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बीएसई: 530997  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE333E01019  |  Chemicals

कंपनी इतिहास - यूनीक ऑर्गेनिक्स
The company was incorporated as limited company on 13th January '1993
 by Shri Jyoti Prakash Kanodia, S.M. Parekh and others for setting up
 manufacturing facilities for spice oil, spice oleorsins and spice
 powder and has started trial production from June '94 and commercial
 production from October '94.
 The Company intends to expand ifs operations by setting up two
 additional lines as mentioned elsewhere in this prospectus.
 For the proposed expansion the Company has taken foflowing effective
 steps as on 31.03.95
 1. The Company has sufficient land for expansion at its existing
 2 It has identified the suppliers for plant & machinery and other
 major equipments and has placed the orders and advanced a sum of Rs
 125 lacs to the suppliers. Some of the equipments have already
 arrived at site.
 3. The promoters have brought it a sum of Rs.160 lacs as promoters
 contribution towards the Equity Capital,and spent a sum of Rs. 144.88
 lacs on the project.
 4. Term loan of Rs. 25 lacs has been sanctioned by RIICO vide letter
 no.lDD 1(575) dated 11.01.95.
 5. RIICO has agreed to subscribe to an extent of Rs. 25 lacs the
 Equity of the Company vide their letter of subscription No.IDD 1(575)
 dated 05.01.95 and 18.01.95.
 6. Bank of Baroda has inprincipal sanctioned a sum of Rs. 108 lacs &
 162.82 lacs for working capital requirments for 1995-96 & 1996-97
 respectively vide their letter No.95/22 dt.10.01.95
 Main objects of the Company
 The main objects of the Company, are fully set out in the Memorandum
 of the Association of the Company, inter alia, include the following
 1. To carry on the business of import, export, purchase, sale,
 production preparation, manufacture, crushers, grinders, processors
 and dealers of all kinds of spices & that of oil, spice oil,
 celoresins,vegetable oil of every type, hydrogenerated, dehydrated,
 deodorised or otherwise and oil seeds, oil cakes and other vegetables
 products, including vegetabe products,including vegetable ghee allied
 product, by-products and substitute for all or any of them and to
 treat and utilise any waste arising from any such manufacture,
 production or process, whether carried on by the company or otherwise
 and deal in containers made of tin, piastic steel and other substitute
 for packing of the above meterials.
 2. To manufacture, import, export, establish deal, purchase and sell
 in all kinds and types of spices, food and fruit products of every
 description like fast food, baby foods, precooked foods, canned
 fruits and foods, canned vegetable spices, fruit concentrates fruit
 pulps, fruit jams, jellies, fruit drinks, beverages, beverages
 and all other types or preparation from spices and vegetable and all
 types of packaged and ready to serve food products.
 The company is engaged in manufacture and export of spice oil, spice
 oieornisns and spice powder. The commercial production started from
 October, 1994 and the company has started exporting its products from
 December, 1994. The company has exported Chilli Oleoresins of the
 Value of Rs. 92.16 lacs by 31st March '95.
 -Shareholders have approved to delist shares from Jaipur, Delhi,
 Kolkata and Ahmedabad Stock Exchanges.
 -Company has created email id and Website celcs@conartengineers.com,
 -Unique Organics Ltd has recommended a dividend of 10% on the paid up
 value of equity shares.
 -Unique Organics Ltd has recommended a dividend of 20% on the face
 value of the share (Rupees 2 per equity share).
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