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कंपनी इतिहास - थर्मैक्स
1980 - The Company by name Thermo-Dynamics Pvt., Ltd was originally 
 incorporated on 30th June, 1980.  Later Wanson (India) Ltd. along
 with Thermax India (Pvt) Ltd. was amalgamated with the Company on 1st
 July.  Subsequently the name was changed to Thermax Pvt. Ltd. Tulsi
 Fine Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. and Kailas Castings Pvt. Ltd. were
 merged with the Company effective 1st July, 1982.  The  Company became
 a deemed public company with effect from 1st July, 1989.
 1991 - T. K. Steel Industries Ltd. was merged with the Company.
 1994 - The Company became a full fledged public limited company. 
 TheCompany was promoted by Late A. S. Bathena and was taken over by
 R. D. Aga.  The products manufactured by the Company are heat
 recovery and energy conservation products, Chilling and air
 conditioning products, co-generation and captive power generation
 products, water treatment, air pollution control equipments,
 chemicals etc.
 - The Company has following collaboration: (i) Struthers Scientific &
 International Corporation USA for heat recovery and energy
 conservation products, (ii) Ansaldo, Italy for steam turbines and
 with NOVO Pignone, Italy for gas turbines, (iii) Eco-Tec Inc. of
 Canada for distributorship of recovery system, (iv) ACW Services
 Ltd., U.K. for waste management equipments, (v) A.W. Chesterton Co.,
 USA for maintenance products.
 - 171,37,510 No. of Equity shares issued, subscribed and paid-up. Of
 which 21,35,640 No. of equity shares allotted other than cash as per
 various schemes of amalgamation and 34,27,500 shares issued as bonus
 in prop. 1:4.
 1995 - The Company has fully geared to bring the desired focus on two
 distinct business areas viz. standard products and customised
 projects.  The product development process introduced a year and half
 ago was institutionalised.
 - The process heat division came out with a new boiler design - an
 oil fired smoke boiler - shell Max and Combiac, a boiler specially
 designed to burn agro fuels like rice and groundnut 
 husk, saw dust, coffee waste etc.
 - A MOU was signed with Bharat Shell for thermic fluid, Therma, for
 heat transfer system.  The process heat projects division received an
 order from PT South Pacific Viscose, an Indonesian 
 Company for supply of 3 boilers of 22.5 tonnes per hour of steam.
 - The absorption cooling division launched two new products viz. the
 direct fired and hot water fired absorption cooling machines.  The
 Cogen division built a 6 MW cogen facility for a paper plant in
 Northern India.
 - The Cogen division also signed a distributorship agreement with
 Kawasaki Heavy Industries for packaging Kawasaki's gas turbines up to
 6 MW.
 - The electronic division entered into capacitor business while the
 post harvest equipment division continued to be a leader in the grain
 storage silo market and in material handling equipment manufactured in
 collaboration with Cimbria Unigrain of Denmark.
 - The Company undertook to modernise and expand its capacities at
 Chichwad and its Chemical division at Khopoli.  Two DG sets of 500
 KVA each, a compressor, effluent treatment plant etc were to be
 - In 1995, the Company offered 61,12,500 No. of equity shares at a
 premium of Rs 180 per share through prospectus.  Of which 23,800
 shares were offered to promoters, 2,76,200 shares were offered to
 employees and the balance 58,12,500 shares were offered to public.
 (All were taken up). 
 1996 - The Company merged two of its division, one in the energy area
 and the other in heat recovery area to pool the expertise with a view
 to addressing the heat recovery business.  A new division viz. Energy
 System Division emerged out of this merger.
 - The process heat division introduced packaged bagasse fired boilers
 for paper mills in the range of 4 to 16 tonnes.  The heat division
 launched hot water generation for provision of hot
 water on taps in hotels, hospi tals and dairies.  The absorption
 cooling division introduced smaller capacity vapour absorption
 machines for hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and residential
 - The Company launched fine circulation fluidised bed combustion
 boiler.  The Environ-division executed 3 major export orders received
 from Indonesia.  The Chemicals division developed and commercialised
 various speciality co-polymers and resins for biotech and pharma
 industries for domestic and international markets.
 - To enter synergistic fields, the Company entered into a joint
 venture with WICOX Ltd. forming Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Ltd. for
 manufacture of large size fluidised bed cumbustion boilers and
 non-cyclone circulating fluidised bed technology for captive power
 - The Company entered into joint venture with Fuji Electric Company,
 Japan, for manufacture of smart digital transmitters, a field
 instrument needed in most industries.
