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बीएसई: 511431  |  NSE: VAKRANGEE  |  ISIN: INE051B01021  |  Computers - Software Medium & Small

कंपनी इतिहास - वक्रांगी
The Company was incorporated with Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra,
 Bombay on 28th May 1990 as a private limited company under the name
 It was converted into Public Limited Company and the name of the
 Company was
 changed to VAKRANGEE INVESTMENT LIMITED on 3rd April 1992, and to
 VAKRANGEE LIMITED ON 31st March, 1995.
 The Company came out with public issue of 18,00,000 Equity shares of
 Rs. 10/- each in February, 1994.
 The Company was initially engaged in Consultancy in Share Transfer
 and Bill Discount activities.  The company was granted registration
 as MERCHANT BANKERS (Category IV) in May, 1993 and REGISTRAR AND
 TRANSFER AGENT (Category I) in November, 1993.  The Company got
 contract for preparation of Voters Identity Card for Bombay, 3 distt.
 in Gujarat and 8 Distt. in Rajasthan and Company involved in
 developing of
 Software and Advertisement and Marketing. 
 The present business of the Company is grouped as follows:-
 1. Fund Based Activities
 a. Preparation of Voters Identity Cards
 b. Merchant Exports
 c. Providing short term finance, loans & advances
 d. Investment in and dealing with securities
 e. Leasing
 2. Non-Fund based Activities
 a. Merchant Banking Services
    *  Issue Advisory Services
    *  Issue placement and Marketing
 b. Consultancy Services
    *  Project Evaluation
    *  Capital Structuring/Restructuring
    *  Investment Consultancy
    *  Syndication of Term Loan, Working Capital,
       Leasing & Bill discounting, Bought-Out deals
 c. Sub brokerage  
    *  Primary Market
    *  Secondary Market
 d. Software
    * Software development
 e. Advertisement & Marketing
    *  Advertisement Agency
 The Company commenced merchant banking activities in April, 93 as
 Corporate Advisor and provided all types of consultancy services. 
 Subsequently in May, 1993 it was granted Registration as MERCHANT
 BANKER (CATEGORY IV) and further in November, 1993 it was granted
 Registration as REGISTRAR TO AN ISSUE & TRANSFER AGENTS (Category I).
  The Company has handled four issues as Advisors to an Issues and has
 9 mandates in hand.  Similarly, the Company has handled 28 nos. of
 public/right issue as Registrar and has 15 mandates in hand and in 20
 issues, it has continued to be Transfer Agent.  
 The Company's client base includes:
     i. Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited
    ii. Akai Impex Limited
   iii. Alfavision Securities & Finance Ltd.
    iv. Chambal Breweries & Distilleries Limited.
     v. Harmony Capital Services Limited
    vi. Beta Naphthol Limited
   vii. Beta Securities Limited
  viii. Bhageria Dye Chem Limited
    ix. Supreme Holdings Limited
     x. Shikhar Consultants Limited
    xi. Kosian Finance Limited
   xii. Overseas Capital Limited
  xiii. Kotawala Securities Limited
   xiv. Beryl Drugs Limited
    xv. Om Metals & Minerals Limited
   xvi. GBK Exports Limited
  xvii. Santosh Fine-Fab Limited
 xviii. Akhil Holdings Ltd.
 Software division has been established with the object to provide
 turn-key solutions to the customers by in house team.  A patented
 state of art software solution has been developed to prepare Identity
 cards which is fully automatic and unique.  The Company was successful
 in getting the order for preparation of Voter Identity Cards in
 Gujarat and Rajasthan worth Rs. 1300 lacs approx Software division is
 now working on graphic based software in designing diamond Jewellery,
 textile and Thumb impression Banking Software etc.  Advertising
 Division was Setup to cater the needs of such client companies which
 were coming
 out with public issues so that most of their needs can be satisfied
 under one roof.  The division is specialised in financials
 Advertisement and product promotion activities. 
 The Company is engaged in Merchant Exports.  The Company has already
 exported fool products worth Rs. 250 lacs in 95-96. The main item of
 Merchant Export is Soyabean.
