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कंपनी इतिहास - विशाल मार्बल्स
The Company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company  under the
 companies act, 1956 on 11th November 1974 as  VISHAL MALLEABLES
 PRIVATE LIMITED.  It was converted into a Public Limited Company vide
 a special resolution passed on 24th August 1977 as evidenced by
 Certificate of Registrar of Company, Gujarat, dated 14th September
 1977.  Commercial  production commenced in December, 1978.
 The Company was initially promoted by Mr. L.N.Bhagawati and  Mr.R.D
 Patel, In 1981-82, the management of the Company was  taken over by
 Mr. L.R. Mewani and Mr. O.P. Khetan.
 The company is engaged in the manufacture of Ferrous castings in
 various materials specifications covering Malleables.  S.G and Graded
 Grey Iron casting are manufactured as per the customer's Drawings and
 specifications.  However, through years of experience in the field,
 the company has been able to specify range of products which can
 economically and profitably be sold.  The company has been selective
 in choosing the buyers.
 Presently, the company caters to the following segments of
 * Heavy/Light vehicles, Tractors and cars, earth moving equipments
 * Power transmission equipments like H.T Insulators, Lighting
   Transformers, Distribution substation  etc 
 * Reputed constructors or overhead electric transaction line 
 * Railways for prestress concrete sleepers inserts 
 * Large and varied industrial equipment manufactures.
 The demand of casting from the costumers has been increasing  and to
 meet their schedule of requirements quantum-wise, the  company had to
 enhance its capacity of production.
 The company had to go through exercise, experiments and  research to
 achieve the standard of quality and as got accredited by reputed
 organisation.  Products manufactured by the company are also being
 inspected by third party agencies.
 The company has successfully entered into tapping international
 market also.  The company is on the verge of finalising orders of
 recurring nature with buyers from USA & Korea.
 The company was able to achieve the production upto 5095 tonnes in
 1993-94 after expanding their capacity from 3600 MT to 5100 MT. 
 Further, due to consistent demand and heavy orders on hand, the
 company further expanded its capacity to 7000 MT in 1994-1995 and
 achieved production of 6739 MT and sales of 6739 MT and sales of 6714
 M. Tons.
 The company is now embarking on a project to generate power  from
 wind.  This project is being implemented under the INCENTIVE SCHEME
 for wind power generation by private companies as formualated by the
 Government of Gujarat.  The Gujarat Electricity Board would undertake
 to transmit the power generated by the wind farm to the factory site
 of the industrial undertaking nominated at a wheeling charge of 2%
 irrespective of the distance from the wind farm.  This means that 2%
 of energy generated by the wind mill will be deducted as Board's
 commission and the balance 98% only will be made available to the
 party at a place where power is required.  Through this arrangement,
 the cost of power for the Company will come down.  This will improve
 profits since cost of power comprises a substantial portion of the
 -Board recommends dividend OF 6%.
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