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बीएसई: 532051  |  NSE: SWELECTES  |  ISIN: INE409B01013  |  Electric Equipment

कंपनी इतिहास - स्वेलेक्ट एनर्जी सिस्टम्स
Numeric Power Systems Limited has been incorporated as a Public
 Limited Company on 12th September, 1994 and obtained the Certificate
 of Commencement of Business on 21st September, 1994. It has its
 Registered & Corporate Office at 63, Cathedral Road, Madras.
 The company has been promoted for corporate conversion of the
 existing non-corporate concerns of the NUMERIC group namely M/s.
 Numeric Controls & Systems and M/s. Hi-Power Corporatio, both the
 entities having consistent track record, business connections and
 technical expertise.
 The company has continued to carry on the operations previously
 carried on by the non-corporate concerns, with the confirmed orders
 and standing contracts on hand. Since the conversion into a corporate
 entity, the operations in the non-corporate entitles have been totally
 having been carried on by the company, and the process of dissolution
 is awaited for completion of residual operations.
 The company has been established as the flagship of the group, for
 manufacture of UPS systems, with all the existing group
 concerns/companies made as the ancillary units/contract manufacturing
 units to service the company. 
 The group is having the credit of designing specialised circuits for
 UPS Systems and power conditioners and of having been made the
 largest number of installations in the country. The company has 8
 regional, offices under its fold to market its product and a
 servicing network of 39 service centres manned by qualified
 The company is additionally supported on the technical front by
 Technical collaboration with M/s High Performance Drives Inc., USA
 for manufacture of high frequency MOSFET based UPS Systems and power
 The company has been awarded the following ranks by SOFTDISK
 (Corporate Magazine of the ACP) in the Power Electronic Industry
 analysis carried out by them. (Source: SOFTDISK Volume: V - 001,
 Feb-Mar '96).
 Category                            Rank
 UPS Manufacturer of the year           1
 Power Electronic Company of the Year   2
 Power Electronic Equipment 
 manufacturer of the year               1
 The company has been ranked 85th on an All India basis in the
 Information Technology industry which besides UPS segment, includes
 Software, Hardware and Computer Peripheral segments. [Source:
 DATAQUEST (August 16-31, 1995)].
 The company has been appointed as the authorised dealer for
 internationally renowned Merlin Gerin UPS systems of GROUPE
 SCHNEIDER, France for installation in specific projects and has been
 agreed to be provided with technical expertise and training in their
 brand of UPS systems. 
 The company has also been appointed as a dealer by INFORMATION
 SYSTEMS PTE. LTD, SINGAPORE for sale of Information Technology
 The company has already established two manufacturing units at
 Sedarapet, Pondichery, one being a large scale automated plant and
 has established a Modernised automated CNC fabrication unit at
 Semmanchery Village, Madras.
 The history of the company could be understood by observing the track
 record and operations of the non-corporate entities which are detailed
 Numeric Controls and Systems
 A manufacturing unit in operation since 1987, NCS has been one of the
 main production centres of NUMERIC, with a strong technical team and
 its expertise to handle all levels of technology for manufacture of
 UPS Systems. NCS was producing UPS systems based on Linear Technology
 - the
 first design to be developed by Numeric, which has continued to
 provide consistent performance over a decade. 
 The unit had developed all detailed drawings and component structure
 for various ranges and designs of UPS Systems and was instrumental in
 standardising the structure and layout for a range of such systems,
 with a view to build the foundation for a large scale expansion which
 is being implemented in this project. NCS was a partnership concern
 with Mr. G. Ramasubramaniam, one of the promoter of the company, Mr.
 S.R. Mani and M/s. Numeric Engineers (a proprietary concern
 represented by Mr. R. Chellappan) as partners. The details of M/s.
 Numeric Engineers, the partner of NCS is given below.
 Numeric Engineers
 M/s. Numeric Engineers, represented by Mr. R.Chellappan, was inducted
 as one of the Partners of M/s.Numeric Controls and Systems, as on
 30.11.1994. The inclusion of the concern as partner was carried out
 by take over of net current assets, infrastructure, pending orders
 etc, without any revaluation or business fee.
 M/s. Numeric Engineers was the main unit of the NUMERIC GROUP,
 engaged in the production of UPS systems for 8 years upto 1992 with
 exclusive technology developed in-house. In 1992, the concern shifted
 its manufacturing activities and technologies to its group concerns
 and focused its attention on marketing, installation and maintenance
 NUMERIC brand UPS system manufactured by group concerns. This was
 done with the specific objective of giving a focused attention to the
 customers from a single organisation, which could represent the group
 concerns providing a wide range of UPS systems & other products. To
 strengthen its marketing & servicing activities, the concern
 established several Regional offices and service centres spread all
 over the country.
