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सुनील इंडस्ट्रीज

बीएसई: 521232  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE124M01015  |  Textiles - Processing

कंपनी इतिहास - सुनील इंडस्ट्रीज
The present Sunil Industries Limited was initially incorporated as a
 private limited company, on 19/11/1976, in the state of Maharashtra,
 as Raj Ratan Textile Processors Private Limited, and was earlier a
 partnership firm set up in 1969.  The management of the company was
 taken over by Mr. Vinod Lath in 1979 from the then Directors Mr.
 J.S.Jadhav, Mr. M.N.  Rane and Mr.  S.K.Ovhal.  The Company's name
 was changed to Sunil Dyeing Private Limited on 22/4/1982, and a fresh
 certificate of incorporation was obtained from the Registrar of
 Companies, Bombay on 27/5/1982.  The Company was converted into a
 Limited Company in terms of a special resolution passed on 1/4/1991,
 and a fresh certificate of incorporation was obtained on 16/5/1991 in
 the name of Sunil Dyeing Limited from the Registrar of Companies,
 Bombay.  The Company's name was subsequently changed to Sunil
 Industries Limited and a fresh certificate of incorporation was
 obtained on 30/3/1994.  The
 registered office of the company is located at D/8, M.I.D.C. Phase
 II, Manpada Road, Dombivli (East), Thane District, Maharashtra.
 Raj Ratan Textile Processors was a partnership firm set up in 1969 by
 Mr. J.S.Jadhav, Mr. M.N.Rane and Mr. S.K.Ovhal.  This firm did not do
 any business till 1974 though it had acquired land from the MIDC. 
 From 1974 manual processing of grey cloth (basically bleaching) was
 undertaken and the company had an approx.  capacity of 40 lakh metres
 of cloth and an approx. turnover of about Rs.  20-25 lakhs.  In 1979,
 Mr.  Vinod Lath took over the company (the firm had been converted to
 a Pvt.
 Ltd.  Co.  in 1976).  In 1981-82, the company developed dyeing
 facilities also, and by 1983, the building was expanded and printing
 facilities were developed.  In 1984, the company switched over to
 power processing and the installed capacity increased to about 100
 lakh metres per annum by 1986.  That year the company bagged orders
 which were to be resupplied overseas and the company undertook an
 expansion programme which resulted in considerable value addition and
 took the capacity to 230 lakh metres per annum.  The company has since
 then continuosly
 upgraded processing facilities and increased capacity and the current
 installed capacity is 600 lakh metres per annum.
 A suit has been filed by the proprietor of A.S. Industries in the
 court of the District Judge Delhi, against the company for recovery
 Rs. 27,213.39 which is currently being disputed by the company. 
 Three cases are pending in the Labour Court at Thane, as of 30th
 September 1994, asking for reinstatement of employees whose services
 were terminated.  These cases have been registered in the erstwhile
 (Sunil Dyeing Pvt.  Ltd.) name of the company.
 Business : Initially SIL was engaged in the manual processing of
 cotton textiles.  Later it started processing of synthetic fabrics
 and blended fabrics.  In 1984 it also started power processing. 
 Currently, the Company is engaged in manual and power processing of
 all types of fabric for a wide range of thread count.
 SIL was till recently engaged in processing cloth for clients on a
 job work basis for clients, but has since also started procuring grey
 cloth, processing it and selling it as finished fabric.  This has
 resulted in better price realisation as the Company is getting the
 benefit of the value addition. Currently, the company is engaged in
 both-job work for clients as also selling of cloth which it processes
 on it's own account.
 SIL's main clients are trading houses which procure the finished
 cloth either for local sales or for exports.  SIL has also processed
 cloth for and sold to a number of Government clients. The company has
 a good reputation among it's clients for product quality as it has one
 of the largest installed capacities for textile processing as also
 state of the art equipment.  The capacity has increased from 40 lakh
 meters per annum in 1979 to 600 lakh meters per annum today.
 The company now wishes to increase the volume of cloth which it
 processes on it's own account.  It expects the demand for it's
 products in the year 1994-95 to exceed the currently installed
 capacity and is undertaking the project to expand it's capacity to
 1050 lakh meters per annum.
 -Sunil Industries has acquired 50,000 equity shares of Arima Spinners
 Pvt. Ltd 
 -Sunil Industries has designated Email ID for Investors Grievance:
 - Sunil Industries Ltd has appointed Mr. Rohit Gadia and Mr. Iftadad
 Hossain as Additional Independent Non - Executive Director.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

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  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने कैश में `3336.6 Cr की बिकवाली की
  • MARKET CUES : DIIs ने कैश में `2785.67 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने F&O में `774.34 Cr की बिकवाली की
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स फ्यूचर्स में `1262.06 Cr की बिकवाली
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स ऑप्शंस में `1740.57 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक फ्यूचर्स में `1477.38 Cr की बिकवाली
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक ऑप्शंस में `224.53 Cr की खरीदारी
  • CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK : नार्वे में कोरोना वायरस का पहला मामला सामने आया
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