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सन सोर्स (इंडिया)

बीएसई: 517403  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE320F01013  |  Power - Generation & Distribution

कंपनी इतिहास - सन सोर्स (इंडिया)
The Company was Incorporated on 10th April 1992 under the Companies
 Act 1956 in the state of Gujarat. The Company obtained Certificate
 for Commencement of business on 30th April 1992.
 The Company entered capital market in February 1994 with a Public
 Issue of Rs. 315 lacs to finance the cost of project of Executive
 marketing of Concentrating Solar PhotoVoltaic (CSPV) Power Plants and
 Wind ElectricEnergy Generator (WEG) Systems in collaboration with USA
 based companies. The total cost of the project was estimated at Rs
 495 lacs which was financed by: (i) Rs 165 lacs as contributions from
 promotors, friends & relatives, (ii) Rs 315 lacs raised through Public
 Issue, and (iii) Rs 15 lacs by way of subsidy. The Company is in the
 process of implementing the project and meeting the objects of the
 earlier Issue.
 However there has been a delay of about one year in meeting the
 objects of the earlier Issue.
 The Company's collaboration with the Cannon group of USA is likely to
 be discontinued. However the Company is confident of procuring Wind
 ElectricEnergy Generators and/or components at competitive rates from
 other overseas suppliers such as Chase Corporation (USA),
 VentisEnergietechnik GmbH (Germany), Aerpac Special Products BV (The
 In case of Wind Electric Energy Generators, the Company forsees a
 very high potential market. To tap this area in a big way, the
 Company has decided to provide windfarm services, which include
 supply of land for windfarm, weather monitoring services, plant
 operation & maintenance.The management feels that these activities
 can be conveniently and advantageously combined with the initial
 activities of executive marketing of Wind Electric Energy based power
 plants. This upgradation of business plan would result into better and
 lognterm profitability of the Company.
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