 The consolidated financial performance of Numeric Controls and
 Systems & Numeric Engineers for the previous years are given below.
 Hi-Power Corporation
 Hi-Power Corporation was promoted as a partnership firm in 1989, for
 the purpose of distribution of batteries used in UPS systems, in
 which Mr. R. Chellappan and Mr. G. Ramasubramanian were partners at
 the time of corporate conversion.
 HPC sourced and supplied batteries to the manufacturing units of the
 group. It was also engaged in the maintenance  and service of the
 same. HPC had regular trade arrangements with almost all the leading
 UPS manufacturers in the country. The firm had turned out to be one
 of the largest suppliers of HITACHI brand maintenance free batteries
 Japan, upon a trade arrangement with Shin Kobe Electric Co Ltd.,
 Batteries act as standby source of power with UPS systems. The
 synergy of operations has led to the merger of the firm's operations
 with that of the corporate forum newly formed.
 The above non-corporate entities, had their own distinct activities
 which are related to each other, and have now been consolidated into
 a single corporate entity, to capitalise on available potential and
 reap the benefits of economies of scale with all other related
 The company has met out the consideration of Rs. 102 lakhs,
 representing the gross identified current assets less current
 liabilities of the non-corporate entities, by issuing 9,45,000 equity
 shares at par aggregating Rs.94.50 Lakhs and treating the balance of
 Rs. 67.50 lakhs as Unsecured loans. No revaluation has been effected
 in the process. The non-corporate entities have not procured any land
 or building, and none of the fixed assets have been valued on
 conversion, though the full right of enjoyment of all the items of
 assets have been passed on to the company.
 Prior to the conversion of the non-corporate entities, the company
 had no assets of its own and had no business of its own. All the
 Partners of the firms are directors of the Company, except Shri S.R.
 Mani, partner of M/s. Numeric Controls and Systems who has opted out
 of the Board but
 continues to be involved as a regular executive of the company, in
 the cadre of Executive Director.
 The Agreement for corporate conversion provides for transfer of the
 entire business of the non-corporate entities to the company, with
 full benefits of all pending orders and existing business
 connections, supported by all infrastructural facilities and transfer
 of trained manpower. The agreement also provides for carrying on the
 business of the entities by the company with full rights to use such
 phrases as Previously Numeric Controls & Systems etc., to indicate
 that the business has been previously been carried on by the said
 non-corporate concern and that the same is being carried on by this
 company in succession. 
 The company has no subsidiaries.
 -Numeric joins hand with Socomec to mkt UPS units
 -Numeric Power Systems Limited has informed vide its letter dated
 November 19, 2007 that: Mr. S. Krishnamurthy has been appointed as
 Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of the Company with effect
 from November 01, 2007.
 -Numeric Power Systems Ltd has appointed Mr. R Venkataraghavan as an
 Additional Director (Independent Director) of the Company.
 -Swelect Energy Systems has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 - The Company has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, with
 the majority stakeholders of M/s. Amex Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
 for acquisition of Equity Shares upto 92% and to take over the
 Management Control of M/s. Amex Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
 - The Company has acquired 100% stake in M/s. Amex Irons Pvt. Ltd.
 situated in Coimbatore.
 - Numeric Power is now Swelect Energy.
 - Swelect Energy buys 49% stake in HHV Solar.
 - Interim dividend of Rs. 120/- (Rupees One Hundred Twenty Only) per
 equity share.
 -Company has changed its name from Numeric Power Systems Ltd. to
 Swelect Energy Systems Ltd.                                          
 -Swelect Energy acquired stake in HHV Solar for around Rs 22 crore.
 -Company also acquired 8% Equity Shares in Amex Alloys Private
 -Swelect Energy buys 51% stake in HHV Solar.                         
 -Commissioning of 10 MW SPV Solar Power Park near Musiri Taluk,
 -Swelect Energy Systems bags 10 MW Solar Power project.
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  • NEWS FLASH EVE : मुनाफा `60 Cr से बढ़कर `311 Cr (YoY)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : आय `2885 Cr से बढ़कर `3004 Cr (YoY)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : EBITDA `559 Cr से बढ़कर `875 Cr (YoY)
  • NEWS FLASH EVE : EBITDA मार्जिन 19.6% से बढ़कर 29.1% (YoY)

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