 Leasing, Bill-discounting, Investment business and other non-fund
 based activities are at its full wing with qualified team of
 professionals in different areas.
 2000 - The Bombay Stock Exchange has suspended trading in the shares
        Vakrangee Software, over the dispute about the ownership of a
        block of 1.5 lakh Vakrangee shares, constituting aboutn 2 per
        cent of its equity capital.
 2001 - The Company has launched www.bloodbankinfoline.com, a blood
              portal-cum-comprehensive medical guide.
 2002-Vivek Chandel resigns from Directorship of Vakrangee Softwares.
   --Vakrangee Softwares secures order for Digitisation Services of
 ROC in JV with Godrej & Boyce
 --Registered Office of the Company has been shifted from B/7, Hind
 Saurashtra Industrial Estate, M.V. Road, Marol Naka, Andheri (East),
 Mumbai - 400 059 to  Plot No.66/A, Marol Co-op. Industrial Estate,
 Off. M.V. Road, Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 059
 - Vakrangee Softwares Ltd has informed that Mr. Avneesh Prakash is
 appointed as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Company with
 effect from July 09, 2009.
 -Vakrangee Softwares  has recommended dividend of Rs. 1.50 per share
 -Vakrangee Softwares started a Proof of Concept in KON for UID
 -Vakrangee Softwares has bagged UID Linked Haryana PDS Project
 -Vakrangee Softwares has bagged U.I.D. Enrollment Project from Union
 Bank of India
 -Vakrangee achieves landmark of 1 Crore UID enrollment under UID
 - Vakrangee Softwares Announced generation of 1 Crore AADHAAR 
 -Mr. Pradeep Kumar is appointed as Chief Executive Officer -
 Government Business of the Company
 -Vakrangee bagged Rajasthan CSC Project
 -Vakrangee Softwares achieves CMMI Level 3 certification
 - Vakrangee Softwares has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1
 - Vakrangee Software ltd  - Allotment of Equity Shares upon
 conversion of Options issued under ESOP Scheme.
 - Vakrangee Softwares Ltd has informed regarding Press note for
 In-principle authorization to the Company for setting up White
 Labeled ATMs (WLAs).
 - Vakrangee Soft - Vakrangee Softwares Ranks Number One in the
 Aadhaar Enrollment Project.
 - Vakrangee Soft - Acquisition of additional 4.53% stake by the
 Promoters of Vakrangee.
 - Vakrangee Softwares jumps over 5% on promoter stake buy.
 - The name of the Company has been changed from Vakrangee Softwares
 Limited to Vakrangee Limited and also the trading symbol of the
 Company be changed from VAKRANSOFT to VAKRANGEE.
 - Vakrangee Ltd engaged in providing e-governance solutions,  it has
 received final authorization of the White Label ATM (WLA) License
 from Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
 - Union Bank of India appoints Vakrangee as Corporate Business
 Correspondent PAN India.
 - Allahabad Bank appoints Vakrangee as National Business
 correspondent PAN India.
 -Vakrangee ties up with Amazon India for Vakrangee Kendras
 -Vakrangee enters into strategic pact with MYPACOO
 -Vakrangee Strategic Alliance with Ricoh India Ltd.
 -Appointment as National Business Correspondence PAN India for Bank
 of Baroda
 -Vakraneee announces strategic tie-up with Mahindra eMarket Limited
 -Vakrangee announces Corporate Agency Tie Up With Tata AIG General
 Insurance Company Limited
 -Vakrangee ties-up with IOC to set-up Vakrangee Kendra
 -Vakrangee ties up with Indian Oil Corporation 
 -Vakrangee retail outlet crosses 20,000 mark
 -Vakrangee ties up with Bajaj Allianz
 -Vakrangee - Vakrangee announces strategic tie-up with Aramex India
 Private Limited
 - Vakrangee - Vakrangee Limited now becomes Long Term Debt Free
 - Vakrangee partners UBI to launch Mobile Aadhaar Van Service
 - Vakrangee ties-up with Aditya Birla Group’s insurance JV
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