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विशाल इंफॉर्मेशन टेक्नॉल्जी

बीएसई: 533011  |  NSE: CORAL-HUB  |  ISIN: INE108J01030  |  Computers - Software Medium & Small

कंपनी इतिहास - विशाल इंफॉर्मेशन टेक्नॉल्जी
The company was incorporated on 2nd May, 1994 as a private limited
 company in the name Shree Vishal Data Systems Pvt. Ltd. which was
 changed to Shree Vishal Data Systems Ltd. w.e.f 13th March 2000.
 The name of the company was changed to Vishal Information
 Technologies Limited on 17th April, 2000.
 The company has its offices in Chennai and Mumbai in India and
 provides knowledge process outsourced services to clients abroad.
 VITL is in the business of technology for conversion of the normal
 fonts into the Braille script and creating larger font for the
 handicapped. As on date VITL has converted approximately 8,000
 books. The company is successfully managed by the promoter
 company Tutis Technologies Ltd. (TTL) which was earlier known
 as Amex Information Technologies Ltd. TTL is a listed company
 at The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) and trades under
 Indonext group. TTL is into the business of providing IT enabled 
 services and biometric solutions to the corporate world and has
 reputed clients such as Wipro Ltd., Siemens Information 
 Technologies Ltd., HCL Infosys Ltd, L&T Ltd. and AGS Infotech
 Pvt. Ltd.
 VITL has a subsidiary viz; Basiz Fund Services Pvt. Ltd. (Basiz) was
 incorporated in the year 2006 which is in the business of providing
 fund account services.
 Year                                                     Description
 May 1994 - Incorporation of the company on 2nd May, 1994 as
 Shree Vishal Data Systems Pvt. Ltd.
 March 2000 - Company started functioning as full fledged ITES/ 
 BPO company.
 May 2000 - The company received its first project from United
 Kingdom for converting Tiff image based records to database format.
 June 2000 - The company received its first Bibliographic tagging
 and indexing job from University in UK.
 August 2000 - The company received its first Microfilm based 
 conversion project from Barnet Hospital UK to capture patients
 records to Text based in CSV format.
 August 2000 - The company received its first XML Conversion job
 from UK consisting of Quark Express files to XML coding.
 March 2001 - Developed in-house data verification programme for
 attaining 99.998% accuracy level
 August 2001 - The company signed a major contract with International
 Multilateral Agencies - Europe for a three year period against
 bidding and competition.
 October 2001 - Received a major contract from University in UK for
 XML conversion project for Court in UK for digitizing criminal cases
 starting from 15th Century onwards.
 February 2003 - We signed a major contract with a County in USA for 
 Microfilm to Tiff images and further process for Index and data
 June 2003 -  University in UK directly approached the company for
 data conversion demands.
 June 2004 - Renewal of contract with International Multilateral 
 Agencies - Europe for a further period of three years.
 April 2005 - The company started a new vertical for E-publishing.
 April 2005 - The company signed with a major Online Book Printer and
 Publisher to convert small font book to large font for the visually
 March 2006 - University in UK signed a contract with the company for
 their project comprising of longitudinal studies conducted on the
 Educational and Economic progress.
 March 2006 - The company invested in Basiz making it a 100% 
 June 2007 - Charitable Institute for Blind (UK), UK signed a contract
 the company (signed contract for conversion of their repository of
 to Large font PDF files and XML format.) 
 October 2007 - Completed digitization and conversion of 10,000 books
 to Large print PDF files for the Visually Impaired.
 October 2007 -  We have entered into contract with a leading
 and printer for selling of the Large and Regular print PDF files
 the online stores like Amazon.com 
 October 2007 - Marketing of the books to wholesellers and publishers
 through the leading publisher.
 - The Company has splits its face value from Rs10/-  to Rs1/-.
 -Coral Hub has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:2
 -Company has changed its name from Vishal Information Technologies
 Ltd. to Coral Hub Ltd.                                               
 -Company has Consolidates its Face value of Shares from Rs 1 to Rs
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