 - The joint venture viz., Thermax Fugi Electric Ltd. would also
 manufacture advanced boiler Control System and microprocessor based
 process control packages.
 - Another joint venture viz., Thermax Culligan Water Technology Ltd.,
 was set up with Culligan International Company USA for bringing to
 market the latest technologies in drinking, commercial and industrial
 water treatment like ozonisation ultraviolet purification for treating
 bacteria and virus and reverse osmosis for desalination.
 - Thermax Energy Performance Services Ltd. is a joint venture formed
 between the Company and Energy Performance Services Inc., USA for
 provision of energy saving projects in industrial sector. The joint
 project was set up to manufacture energy saving measures in the
 steel, aluminium, paper & pulp, textile & hotel sectors.
 - On February 16, 1996, Chairman and Managing Director, Rohinton D.
 Aga, passed away in Mumbai of a heart attack.
 - The Company received the ISO 9002 certification from the Lloyd's
 Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).
 - The Process Heat Division introduced the Combipac, a boiler
 specially designed to burn agro fuels like rice and groundnut husk,
 sawdust, coffee waste, mustard, etc., easily available in large parts
 of the country.
 - A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Bharat Shell and the
 Process Heat Division.
 - Heat Recovery Division for the first time in India, commissioned an
 energy-efficient internal vaporisation unit (Dowtherm Vaporiser) for
 the high-temperature heat requirements of Reliance Industries' plant
 at Hazira.
 - The Cogen Division is all set to build a 6 MW cogen facility for a
 paper plant in Northern India, for which a letter of intent has been
 - The Cogen Division has also signed a Distributorship Agreement with
 Kawasaki Heavy Industries for packaging Kawasaki's gas turbines upto 6
 - The Environment Division has successfully commissiosned bag house
 systems in the steel sector.  The Division has launched a new product
 -- high efficiency cyclone for trapping the flue-gas particulate
 matter especially for boilers using agro waste. 
 - The Waste Management Division has also developed a standard
 incinerator for incinerating infectious wastes in hospitals and hopes
 to serve this market in a sustained manner in the coming years.
 - The Water Treatment Division is all set to enter the domestic and
 commercial sectors to provide high quality water purification
 devices.  A Memorandum of Understanding has already been signed with
 a leading international company, which would shortly get converted
 into a joint venture agreement.
 - The Electronics Division has now entered the capacitors business
 for the first time and is confident of almost trebling its revenues
 in the coming year. 
 - The Canara Bank's 'Best Exporter' shield in the Western region
 (except Bombay) for 1995-96.
 - An Export Award from Chemexil, the Indian Commerce Ministry's
 export council for basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
 - The `Innovation in Management' award at a global management event
 2020 Marketing
 Vision--hosted by Standard Chartered Bank and the Indian Express
 -  The Giant's International Award to the late Chairman R.D. Aga, for
 his outstanding contribution in the fields of business and industry .
 1997 - The company received the AD-Merkblatt certification for the
 entire manufacturing unit at Chinchwad.
 - An electronic network called Thermnet linking all establishments of
 the company in the country was introduced during the year, making
 Thermax virtually a single workplace
 - The company entered into a joint venture with Fuji Electric Company
 of Japan - a Fortune 500 Company and leaders in the instrumentation
 and electrical engineering field.
 - The company signed a joint venture agreement with Culligan
 International Company of USA, a world leader in the treatment,
 conditioning and purification of water.
 - The Absorption Cooling division has introduced smaller capacity
 vapour absorption machines (VAMs) for hotels, hospitals, shopping
 malls and residential complexes.
 - The Chemical Division entered the business of fuel treatment for
 - During the year, the following companies became subsidiaries of the
 company: Thermax Fuji Electric Limited, Thermax Electronics Limited,
 Thermax International Limited, Thermax (UK) Limited which has changed
 its name to Thermax Europe Limited with effect from April 1, 1997.
 - Mr. G.K. Gureja, Director, retired with effect from August 31,
 1996. Mr. P.K.  Sen resigned as Director with effect from October 30,
 - During the year under review, your company introduced five new
 products in the standard packaged boiler range.  The company also
 launched a wide range of products incorporating Kawasaki modular
 technology in our Vapour Absorption Division.
 - The products launched by TCWTL like Purichill, the household
 Eversoft and Point-of-Entry systems have gained market acceptance.
 - During the year under review, Thermax Energy Performance Services
 its first Master Energyrvice Agreement (MESA) with a leading company
 in Gujarat.
 - The company developed and introduced a technology called Submerged
 Fixed Film (SAFF).
