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विजय इंडस्ट्रीज एंड प्रोजेक्ट्स

बीएसई: 517280  |  NSE: N.A  |  ISIN: INE226D01017  |  Miscellaneous

कंपनी इतिहास - विजय इंडस्ट्रीज एंड प्रोजेक्ट्स
Vijay Fire Protection Systems Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the
 Company or Vijay) was incorporated under the Act as a Private Limited
 Company with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra at Bombay on 6th
 May, 1981 to manufacture and install fire fighting equipments and
 fire protection systems. The Company was converted into a deemed
 Public Limited Company on 23.2.89 and into a Public Limited Company
 on 14.11.91. On incorporation, the Company took over the then
 existing operations and business of M/s Vijay Machinery Stores 
 partnership firm constituted by Shri Khantilal Salot, Shri jitendra
 Salot, Shri Pradip Salot, Shri Harish Salot and Smt Dhirajben Salot.
 VIJAY supplies a wide range of Fire Protection Systems on a turnkey
 basis involving complete design, manufacture, erection, testing and
 commissioning of the systems. Among the fire engineering systems
 installed by VIJAY are Smoke/Heat detectors and automatic/manual fire
 alarm systems, CO2 system, Automatic Halon 1301 extinguishing systems,
 automatic Hydrant, Sprinklers, Spray/water deluge systems and
 automatic fixed foam installation systems etc. VIJAY also
 manufactures various types of Fire Fighting Equipment such as Fire
 Vehicles, Trailer Fire Pumps, Portable Fire Pumps, Water Tenders, Dry
 powder Fire Trucks, Crash Tenders etc. In the year, 1990-91, income
 from the Fire Protection Systems installed on turnkey basis
 constituted 84.06% of the turnover (85.61 % in 1989-90) of the
 VIJAY has a Subsidiary Company, viz Vijay Sabre Safety Ltd.
 Today Vijay Group's contribution to the Fire Engineering Industry in
 India covers practically all aspects of fire protection from the
 smallest fire extinguisher to the state-of-art computerised fully
 automatic fire protection systems for large Companies. Vijay Group
 has to its credit introduction of Halon Systems in India the first
 one being for the Computer and Control Room protection at Kudremukh
 Iron Ore Project at their Mangalore and Kudremukh sites, manufacture
 of a Fire Crash Tender with the latest technology involving CO2,
 Monex Dry Powder, AFFF Foam and Halon for a Naval Project and the
 Design and Manufacture of lonisation Type Smoke Detectors.
 The Company's technological achievements place it at the top-of-the
 ladder in Fire Protection. Some of the major landmarks in the
 Company's technological achievements include installation of one of
 the largest fire protection systems for National Thermal Power
 Corporation at Ramagundum, one of the biggest Smoke Detection Systems
 having 1700 smoke detectors at the Bhilai Steel Plant and manufacture
 of a unique Dry Powder Truck for O N G C, Bombay with 4500 lbs of
 Special Dry Powder. The Company has received contracts for two of the
 biggest fire engineering projects in India - in 1989 it received the
 contract for installation of a Rs 11.76 crore Fire Protection System
 for M S E B Chandrapur Power Plant and in 1990 for installation of a
 Rs 11.49 crore system for UPSEB, Anapara Power Plant, Phase II for
 both of which global tenders were floated.
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