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बीएसई: 530199  |  NSE: THEMISMED  |  ISIN: INE083B01016  |  Pharmaceuticals

कंपनी इतिहास - थेमीस मिडकेयर
Themis Chemicals Limited was incorporated in 1969 as a Limited Company
 in the form of a Joint Venture between M/s Chemosyn Private Limited
 and Medimpex Trading Company Ltd. (Medimpex).  The joint venture had
 technical and financial participation by Medimpex, a Hungarian
 trading company for pharmaceuticals products.
 Themis Chemicals Limited was incorporated with the aim of
 manufacturing and marketing life saving drugs and their
 In 1983-84, Mr Shantilal D. Patel and Mr. K.T. Lakdawala (one of the
 promoters of Chemosyn Pvt. Ltd.), took over the management of the
 Company by taking over the controlling share in the Company from
 Chemosyn Private Ltd.  The Company now operates as a joint venture
 between Medimpex and the S.D. Pate Family.  Since 1983-84 the Company
 has been managed by Dr. Dinesh S. Patel, Mrs. Jayashree D.
 Patel and other professionals under the guidance of Mr. S.D. Patel,
 Mr.K.T.Lakdawala and other members of the Board.
 In 1971, TCL started with the manufacture of Vitamin B12
 (Cyanocobalamine) using anaerobic, non-sterile fermentation
 technology.  They were only the second Company in the world to
 manufacture this product.
 In the early 1970s the Company introduced formulations of the
 anti-tuberculosis drug, Ethambutol Hydrochloride in the Indian
 Market.  Subsequently, the Company ventured into the manufacture of
 formulations for various therapeutic groups.
 The Company has also developed the technology for the production of
 antibiotics such as Gentamycin, Rifampicin and Sisomicin using
 in-house fermentation technology.  TCL is engaged in the production
 of high technology Synthetic Bulk Drugs like Ethambutol,
 Pyrazinamide, Pyrithioxine and Phenylglycine derivatives.
 At present the Company is engaged in manufacturing and selling of
 synthetic bulk drugs and formulations.  TCL operates in the
 therapeutic segments of antituberculosis, cerebroactivators,
 bronchodilators, antiasthmatic, anesthetic and other segments.
 The antituberculosis bulk drugs and formulations constitute about 60%
 of the turnover.  TCL has a wide range of anti tuberculosis drugs. 
 The company ranks fourth in terms of turnover in this market (SOURCE
 : ORG Retail Survey Audit (August 1994).  The remaining turnover is
 made of other bulk drugs, bulk drug intermediates and formulations in
 anesthetic, appetite stimulant, bronohodilator, and other therapeutic
 groups.  The growth rates for the Company and the market for some of
 the segments that it operates in are given below:
                   Market growth     Brand growth      Market
                      	rate	         rate	         share
 Ethambutol group	         7.3%	         28.7%	      20.9%
 Rifampicin combinations 
 group	                    10.6%	         52.9%	       6.7%
 Terbutaline group	        27.8%	         65.6%	       0.5%
 SOURCE : ORG Retail Survey Audit (August 1994)
 Some of the drugs introduced in the last year have been; Hemolok -
 under license from Usolje Sibirsky Himpharmkombinat (A Russian
 Institute).  Centoblok - under license from Central Drug Research
 Institute, (CDRI)-
 The Company has also started exporting `Fumagillin', an antibacterial
 product for veterinary use, for which it has a confirmed buy back
 arrangement with Chinoin of Hungary.
 The Company seeks to introduce new technology with the aim to produce
 the latest drugs at competitive prices.  For this purpose the Company
 has a Research and Development Centre, which is approved by the
 Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, so as to
 keep pace with the newer developments in the field of biotechnology,
 synthetic bulk drugs, natural products and formulations. The research
 centre works in close co-operation with the various reputed Research
 Laboratories of the country.  The Company has not had any
 strike/lockout in last 20 years in any of its plants.
 The company has manufacturing facilities located at Vapi and
 Hyderabad.  The plant at Vapi manufactures intermediaries and bulk
 drugs for the anti tuberculosis segment.  Besides this, it
 manufactures various
 formulations in the tablet form, for anti tuberculosis and other
 therapeutic segments.  This plant also undertakes some contract
 The facility at Hyderabad has been taken on a sublease arrangement
 from an associate concern.  This facility manufactures formulations
 for various segments in the tablet, injectable and syrup forms.
 The main objects of the Company as set out in the Memorandum &
 Articles of Association and inter alia include;
 1) To carry on business as manufacturers of all kinds of drugs,
 pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fermentation products, natural products,
 synthetic products, feed supplements, cosmetics, etc.
 2) To develop and to acquire technical know how, receipts and
 information to manufacture and right to process and manufacture
 drugs, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals of all kinds, cosmetics,
 natural and synthetic products, fermentation products, and feed
 supplements of all kinds and of all forms, and to enter into
 arrangements for use or
 acquiring proprietary rights of trademarks, patents regarding above.
 3) To carry on business as buyers, sellors, and dealers in all kinds
 of medicines and medicinal preparations, drugs, chemicals, natural
 and synthetic products, fermentation products, feed supplements and
 cosmetics by wholesale and retail.
 4) To acquire by purchase locally or by import or otherwise
 manufacture for sale locally or by export or for consumption or use
 by the company, or otherwise for trade in all goods and articles
 usually used in the manufacture of drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals,
 products, natural and synthetic products, feed supplements, extracts
 5) To carry on the business of export and import of drugs, chemicals,
 natural and synthetic products, feed supplements and cosmetics in all
 kinds and all forms.
 The Company does not have any subsidiaries.
 -The Company proposes to change the name of the company from Themis
 Chemicals Limited to Themis Medicare Limited.
 -Mumbai-based Themis Medicare (TML) has completed the merger of
 Artemis Biotech with itself
 -Themis Medicare Ltd  and Gedeon Richter Ltd (Budapest, Hungary) sign
 an agreement on August 24, 2004 at Budapest to establish a Company for
 manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and
 intermediates mainly for exports
 -Themis Medicare Ltd has has signed an Agreement with M/s. Darou
 Pakhsh Pharma Chem. (DPPC) of Iran
 -Themis Medicare has commenced its formulation production at its new
 manufacturing unit at Haridwar.
 -Themis Medicare has developed a global first of its kind product -
 Aceclofenac Injection
 -The Company had entered into an agreement with M/S Darou Pakhsh
 Pharma Chem, (DPPC), Iran for erection and Technology supply in
 connection with establishing a manufacturing facility for Statins in
 -The company has designed E-mail ID for Investor Complaints as
 -Themis Medicare has recommended dividend @ 25 %
 - Themis Medicare Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of
 the Company at its meeting held on January 30, 2009, inter alia, has
 appointed Shri. Rajneesh Anand, as an Additional Director.
 -Themis Medicare launched a combination of Lidocaine & Prilocaine in
 'Spray' form under the brand name Lovelong 
 -Themis Medicare have introduced for the First Time in the Country a
 'calcium' preparation with fruitygummies for paediatric use under the
 brand name THEMIBEAR.
 -The Company have introduced for the First Time in the country a
 Multivitamin for Paediatric use under the brand name THEMIBEAR      
 -The Company have for the First Time entered into an altogether new
 pharmaceutical marketing segment - COSMETO - DERMATOLOGY with the
 launch of the brand LUMIXYL.
 -License and Supply Agreement entered between Themis Medicare Limited
 and Novartis India Limited on 26th March, 2013 whereby Themis has
 agreed to supply Diclofenac topical gel formulated using a unique TPM
 Transdermal Drug Delivery System.
 -Supply & Distribution Agreement was entered between Themis Medicare
 Ltd and Novartis India Ltd on 16th August, 2013 in terms of which
 Novartis has agreed to purchase from Themis Diclofenac Sodium 75mg
 per ml Injection in finished dosage pharmaceutical form
 -Themis has invented Aquadol Spass 1ml Injection and has commenced
 production, marketing & sales.
स्रोत: रेलीगरे टेचनोवा

न्यूज़ फ़्लैश

  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने कैश में `556.72 Cr की बिकवाली की
  • MARKET CUES : DIIs ने कैश में `908.64 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : FIIs ने F&O में `4263.60 Cr की खरीदारी की
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स फ्यूचर्स में `705.91 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : इंडेक्स ऑप्शंस में `2731.71 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक फ्यूचर्स में `667.27 Cr की खरीदारी
  • MARKET CUES : स्टॉक ऑप्शंस में `158.71 Cr की खरीदारी
  • ENTERS IN F&O BAN : SAIL फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में
  • STILL IN F&O BAN : Voda Idea फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में बरकरार
  • STILL IN F&O BAN : Glenmark Ph फ्यूचर एंड ऑप्शन बैन में बरकरार

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