 - The Waste Management division has entered into a technical transfer
 agreement with Ozone Processes Inc., USA for state-of-the-art
 Electro-Precipitation technology. 
 - During the year, a licence agreement was signed with Environmental
 Elements Corporation (EEC), USA, for electrostatic precipitators and
 large bag houses used by a range of industries.
 - The Company, during the year, also set up a Learning Resource
 - During the year, Thermax (Rus) Limited and Winman Gas Limited
 became subsidiaries of the Company.
 - Mr. R.A. Shroff resigned as Director with effect from 27th October
 1997.  Mr. B. F. Gagrat resigned as Director with effect from 11th
 March 1998.
 - Issued, Subscribed & Paid up Capital includes 21,35,640 Equity
 Shares of Rs. 10 each allotted as fully paid up for consideration
 other than cash as per various schemes of amalgamation and 34,27,500
 shares of Rs. 10 each issued by way of bonus shares on capitalisation
 of General Reserve.
  - The Company has technologies in areas of water and wastewater
 management to effectively meet the demand for infrastructure water.
 - During the year under review, the Company developed a more advanced
 process called PDP II.
 - The Cogen/ power business was badly affected by the delay in
 financial closures during the year under review.
 - The cogen plants supplied by the Company to Arvind Mills at its two
 sites in Gujarat were commissioned during the year under review and
 are meeting the steam and power requirements of the customer.
 - The Air Pollution division has signed a technology co-operation
 agreement with Schalke of Germany to enable steel industries control
 dust and obnoxious gas emissions from coke oven batteries, in line
 with a recent Govt.  of India gazette notification.
 - During the year, Thermax Co-gen Limited became a subsidiary of the
 - With effect from 1st July 1999, Mr. A.M. Nalawade, Managing
 Director of the Company has been redesignated as Managing Director.
 - The tenure of appointment of Mr. G.  Trivedi, Whole-time Director
 of the Company, expired on 30th June 1999.
 - The tenure of appointment of Mr.  M.J. Shaikhali, Mr. R.V Ramani
 and Dr.  N.D. Joshi as Whole-time Directors expired on 30th June
 - Mr D. L. Chavan resigned as Director with effect from 31st July
  - The Company has acquired ME Engineering, a UK-based company
 belonging to the Beel Industrial Boilers Plc group.
 - The Company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for
 South Asian markets with US company Purafil Inc to market their dry
 gas scrubbers popularly known as chemical filters.
 - Thermax Ltd has signed a memorandum of understanding with the
 Society of Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research for
 commercialisation of the latter's microwave disinfection system for
 treating pathological bio-medical waste generated by
 hospitals and research institutes.
 - The Company appointed Mr. P.M. Kulkarni as the Managing Director 
 effective from 21st July.
 - Thermax has entered into a share-swap arrangement with Global
 Tele-systems  for its software subsidiary, Thermax Systems and
 - The Industrial Fan Division of Thermax Ltd. has been taken over by
 the Mumbai-based Universal Fans India Pvt. Ltd. (UFL).
 - Pune-based Thermax Ltd. has received ISO 14001 certification for
 its environmental management system in its manufacturing plant at
 2001 - Thermax has setting up of a wholly owned subsidiary company,
 Thermax Inc, in the US 
 with an initial equity base of 0,000 to enable it to push
 - Thermax has set up its second overseas wholly-owned subsidiary, in
 Detroit, USA.
 - Thermax Ltd is acquiring a 50 per cent stake in Energy Performance
 Service (Thailand),  a subsidiary of Energy Performance Service of
 - Thermax and Cummins Diesel Sales and Services, the wholly owned
 subsidiary of the Cummins India, has entered into a strategic
 alliance to provide attractive energy solutions to various industry
 - Thermax, which is restructuring its business, has sold its
 electronics and surface coating businesses.  The two businesses were
 carried out through two subsidiaries, Thermax Electronics and Thermax
  Surface Coatings, respectively.
 -Thermax Ltd. the company has acquired the 50% equity stake of
 Culligan Water Technologies Ltd (erstwhile Thermax Culligan Water
 Technologies Ltd). Consequently Thermax Water Technologies has become
 a 100% subsidiary of the company.
  - Sunil Lalai appointed as Company Secretary of Thermax.
 -Mr.Prakash Kulkarni acquires additional shares amounting to 2250
 shares in Thermax Ltd.
 -Mrs. Meher P Pudumjee is appointed as non-executive vice-chairperson
 of Thermax Ltd.
