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सुमन मॉटेल्स

बीएसई: 523295  |  NSE: SUMANMOTEL  |  ISIN: INE723A01019  |  Hotels

कंपनी इतिहास - सुमन मॉटेल्स
YEAR                                                      EVENTS
 1984 - The Company was incorporated on 4th May.  It was promoted by
              Sheikh Mukhtar Hussain in association with Khandhar
 group.  The
              main object of the Company is to set up a chain of
 motels on
              National Highways.  It was converted into a public Ltd.,
              on 16th June, 1989.
            - The Company with a view to setting up a chain of motels
 on the
               major national highways of the country.
            - A motel Connotes a highway-side hotel concentrating
 primarily on  
              providing a wide range of services which highway side
              craves for like retiring lounge, fast food center
              hygienic and quality food at reasonable prices, covered
              site, ambulances, wireless facility and many more.
            - In addition, tent houses for adventurous were to be
              treckkers, conference halls etc. apart from restaurants
 for more
              relaxed tourists along with deluxe hotel for overnight
              tourists etc.
 1990 - 1,50,000 shares of Rs.10 each issued to promoters, directors,
              etc.  30,00,000 No. of equity shares of Rs.10 each were
              issued at par of which 7,50,000 shares were reserved
              allotment on a firm basis to promoters, Indian
              directors etc.  Of the remaining the following were
 reserved for
              allotment on a preferential basis:
            - (i) 1,50,000 shares to employees,
            - (ii) 9,00,000 shares to NRIs,
            - (iii) 2,00,000 shares to SBI Mutual Fund Balance
              were issued to the public.
 1993 - 31,50,000 Rights equity shares issued in prop. 1:1.
 1994 - The Company undertook to construct a 3 star hotel in the
              complex consisting of 40 double bed deluxe rooms.  Apart
              this, it is to set up motel-2 at Alibaug with facilities
              provided in motel 1 along with 3 star hotel consisting
 of 40
              double bed deluxe rooms.
            - In additional it is to set up a new motel-3 at Apte
 Phata near
              Karnala in Panvel on Mumbai-Goa highway with a 3 star
              consisting of 20 double deluxe room.  Land admeasuring 6
              was acquired at Panvel.
           - 12,60,000 Bonus equity shares issued in the prop. 1:5.
 1995 - During the accounting year 1992-93, the Company has taken over
 a new
              company Motel Pali Hill Pvt. Ltd.
           - The company is expanding its room capacity by creating
 new units at Hadapsar,
              Kakaighar (Aibaug) & Panchgani.
           - CRISIL has granted FA rating to the Fixed Deposit Scheme
 of the company, indicating
              adequate safety both with regard to payment of interest
 and repayment of principal.
              During the year the Company has accepted the Fixed
 Deposit from Public.
 1996 - The Board has co-opted Shri Javed Akhtar and Shri Vijay Kumar
 as Additional
               Directors of the Company with effect from 10th
 1997 - During the year the trading operations of the Company have
 been reduced due
             to economic reasons.
 1998 - The Company has introduced new concepts like a public
 relations cell to
               redress grievances of the members and investors,
 booking facilities
               after office hours and on holidays.
             - The Company has opened marketing offices at 12 new
 locations during the
               year and negotiations with other  resorts at many
 locations are going on for
               tie-ups and mutual marketing arrangements.
            - The Company is developing an agro-park near Mangaon and
               work is going on as per schedule.
            - The Company started developing a 100 room-capacity
 resort near Mangaon.
 1999 - Mumbai-based Suman Motels is consolidating operations of its
 six unlisted
              group companies by merging them into itself.  The six
 group companies are Highway
              Users Centres India, Suman Resorts, Tej Gaurav
 Industries, Tej Gaurav Farms, Tej
              Gaurav Finance and Motel Pali Hill. 
 2000 - The Company has decided to diversify into the information 
 technology sector through
               its wholly owned subsidiary Suman  Infotech, which will
 be set up in the near future.
            - The Company is setting up an infotech  project at Vashi,
               Mumbai, which will have specialised kids' 
 entertainment cum
               learning centres across the country.
            - Suman Motels has launched a 15-year `Lazy Days' vacation
              scheme across its chain of resorts in the country. 
 2001 -  The Company has informed that its Managing Director has been
 detained by the 
               economic offences wing of the city policy.
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