at its
 Hirehally Industrial estate
              branch in Tumkur district to enable small-scale
 industrialists to manage their foreign exchange
            - The Bank has closed its issue of unsecured
 non-convertible debentures after raising the target
               of Rs 60 crore.
 -Enters the market with a coupon of 6.4% per annum for its Tier-II
 capital bonds issue of Rs.60cr 
 on a private placement basis.
 -Slashes interest rate on domestic term deposits and on NRE deposits
 by 25-50 basis points.
 -Considers new method of appraisal for lending to the agricultural
 sector more on the lines of 
 industrial credit given to trade and commerce.
 -Declared a dividend of 40% on equity capital for the year ended.
 -Ties up with HMT Ltd and launches SBM-HMT Agri Farm Scheme, to
 promote agricultural mechanisation in south India.
 -Maruti Udyog forges alliances with SBM to offer car finance.
 -Slashes floating home loan rates and the new loan is as follows:
 maturities up to 5 five years, the rates would be 8 per cent, for
 maturities up to 10 years, the rates would be 8.75 per cent on a
 floating rate basis and for above 10 years, 9.25 per cent. The fixed
 rate housing loans remained unchanged. Farm lending rate up to Rs
 50,000 was lowered to 9 per cent
 -Inaugrated two branches in hyderabad.
 -SBM join hands with LTJD for tractor financing
 -State Bank of Mysore has informed that Shri M. Sitarama Murty,
 Managing Director of the Bank retired from the services on December
 31, 2003 on attaining super-annuation
 -Mr. Vijayanand assumes charges as Managing Director of the bank from
 -State Bank of Mysore has joined the Real Time Gross Settlement
 Systems (RTGS) network that facilitates inter-bank funds settlement
 on 22 July
 -SBM unveils new single window system
 -Mr P.P. Pattanayak has assumed charge as Managing Director of the
 State Bank of Mysore. Mr Pattanayak was earlier Deputy Managing
 Director (DMD) and Chief Credit Officer of the State Bank of India,
 - The Company has splits its face value from Rs100/- to Rs10/-.
 -State Bank Of Mysore Issues Rights in the Ratio of 3:10
 -State Bank of Mysore recommended dividend of Rs. 10/- per share.
 -State Bank of Mysore has declared an interim dividend of Rs. 10/-
 only (Rupees Ten only) per share.
 -State Bank of Mysore has approved declaration of Interim Dividend at
 Rs. 11.50 per share with face value of Rs. 10.
 -State Bank of Mysore has declared an Interim Dividend at the rate of
 Rs. 3.00 per equity share of Rs. 10/- each (i.e. 30%).
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