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बीएसई: 532729  |  NSE: UTTAMSUGAR  |  ISIN: INE786F01031  |  Sugar

कंपनी इतिहास - उत्तम शूगर मिल्स
Our Company belongs to the Uttam Group of Companies promoted 
 by the Adlakha family.
 Our Company was incorporated as Associated Sugar Mills Limited on 
 October 04, 1993. The erstwhile promoters of the Company were 
 Mr. M. K. Swarup and his family/associates. The Company received the
 Certificate for Commencement of business on April 18, 1994. The 
 Company also received a license to set up a sugar mill with a
 of 2500 TCD under the then prevailing licensing system.
 In the year 1998, Uttam Group acquired the 100% shareholding in the 
 Company from the erstwhile promoters and gained overall control of 
 our Company. Subsequent to this, the name of our Company was 
 changed to Uttam Sugar Mills Limited and a fresh Certificate of the 
 Incorporation was obtained on November 24, 1998 from the Additional 
 Registrar of Companies N.C.T. of Delhi and Haryana.
 Our current promoters are Mr. Raj Kumar Adlakha, Mr. Rajan Adlakha, 
 Mr. Ranjan Adlakha, Uttam Industrial Engineering Limited, Lipi
 Limited and Uttam Sucrotech Limited. 
 We set up our first sugar unit at village Libberheri, Tehsil Roorkee,
 Distt. Haridwar, Uttaranchal in 2001 for manufacturing sugar using 
 double sulphitation process with a capacity of 2500 TCD along-with 
 cogeneration facilities of 6 MW of power. Our Company commenced 
 commercial production from January 2001.
 Our Company expanded its capacity to 4000 TCD during November 2001 
 by installing additional cane loaders/un-loaders, increasing the
 length of 
 cane conveyor, adding certain evaporator bodies, centrifugal machines
 etc. Our Company further expanded its capacity to 5000 TCD along-with
 additional co-generation facility of 3 MW during November 2002.
 Our Company further increased its installed capacity to 6250 TCD and
 upgraded its production process to the present Defeco Remelt Phospho
 Floatation process alongwith the expansion of co-generation facility
 16 MW of power in the year 2004.
 -Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd has decided to shift the registered office of
 the Company from the State of Delhi to State of Uttrakhand and
 proposed resolution for change of registered office will be passed
 through postal ballot as per the provisions of Section 192A of the
 Companies Act, 1956.
 -Uttam Sugar Mills Limited has appointed Mr. Prabhakaran Singh Lalli
 as an Independent Director of the Company.
 - Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd has appointed Lieutenant Colonel Pasha Biswas
 (Retd) as Whole Time Director of the Company
 - Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of
 the Company has appointed Mr. Rajender Kumar Agrawal as an
 Independent Director of the Company w.e.f. July 15, 2009.
 - Uttam Sugar Mills Limited has informed that the Board of Directors
 of the Company has appointment Mr. Gurbachan Singh Matta as an
 Independent Director of the Company w.e.f. September 12, 2009.
 - Uttam Sugar Mills Limited has appointed Mr. Krishan Gopal Sharma
 and Mr. Satish Chandra as Nominee Directors of Punjab National Bank
 and IDBI Bank Ltd. respectively. 
 -Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 12:25.
 -Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd has started export of power to Uttar Pradesh
 Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL) as per Power Purchase Agreement
 executed with UPPCL. Now, all the four Sugar Units of the Company are
 having co-generation facility and exporting Power to UPPCL /
 Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd. (UPCL).
 -Company's all four sugar units situated in the State of Uttarakhand
 and Uttar Pradesh have started cane crushing for the Sugar Season.
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