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टेलेदता टेक्नालजी सल्यूशन्स

बीएसई: 533089  |  NSE: TELEDATAIT  |  ISIN: INE391I01018  |  Computers - Software Medium & Small

कंपनी इतिहास - टेलेदता टेक्नालजी सल्यूशन्स
The Company was incorporated as a public limited company on 27th
 October 2006 under the name and style TELEDATA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
 LIMITED under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, vide
 certificate of Incorporation bearing CIN Number
 U72900TN2006PLC061389 in the State of Tamilnadu.
 Pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement approved by the Honble High
 Court at Madras vide its
 order dated 12.10.2007, the transferor company (TDIL) has transferred
 its entire Technology
 Division to the Resulting Company w.e.f. 01.11.2006.
 Teledata Technology Solutions Ltd is promoted by Teledata Informatics
 Ltd which is the flagship company of the group, M/s. Teledata
 Informatics Ltd., is mainly lead by Gp.Capt.K.Balasubramanian , IAF
 (Retd) who is the Chairman and Mr.K.Padmanabhan who is the Managing
 Director of the Company. The Company is into the development of
 Software include Marine software. It was started as a small Company
 in the year 1990 and now it is the 6th largest Company in India.
 Company Background:
 Since its inception in 1990, Teledata defines, designs and delivers
 cutting-edge IT solutions that focus on providing enhanced customer
 value through deep domain expertise and knowledge-base.  Teledatas
 commitment to operational excellence and superior customer service
 has made it possible to deliver world class solutions at optimal
 As a quality conscious company, Teledatas deep capabilities in
 architecting end-to-end, processdriven business solutions for clients
 is reflected by its ISO 9001- 2000 certification and CMM level 5
 (SW/SE Version 1.1) appraisal by the Software Engineering Institute
 (SEI) of the Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
 Its primary business venture initially confined to the maritime
 industry opened the gate way to explore software solutions and
 services for the global maritime community, and within no time
 earning a reputation of an expert software and solutions provider.
 The company has ever since diversified its portfolio to include a
 wide range of services from providing online maritime education,
 owning and management of ocean going vessels, logistics management,
 to setting up a KPO and offering specialized marine recruitment
 The company had subsequently expanded its business operations to the
 education and energy sectors by leveraging a coherent convergence of
 its IT product strength with industry expertise and knowledgebase.
 Teledata targeted these verticals as one of the key areas of growth
 and has made significant investments to capitalize on the rapid
 growth and ever increasing demand in these sectors.
 Since 2004, Teledata has been expanding its business focus. The
 company has transformed from a niche software products company to one
 offering diversified services for the Marine, IT, Education, Energy
 and Telecom sectors.
 Teledatas success can be attributed to its vast clientele which
 include many Fortune 500 companies, standing testimony to its
 stupendous growth and performance.
 Teledata over the years strengthened its global footprint by way of
 inorganic growth through acquisition of companies. The rationale was
 to increase its market share and dominance worldwide. It has
 presently within its fold 25 subsidiaries that provide end-to-end
 solutions in all its verticals and a network spanning 48 countries.
 Teledata has diversified into agriculture in order to fulfill its
 responsibility as a corporate citizen.
 Teledata recognizes the importance of protecting the global ecosystem
 and is committed to a policy of  environmental conservation. It
 encourages investment in ways that support responsible and
 sustainable ecological development.
 Teledata today is an 862 million USD company with operations across 5
 Highlights of Teledata
 Highlights of Teledata
 Teledata Informatics Ltd., is a seventeen-year-old software and
 services company, focusing on
 product development. 
 Teledata is a public limited company traded in NSE and Mumbai stock
 exchanges in India and it s GDRs are listed in Luxemburg Stock
 Exchange in Europe.
 The companys Quality is reflected in the Certificate of Approval for
 ISO 9001-2001 from the LRQA Ltd.
 The company follows the Implementation Methodology of International
 Management Consultants,Deloitte Touche and Tohmatsu for the
 proprietary ERP solutions for Educational institutions.
 The Company has been appraised at CMM level 5 (SW/SE) Ver 1.1 of the
 Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of the Carnegie Mellon
 University, USA.
 Teledata is the only company in Asia to offer comprehensive Marine
 software solutions.
 Teledata ranks no. 6 in terms of business turnover and profitability
 in the Indian IT industry (Based on Financial Results of March07).
 -TTS announces project launch of leading edge Oracle Technology.
 -The Company Announces launch of new SMART GRID Solution.
 -TTS Announces Total IT Solutions and launches pilot program.
 -TTS announces K-12 IT Analysis Services for a New Jersey School 
 -TTS Announces the Go Live of Oracle Applications e-Business suite.
 -TTS has established flat-rate pricing for standard service
 offerings, including hosted Exchange/Email services, collaboration
 services (SharePoint) and web site hosting.
 -TTS has strengthened its data center and hosting capabilities by
 partnering with Savvis to provide a world-wide presence with data
 center certifications such as SAS70/SSAE16, PCI, GLBA, HIPPA, and
 -TTS has renewed hosting and managed services contracts with two key
 customers, Lotus Engineering and ChannelNet. TTS provides ChannelNet
 with managed hosting solutions in two US data centers, along with
 disaster recovery capabilities for two of their major applications.
 TTS provides Lotus Engineering with a complete IT outsourcing
 solution for its US locations.
 -Teledata Technology Solutions Ltd. has been selected by the Central
 Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as one of the empanelled agencies
 for its project.
 -The Registered Office of the Company has been shifted to D.No.9,
 Plot No. 16, Kambar Street, VGP Shanthi Colony, Pallikaranai, Chennai
 - 600 100. The telephone number is 044-6555 2589.
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