 -Mr.Jairam Varadraj has been appointed as Additional Director on the
 Board of Thermax.
 -Shri Ashok Gehlot, Hon Chief Minister of Rajasthan inaugurated
 Thermax Captive Power 
 plant  in Beawar .
 -Anu Aga proposes her daughters name as chairperson's post of Thermax
 -Thermax Ltd has informed that the company has incorporated and
 invested US $ 200,000 in a wholly owned overseas (WOS) subsidiary set
 up in Brazil.
 -Thermax receives Letter of Intent for Rs. 744.70 mn Power Plant
 -Thermax Ltd has informed that the Company has set up a wholly owned
 subsidiary in Hong Kong, in the name and style Thermax Hong Kong Ltd.
 This subsidiary would address the business opportunities identified in
 the Asia Pacific Region and more particularly in China for Absorption
 -Thermax bags an order for Captive Power Plant
 -Thermax's Cogen Division receives letter of intent worth Rs 650
 -Thermax Ltd has acquired 40 per cent stake of Babcock & Wilcox
 International Investments Co Inc (BWII) held in their joint venture
 for an undisclosed sum. 
 -Thermax inks agreement with HWB
 -Thermax Ltd has informed that the Company is setting up a plant in
 the People's Republic of China for manufacturing Absorption Chillers
 with an investment of US$ 8.0 million.
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 2
 -Thermax signs technology agreement with German Air Pollution Control
 - Thermax Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of the Company
 at its meeting held on January 29, 2008, inter alia, has approved the
 appointment of Dr. R A Mashelkar, Independent Director as an
 Additional Director of the Company with immediate effect.
 -Thermax signs 15-year pact with US firm
 -Thermax signs license pact with Babcock & Wilcox
 -Thermax receives an order of Rs 415 crore
 - Thermax Ltd has received an order of Rs 255 crore from a leading
 business conglomerate for supply of 4 x 250 TPH coal cum washery
 rejects CFBC boilers (Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler).
 - Thermax on Sept 17 bagged an order for the supply of 270-MW power
 plant on a turnkey basis to be set up by a Hyderabad-based
 infrastructure company.
 -Business Excellence award for Thermax
 -Thermax wins order worth Rs. 1000 crore
 -Thermax signs technology agreements for advanced wastewater
 -Thermax-SPX joint venture agreement signed
 - Thermax receives Rs 240 crore order to supply CFBC boilers for
 Independent Power .
 - Thermax - Thermax bags Rs 580 crore order for gas based power
 - Thermax - Thermax signs technology transfer agreement with Lambion:
 Generating energy from waste.
 - Thermax - Thermax receives an order of Rs. 366 crore.
 - Mr. Nawshir Mirza has been appointed as an Additional Director on
 the Board of the Company.
 - Thermax - Thermax wins Rs. 403 crore order from captive power
 - Thermax develops new solar cooling system.
 - The Company has received a letter from RDA Holding & Trading
 Private Limited, the Holding Company of Thermax Ltd, informing that
 the Registrar of Companies, Pune has issued a fresh certificate of
 incorporation consequent upon change of existing name of the Company
 to 'RDA Holdings Private Limited'.
 - Thermax secures Asian Power Awards for cogeneration plant.
 - ''Thermax acquires Rifox, German steam Products Company : Strategic
 fit for the Company's steam engineering business.
 - Thermax bags Rs. 280 crores EPC order for a power plant.
 -Thermax bags Rs. 1700 crore order for supply of CFBC boilers
 -Thermax receives order worth Rs 269 cr from a leading petrochemical
 Company for its proposed captive power plant as a part of its
 expansion program. 
 -Board recommends Dividend of  7/- per share of face value of Rs. 2/-
 i.e. @ 350% to the shareholders
 -Thermax wins another order worth Rs. 351 crore in Africa to build
 and commission a captive power plant
 -Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions (TBWES)
wins Rs. 339 Crore export order -Thermax & Zensar to set up skill development centre pune. 2015 -Thermax acquires 33% stake in First Energy Thermax acquires stake in First Energy for synergy in commercial space with alternative energy offerings 2016 -Thermax Ltd has secured an order from Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd (RCF) for supply of two 25 MW each gas turbines and two 100 TPH each waste heat recovery boilers towards installation of gas based co-generation power plant at RCF in Maharashtra. -Thermax raises stake in First Energy to 54.67%. 2017 -2017 -Thermax Group bags export contract of USD 43 million. -Thermax bags its first EPC power plant order in the GCC Region. -Thermax wins Rs. 327 crore co-generation power plant order.
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