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कंपनी इतिहास - वॉकहार्ट
YEAR                                                     EVENTS
 2000 - Wockhardt has launched cardiac drug enalapril maleate in the
 US through its  marketing joint venture with Sidmak Laboratories.
 - Pharmaceutical major Wockhardt Ltd has set up a corporate training
 centre with modern and state-of-the-art facility under one roof at 
 2001 - Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd, the wholly owned subsidiary of
 Wockhardt Ltd, will set up two cardiac hospitals in Mumbai and
 - The Company has terminated its three-year old marketing alliance
 with Sidmak  Laboratories, one of the top ten generic pharma
 companies in the US.
 - Pharma major Wockhardt Ltd. has entered into a strategic alliance
 with a Japanese firm Eisai Company Ltd. to manufacture and market a
 neurology drug -- Methycobal.
 - Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd, the wholly owned subsidiary of
 pharmaceutical major  Wockhardt Ltd, has tied up with four
 international health insurance companies to offer medical cover to
 non-resident Indians.
 -  AGM JUNE 8 2001 Wockhardt has launched an innovative and
 attractive employee stock option scheme,  ESOP.
 - Wockhardt Ltd has introduced an employee stock option (ESOP) scheme
 for over 175 employees in the senior and middle management levels with
 about 2,00,000 shares being allotted.
 -The Hari L Mundra has joined  Wockhardt as vice-chairman. Mundra
 will spearhead the              company's domestic operations which
 account for 70 per cent of its turnover.
 - Wockhardt Ltd has appointed Mr. Lalit Kumar as Executive Director
 on its Corporate  Board. Mr. Kumar will spearhead Wockhardt's
 International Business covering bulk drug operations and formulations
 export, as well as ANDA research and Intellectual Property Rights.
 -Wockhardt restructured its field organization to upgrade its
 competitiveness and productivity.
 -Mumbai based wockhardt will hit the domestic market with the first
 indigenously  developed insulin soon, in a move to induce turmoil in
 the market.
 -Wockhardt has launched new four speciality hospitals at its Mulund
 complex in Mumbai.
 -Maharashtra Government decided to terminate its Joint Venture
 agreement with Wockhardt for setting up a super speciality hospital.
 -Wockhardt Limited has acquired CP pharmaceuticals(Holdings) Ltd,
 along with  its subsidiaries.
 -Wockhardt is strengthening its marketing strategies and distribution
 system to unveil human insulin in Indian market.
 -Wockhardt Launched Asia's first human recombinant insulin, making
 India the first Asian country to develop, manufacture and market the
 -Wockhardt Ltd has received USFDA approval for marketing bethanecol
 Chloride tablets in the US.
 -Wockhardt baged USFDA approval for Bethanechol
 -Baged US approval to sell bethanechol chloride tablets
 -Wockhardt Ltd has informed that Mr. JS Khorakiwala who has been on
 the board of the company as Executive Director, has resigned from the
 directorship with immediate effect.
 -Wockhardt Ltd has filed an Investigational New Drug (IND)
 application for its new drug for respiratory infections, WCK-1152
 - Wockhardt Ltd has acquired German pharmaceutical company esparma
 GmbH for a consideration of  million (around Rs 49 crore).
 -Centre for Drug Evaluation & Research, an arm of the US Food & Drug
 Administration (US FDA), has approved the sterile injectable facility
 as well as facilities for sterile bulk drugs (active pharmaceutical
 ingredient) and formulations spread over three locations in India
 -Wockhardt gets USFDA nod for 6 manufacturing units
 -Launches of India's first automatic insulin delivery device
 specially designed for the convenience of Indian diabetic patients on
 February 14, 2005
 -Wockhardt forges alliance with Kamineni Group to establish two
 world-class heart hospitals in the Hyderabad
 -Wockhardt unveils father`s heart network
 -Wockhardt receives US FDA approval for marketing cefuroxime axetil
 in the US market
 -Wockhardt unveils new generation hepatitis A vaccine
 -Wockhardt rolls out new Hepatitis A vaccine
 -Wockhardt's Waluj plant approved by US FDA
 -Wockhardt signs in-licensing pact with Crawford Healthcare of UK.
 -Wockhardt Ltd has appointed Mr. Rajiv B Gandhi as Director- Finance
 & Information for a period of five years effective from February 22,
 2007, subject to the approval of shareholders.
 -Wockhardt Ltd has announced US FDA approval for marketing Ketorolac
 anti-inflammatory injection in the US market, its third US FDA
 approval in the last ten days.
 - Wockhardt Ltd on May 03, 2007 has announced the acquisition of
 Negma Laboratories, the fourth largest independent, integrated
 pharmaceutical group in France with sales of $ 150 million. The
 Company has acquired Negma Laboratories in an all-cash deal worth $
 265 million. The transaction is valued at 1.8 times the sales and 9.7
 times the EBITDA.
 Wockhardt Ltd has unveiled Cetirizine tablets in the US, after having
 got the regulatory clearance to market different strengths of
 anti-allergy medicine Cetirizine Hydrochloride. Cetirizine is the
 generic version of Pfizer's Zyrtec brand and the total market for
 Cetirizine tablets in the US is .4 billion.
 - Wockhardt Ltd has forayed into a 10- year in-licensing pact with
 the UK's Sinclair Pharma plc to market dermatology and dental
 products in India.
 -A biotechnology breakthrough in Diabetes Wockhardt launches new
 insulin (Glaritus) in India.
 -Harvard Medical School Professor shows connection of Cancer and
 Heart diseases with Diabetes.
 -Wockhardt announces its succession plan under the leadership of
 Chairman Habil Khorakiwala.
 -Wockhardt launches anti-hypertensive drug Nicardipine injections in
 -Wockhardt wins Government of India Patent Award.
 -Wockhardt appoints BDO Haribhakti as auditor.
 -Wockhardt announces Entacapone patent settlement with Orion
 -Wockhardt receives US FDA approval for antibacterial Levofloxacin
 -Wockhardt launches Prostate drug Flomax in the United States on
 -Wockhardt receives US FDA approval for the generic version of Toprol
 XL, a cardiac drug.
 -Wockhardt launches generic version of Protonix tablets in the US.
 -Wockhardt receives US FDA approval for generic version of Effexor
 XR capsules.
 -Wockhardt launches three new products in three weeks, in the United
 -Wockhardt receives tentative US FDA approval for generic version of
 Patanol ophthalmic solution.
 -Wockhardt launches generic version of anti-ulcer drug Prevacid.
 -Wockhardt receives US FDA approval for generic version of
 Parkinsonism drug Requip XL.
 -Wockhardt receives tentative US FDA approval for generic version of
 anti-psychotic drug Geodon.
 -Wockhardt receives US FDA approval for generic version of
 Parkinsons drug Comtan.
 -Wockhardt receives the 'Best Enterprise' award from the Europe.
 -Wockhardt launches generic version of anti-convulsant drug Lamictal
 -Wockhardts drug discovery gets a boost with fast track approval by
 -Wockhardt Receives ANDA Approval for pain medication Oxycodone
 -Wockhardt receives Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP)
 designation for its new Drug WCK 4873 from U.S. FDA
 -US FDA grants breakthrough (QIDP) drug discovery status to the New
 Antibiotic of Wockhardt
 -Wockhardt receives Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP)
 designation for its new Drug WCK 4873 from U.S. FDA
 -Wockhardt receives ANDA approval for pain medication Oxycodone
 -Wockhardt gains over 2% after MHRA completes plant inspection
 -Wockhardt gets QIDP status for new antibiotic from US FDA.

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